Sheena's Tale

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Sheena's Tale is a campaign that I created a few months ago, but never got around to uploading it anywhere. It's the first map/campaign that I was serious about making and I thought it turned out somewhat nice for a first try, hopefully you will feel the same way if you download it. The first map's city isn't all that nice but the terrain gets better as the campaign goes along. Sheena's Tale has awesome characters created by memebrs from this site. I've attached a prologue at the bottom of here that you should read if you care about the storyline. And don't worry, at the very end of the game i've made sure there's credit to the people who've made the nice models and stuff.So thank you if you download this and like it, and if you find any problems with it let me know.

Charater Notes-
1.Sheena Dantes (Age 21)- Sheena is the Main character in this campaign and is the second child of Lilly and Patrick Dantes. Very athletic due to her training at the Ninja Academy with her sister, also quite beautiful.

2.Saithis Dantes (Age 25)- Saithis is the first child of Lilly and Patrick Dantes. she is not as good as her sister in martial arts but she is extremely intelligent and has devoted her time to writing novels and is quite the archeologist, she has made discovories all across the world at such a young age. Saithis is very jealous of her sister's beauty and the attention she is getting from her mother at an early age, and tries to shun her out of her life, she would have it too, if it weren't that her parents enrolled them at the academy.

During the time of the undead invasion at Dalaran, many men were called to aid the doomed city in its time of plight, sadly, Sheena and Saithis's father, Patrick, was one of them. He fought valliantly untill the very end of his life. When news of this reached back to the home of Lilly and Saithis they were devastated at the loss and anxious about what was to come next regarding the undead. During all of this, our star hero, Sheena was born. Her mother, having no one else in the world but her two children, clung to them and protected them from any misfortune that might befall to them. Secretly she favoured Sheena over Saithis for her beauty. Saithis, perceptive as she is, picked up early on this and developed a hate for Sheena and tried many things to get her into trouble and gain favour with her mother. As bad as the things Saithis did to get her sister into trouble, Lilly just could not stay mad at Sheena. Ten years passed and at the age of 15, Saithis mysteriously disappeared. Lilly, not quite as troubled by this as Sheena was, hardly paid attention to her absence, in fact she was even happier during the next ten years spending time with just Sheena. Sheena however, did not take this lightly and grieved for her loss deeply for the next ten years and prayed nearly every night for her sister's return home. At long last, Sheena decided to search for Saithis or discover what might have happened to her.
If at any time during this campaign your spells and abilities are not what you set them to be, type
"-givemethatbookfool" (remove quotes) and you will recieve a tome of retraining. Note that you will only be able to use this once per mission, and all except the last mission.

Secret 1. Simply complete the campaign to obtain a bonus character.

Secret 2. During "The Search Continues" mission, journey to the top left of the map and kill the giant Forgotten One to obtain a bonus level. Warning, attempting this without first obtaining Secret 1 is practically futile in effort. (Although you are more than welcome to try) You will need to utilize certain spells from the new character along with Sheena's spells to take it down. Using hit-and-run tactics is suggested.

Sheena's Tale (Campaign)

ragingspeedhorn: Lacks a preview image. Ignored. Unplayable come the second mission. Obviously needs to be fixed.




ragingspeedhorn: Lacks a preview image.

Ignored. Unplayable come the second mission. Obviously needs to be fixed.
Level 1
Oct 28, 2007
Major Bug, On chapter 2 when u start, your main hero isn't on the map.

please fix.

terrain is not so good, looks slapped on...