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Bosses of Warcraft [24 Player ORPG]

Discussion in 'Map Development' started by Sverkerman, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. Sverkerman


    Feb 28, 2010

    Bosses of Warcraft is a team based dungeon crawler map where you can level up professions, craft and complete quests. The map concept has been in development for over 10 years with the first map being publicly released on Epicwar on the 9th of July 2009. This is the 4th time the map has been remade from scratch.

    The latest installment of BoW has been in development since May 2017 and is planned to host an open beta testing in May of this year.

    Many famous map creators and gaming veterans are involved such as but not limited to the lead developer for Island Troll Tribes, Quazz, who is responsible for our hostbots and who manages and develops our site where we are planning to display player statistics & achievements. The lead developer for TBR 3.0, Wareditor who helps out with testing, balancing and 2D art. Hagge5 who was involved in the previous Bosses of Warcraft map as the developer for the many vJASS and JASS systems used in the map. Cangor, Lezorad and Aikola who all were very well known in the community surrounding the previous Bosses of Warcraft map has also shown great interest in the map during its development stage and has since been assigned key roles within the lore development. Regit and S3xytime from clan IBCE (Impossible Bosses Clan Elite), members of the first European team to ever defeat demonic on normal difficulty in version V3V of Impossible Bosses are also part of the team - helping out with media, PR and giving valuable feedback on boss mechanics and balancing.

    Fire.png Features.png
    Questionmark.png General.png
    Bosses of Warcraft is set to feature epic 24 player boss fights inspired by the map Impossible Bosses made by Psyris. It features a save/load system to save your progress and professions in which you can craft items to progress further into the game and defeat harder bosses.

    Classes2.png Classes.png
    There are 5 classes to choose from. They are Magician, Healer, Tank, Duelist and Ranger.

    Equipment.png Equipment System.png

    Bosses of Warcraft features an equipping system very well adapted for the ORPG genre. You can craft items for your friends to help them out but we've also taken into consideration certain limits to prevent item duplication through load/save.

    The equipping system is very advanced and has the following features:

    • When you claim an item the item being claimed shows up on your character as if you were wearing it.
    • It applies stats.
    • It applies the missile the weapon uses to your character's attack.
    • It applies the sound of the weapon to your character's attack (mace/sword/dagger etc.)
    • It applies the abilities gained by the claimed item.
    • It applies the correct animation tags if the item was a weapon.
    Gear1.png Gear2.png Gear3.png Gear4.png
    Gear5.png Gear6.png Gear7.png Mount.png

    Difficulty2.png Difficulty.png
    Bosses of Warcraft balances itself depending on how many players are in each specific dungeon. Multible groups can run different dungeons at the same time. Each dungeon is balanced separately. There are three different modes for each dungeon: Normal, Mythic and Fast Run. Normal is a balanced mode with a small chance for epic and legendary loot, Mythic is a hard mode with increased drop chance for epic and legendary items, and Fast Run where you only fight the final boss of the dungeon without a chance for epic and legendary loot, great for farming common and rare items.
    Arena1.png Arena2.png Arena3.png Arena4.png

    Stats.png Custom Stats.png
    • Mana/HP/Attack Speed/Attack Damage/Mana Reg/HP Reg/Movement Speed
    • Spell Damage (Scales with spells for the Magician class)
    • Healing Power (Scales with spells for the Healer class)
    • Item Level (Determines how well equipped a character is, a good way to separate new players from experienced players)
    • Threat (Determines how likely enemy foes are to attack you. This is an important stat for the Tank class)
    • Block (The Tank class can block attacks. Blocked attacks deals 50% damage)
    • Crit Chance (Applies to all spells and attacks)
    • Miss/Resist (A missed/resisted attack deals no damage)
    • Damage Reudction (Reduces damage taken by this exact amount)

    SaveLoad1.png SaveLoad.png
    As expected from RPG maps, Bosses of Warcraft features a save/load system working for multiplayer mode. Data is stored in your disk and you don't have to manually input the load code in order to resume game progress.

    24PlayersYes.png 24 Players.png
    Hell Yes.png

    Hand.png Additional Features.png
    • Mounts
    • Inventory System
    • Achievements
    • Minigames
    • Quests & Dialog System
    • Fullscreen looting system
    • Custom HDR setting
    • Weather System
    • Multiboard showing statistics
    • Over 600 items
    • Over 100 Custom Abilities

    Upcoming Features4.png Upcoming Features3.png

    Pic10.png Pic1.png Pic2.png Pic3.png Pic4.png
    Pic5.png Pic6.png Pic7.png Pic8.png Pic9.png

    Professions.png Professions Big.png
    There are seven professions each maxing at 75 profession level in Bosses of Warcraft. There are no class restrictions to professions.
    Statue1.png Statue2.png Statue3.png Statue4.png Statue5.png

    Alchemy1.png Alchemy.png
    Potions are key in any battle. Brew elixirs and flasks that persist through death to enhance your stats in battle. Stack up on healing potions and mana potions to ensure your longlivity while partaking in dungeon activities.
    Alchemy.png Alchemy2.png

    Blacksmithing1.png Blacksmithing.png
    Smith magical, enchanted weapons for you and your team, provide deadly bombs to throw at the enemy and increase your tanking ability with heavy mail armors protecting your skin and bone.
    Blacksmithing.png Blacksmithing2.png
    Tailoring1.png Tailoring.png
    Weave fine silk clothing to enhance your healing and magical abilities.
    Sheep Shearing.png Tailoring.png Tailoring2.png
    Leatherworking1.png Leatherworking.png
    Craft mobile leather-wear to maximize your agility in battle.
    Skinning.png Leatherworking.png

    Fishing1.png Fishing.png
    Fishing provides many of the nessesary materials required to proceed in crafting. Ever wondered what's in those potions? Ever asked why your teammate's brand new helmet smells of fish scale? Ever speculated what horrors lurk beneath those tides? Grab a fishing net and some bait - you are about to find out.
    Fishing2.png Fishing3.png Fishing.png

    Herblore1.png Herblore.png
    Got green hands and a lot of patience? Herblore provides resourceful flowers and trees to be used as materials for other professions. Visit the wonderful Evelina who owns the seed shop to recieve your blessing - the higher your Herblore level the better the blessing!
    Herblore2.png Herblore3.png Herblore.png

    Enchanting2.png Enchanting.png
    One of the hardest professions to level in the game also happens to be one of the most beneficial to you and your team. Craft scrolls to enhance your skill in battle and craft glyphs to permanently increase your stats and help your teammates blossom in their profession of choice by enchanting their mining picks, skinning knifes and fishing nets!
    Enchanting2.png Enchanting3.png Enchanting.png

    BTNSpiritLink.png Community3.png
    We are hosting a community for Bosses of Warcraft over at our discord group, everyone is welcome to join!

    Special Thanks And Team2.png Special Thanks and Team.png

    Lead Developer1.png Lead Developer.png
    Developers1.png Developers.png
    Media and PR.png MediaAndPR.png
    Helpers2.png Helpers.png
    Credits2.png Credits.png


    assasin_lord (Hero Glow Model)
    ILH (animated sky)
    xHennx (Brick Floor)
    WILL THE ALMIGHTY (Ground Explosion SFX)
    Waldbaer (Whirlwind/Bladestorm effect)
    Champara Bros (Judgement of Light effect)
    Infrisios (RoarTarget effect)
    Tranquil (Great Lightning effect)
    PeeKay (MoonSight effect)
    Daelin (Frozen Mana effect)
    Shyster (Pearlesence effect)
    Titania (CuteRainbowMissile)
    Champara Bros (Penance missile)
    Champara Bros (Holy Nova effect)
    DragoonZombie (Wind Beam Missile)
    UgoUgo (MegaHeal effect)
    00110000 (Butterfly Barrage missile)
    Fingolfin (Felucian Flower Models)
    Avahor (Grand Stone Path Texture)
    kelna2 (Mining Ramp)
    Hexus (Night elf looking doodads)
    Scythy Dervish (Laboratory - Ground Tile doodad)
    dhguardianes (Ashen_DirtGrass Texture)
    takakenji (Arathi Rock v2 model)
    Deolrin (Black Glow model)
    Sunchips (Grass Animated model)
    JetFangInferno (Circling Wisps model)
    acapulco (azsha tree model)
    Yayoi (Fence model)
    Remixer (Roots Large model)
    Su7VdeR (Sunflower model)
    spong3bob (Agave model)
    Pyritie (Water Low and Medium model)
    NhazUl (Rod of Necromancy Model)
    Thrikodius (Staff of Negation Model)
    fareezizfar (Frost Lance 1.4 Model)
    Sunchips (Earth Wand Model)
    SirNathan (Magician Staff Model)
    jatter2 (Furion Staff Model)
    Usedwell (Rotten Staff Model)
    Blood Raven (Nature Staff Model)
    Thrikodius (Claws of Attack Right Model)
    HappyCockroach (Egyptian Scimitar Model)
    Sunchips (Dwarven Warhammer Model)
    Sunchips (Grove Keeper Hammer Model)
    Blood Raven (Darkguard Model)
    Blood Raven (Scissors Katar Model)
    InfernalTater (Black Steel Hand Axe Model)
    Sunchips (Fire Sword Model)
    Usedwell (Longsword of Marr Model)
    Talon the Mage (Konstrukt_AssaultRifleAttachment Model)
    Herio-san (Flintlock Rifle Model)
    killforeyou (Horde Crossbow Model)
    Kitabatake (Bronze Armor Model)
    Sunchips (Wolf Spirit Vestment no Head)
    Sin'dorei300 (Acolyte'sRobe Model)
    Sin'dorei300 (Bloodmage'sRobe Model)
    Kitabatake (Captain Armor Model)
    Sunchips (Wolf Cap Model)
    Sunchips (SkullShroud Model)
    -Peper- (Infernal_Mask Model)
    Sunchips (Mage Hat Model)
    EvilCrizpy (Mage Helmet Model)
    JesusHipster (RandomHelm Model)
    ikillforeyou (Footman helmet)
    Deolrin (Gladiator's Helmet Model)
    Sunchips (Horde Commander Boot Model)
    Sunchips (Bronze Boot Model)
    Sunchips (Wolf Pelt Boot Model)
    Blood Raven (Bronze Boots Model)
    Astaroth Zion (Metal Shield Model)
    eubz (Black_Shield Model)
    Apocalypsen (Crescent Model)
    PROXY (Pickaxe + Item Model)
    Sunchips (Kitchen Knife Model)
    ZIR (Moonstaff model)
    KayS (Basic Bow model)
    perfjert (Orc Shield Rigth model)
    Tr!KzZ (Long Sword model)
    Sunchips (Cryptic Greatsword model)
    Kitabatake (Blue Armor model)
    Kitabatake (Hide Armor model)
    Kitabatake (Jungle Armor model)
    Thrikodius (Magic Wand model)
    bisnar13 (Mirror of Thruth model)
    s4nji (NE_Birth_Corrupt model)


    AlienAtSystem (For scroll icons)
    ~Nightmare (BTNElementalSpin Icon)
    NFWar (BTNGunFire Icon)
    PrinceOfFame (BTNGodsSword Icon)
    Svetli (Frozen Arrow Icon)
    Traxamillion (BTNmanaharvest Icon)
    NFWar (BTNEliteLightArmor)
    NFWar (BTNChainArmor02)
    NFWar (BTNLeatherArmor02)
    The Panda (BTNBash Icon)
    Eldin HawkWing (BTNStrikeofArcane)
    M0rbid (BTNWhirlwind)
    Darkfang (OrbOfFrost Icon)
    Dalharukn (BTNHealCannon icon)
    NO-Bloody-Name (BTNRenew icon)
    4eNNightmare (BTNTestOfFaith icon)
    Anachron (BTNANAInnerHeal icon)
    Lockheart (BTNcheck Icon)
    karland90 (BTNright Icon)
    karland90 (BTNleft Icon)


    Bribe (Unit Indexer, Damage Engine, IsUnitMoving)
    Tom_Kazansky (Knockback System)
    vuongkkk (VTextTag) - Took this idea to make cool floating texts.
    The_Witcher (Stun Unit System)


    Rufus, Fasolace and Cuore (for attempt at UI)
    Anachron (Making importing UI for Loot System easy)
    Alethos (Helped me to figure out how to apply combat sounds)
    Diegoit (Helped me a lot with model animations over at Hiveworkshop. Great guy.)
    Quilnez (Link to Custom UI and support)


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    Last edited: May 6, 2019
  2. Sverkerman


    Feb 28, 2010
    Latest updates goes here.
    Update 2018-04-19: Regit made another video showcasing how he made the trailer!

    Update 2018-04-29: Azothan joins the project.

    Update 2018-05-07:
    Updatelog 1

    ● Dungeon infrastructure is now done!
    ● Created a system to balance all enemy units individually depending on current playing players in each individual dungeon.
    ● Completed 20 waves of enemies in Jugras dungeon
    ● Team arrangement system is now complete! You can invite players to your dungeon team.
    Bosses of Warcraft now has 24 player support!!
    ● Fixed two issue with Dwarven Hand Cannon (model and projectile)
    ● Fixed issue with Boomstick (projectile)
    ● Fixed projectile arc for Ranger (Gun)
    ● Fixed projectile speed for Ranger (Gun)
    ● Added Special Effect upon attack with guns to make it have a better feeling.
    ● Replaced individual files of Threat SFX with team colored model and new Special Effect native (Change color --> Player color) ● Changed Mana Regeneration for heroes from 0.3 --> 1.0
    ● Changed Stock Replenish Interval for Dune Worm from 1 --> 0
    ● Fixed typo in Clay Item.
    ● Changed Elixir recipes to require 3 vials instead of 1. Increased Elixirs brewed from 1 --> 3.
    ● Changed Potion recipes to require 5 vials instead of 2. Increased Potions brewed from 2 --> 5.
    ● Fixed an issue with crafting vials.
    ● Fixed some spelling errors when fishing.
    ● Added text to calibrate QuickUse for better readability.
    ● Fixed an issue where units could still be alive after duying causing errors.
    ● Further balanced all enemy units.

    Update 2018-10-20
    Updatelog 2

    -Fixed Desync problems where fade filter timers (greater than 0.00) within GetLocalPlayer blocks would cause all players to disconnect.
    -Added a -clear command.
    -Fixed an issue where quest-completes was refering to the incorrect player.
    -Fixed an issue where Life Force Tunnel wouldn't teleport the player using it.
    -Fixed an issue where invite system wouldn't display the names of group members properly.
    -Replaced entangling roots of Corrupted Life Force with Knockback.
    -Changed attack projectile of Corrupted Life Force from Chimaera to Rock.
    -Fixed an issue where Quick Use system would make every player target the hero of the player which used it.
    -Fixed an issue where getting kicked by animals resulted in HDR being reseted.
    -Fixed an issue where the Threat System wouldn't loop through all players correctly.
    -Fixed an issue with the Group System where the wrong name of the host was being displayed.
    -Changed text of Food to not attempt to display players ingame.
    -Fixed an issue with Olivia where the wrong player was refered to that was causing wierd behaviours.
    -Removed some doodads in the Alarick region of the game for better FPS performance.
    -Fixed an issue where dungeon ends after only one player has died.
    -Fixed an issue where a game message containing the names of all team members of a group was being displayed the same amount of times as the group had members.
    -Fixed an issue where "Help Range" was interfering with the threat system.
    -Fixed an issue where the dummy units of fishing didn't have Crow Form and Locust resulting in them not getting past pathing blockers when fishing.
    -All items that can stack now goes through the AddItemSystem when being given to a player.
    -Invul now prevents you from getting stunned, slowed and knocked back by Deer and Sheep.
    -Removed chance for Enchanted Mining Pick to get destroyed while mining.
    -Added two additional sheeps to the map for a total of 3.
    -Fixed an issue where dungeon invites was being shown to all players instead of just the player being invited.
    -Added initial Damage Reduction for the Tank class.
    -Fixed an issue where the initial Damage Reduction would pass on to other classes if someone who picked the Tank Class would repick into another class.
    -Removed Magician Proper Name.
    -Added a white questionmark above all interractable units to make it easier for players to spot them.
    -Re-terrained the caves to make them look more enterable.
    -Added Ghost (visible) for all heroes.
    -Fixed an issue where Ghost (visible) would be removed after a hero died.
    -Increased mana after duying from 20% --> 50%
    -Increased Mana Regeneration of all heroes from 1.00 --> 2.00
    -Increased Healer initial Healing Power from 140 --> 170
    -Changed growing speed for plants from 10 seconds --> 100 seconds.
    -Fixed an issue where Sheep could be killed.
    -Fixed an issue where the floating text used for inviting players to a dungeon group was being removed if one of the players didn't have a Warden Title.
    -Fixed an issue where the screen would fade to black for players outside of a dungeon.
    -Fixed an issue where the screen would fade in for players outside of a dungeon.
    -Added Fishing for players 9-24.
    -Added a floating text displaying the name of the fish you hooked while fishing for flavor.

    Update 2018-11-05
    Updatelog 3

    Added new command: "-set dgn XXX" sets dungeon group name
    Added new command: "-ebt" enables bag text
    Added new command: "-dbt" diables bag text
    Added new command: "-suicide" kills you and ignores reincarnation status if you are inside of a dungeon.
    Added new command: "-g xx yyyyyyy" Gives yyyyyyy gold to player xx.
    Added new command: "-lp" Lists all players currently playing and displays their player number.
    Fixed issue where pathing between players got enabled after player death and equipping certain items.
    Fixed an issue where player 2-24 couldn't get salve from Eldblossom.
    Fixed an issue where dialog was unskipable when speaking to Eldblossom.
    Fixed Raxn profession ping locations to the updated profession locations.
    Added text notification for when being invited to a party.
    Starting a party will now take Dungeon Group Name into consideration.
    Decreased respawn times for fishing spots from 20 seconds to 1 second.
    Fixed tooltip of Enchanted FIshing Net to say "School of Fish" instead of "Fish School"
    Reduced CD for crafting items such as Empty Vials and buying items such as Berry Bush.
    All items are now added into a free inventory slot when buying them (no more items on ground unless ALL bags are full)
    Added text to when you recieve items inside your inventory slots for clarification. This can be disabled using "-dbt"
    Changed icon of Perfect Linen Cloth.
    Removed test-mount from your inventory bag. Mounts will now be obtained the hard way.
    Fixed an issue with ItemStackSystem where an error sound would be played for all players if one player tried to pick up an item while having a full inventory.
    You can no longer send resources in F11.
    Fixed an issue where buffs, scrolls and elixirs were not being removed properly upon player death.(ändrad)
    Increased duration of Elixirs and Scroll from 10 minutes to 20 minutes.
    Fixed an issue where threat for healing spells was not being applied correctly.
    Fixed an issue where Raxn dialog would cause desync.
    Added a global CD to Fish and Potions (hp/mana recovery)
    Fixed a major issue where chance to gain profession level wasn't being applied correctly.
    Fixed an issue where if you created a Leather Tunic you would get a Reinforced Breastplate.
    Fixed an issue where you sometimes would get teleported to wierd places inside dungeon rooms upon start of each dungeon room.
    Fixed an issue where Giant Turtle's Bombard ability would cause a small laggspike upon hitting the ground.
    Jugras now spawns 50% less Reinforcements every second but channels his Reinforcement spell for 2 more seconds.
    Water Elementals now have 170 HP instead of previous 190.
    Fixed an issue where you could theoretically die even if you were to kill Jugras.
    Increased Jugras initial HP value from 2200 to 3700.
    Increased Jugras movement speed from 270 to 330.
    Skinning Knife, Fishing Net, Sheep Shearer, Mining Pick are now saved correctly.
    Things we're still figuring out:
    -Increase hitbox for Hydra, Water Elemental, Jugras and Giant Sea Turtle.
    -Healer died while casting Nature's Blessing causing the game to freeze (couldn't replicate)
    -Floating Text system mixing up floating texts (very rare, couldn't replicate)
    -Sometimes when you repick, Olivia and your character wont despawn. (very rare, couldn't replicate)
    -Players not enabled to join the dungeon causes the error message that they declined the invite to pop up twice (will have to look into this further)
    Currently working on:
    Fullscreen Looting System

    Update 2018-12-12
    Updatelog 4

    After Alpha test:
    -Added tip when summoning your inventory the first time in every game that reminds you that you can craft from the summoned inventory.
    -Fixed an issue where upon repick the message for "welcome to BoW" was shown to all players.
    -Fixed an issue where floating text for character select and Olivia was shown to all players.
    -Fixed an issue where when players disconnect/leave they were not removed from the multiboard like they should be.
    -Fixed several spelling issues where "Received" was being spelled "Recieved"
    -Fixed a huge bug where only unit groups indexed with 1 would work, causing many wierd behaviours such as dummy units for Duelist Maniac not being removed properly and sometimes when a player tried to repick, Olivia and his old character would not be removed properly.
    -You can now save your Fishing Nets, Skinning Knifes and Mining Picks!
    -Fixed an issue where leather had a different icon than Craft Leather.
    -Fixed an issue where you could swap claimed items to an already full inventory causing the claimed item to be dropped to the ground.
    -Fixed an issue where you could attack allies and NPCs.
    -Fixed an issue where dungeon groups wouldn't launch after the first time.
    -Shout might be causing laggspikes when targeting many creeps
    -Fixed an issue where Raxn could sometimes get stuck inside a house.
    -Changed the questionmark icon for Multiboard into class icon.
    -Fixed an issue where If you were playing single player and you died --> revived the creeps inside the dungeon would only aggro you if you hit them.
    -Changed Triton Plate legendary so that it scales with AD and HP loss instead of having a base value.
    -Fixed an issue where creeps would stop following you if you died or ran too far away while playing in single player.
    -Made some terrain changes where vegetation wouldn't grow natural in some places, thanks to @StarZerg for the feedback!
    -Added circle of powers to the Olivia Answers.
    -Disabled the autosave.
    -Fixed an issue where if you loaded a non-exsisting character you would get stuck and couldn't play.
    -Fixed an issue where if one player loads and another player changes skin of his hero in the skin selection, the skin for the loaded player changes.
    -Changed the Commands spell inside the control panel to redirect you to F9.
    -Fixed an issue where red special effect balls spawned for dead players inside of the dungeon after first wave.
    -Fixed an issue where Destroy item would work if it targets an inventory slot but not if the target is your own hero.
    -Reduced the area in which the Life Essences items from Corrupted Life Force spawns to prevent them going outside of map bounds.
    -Playtime of each character is now saved inside the save/load code.
    -Added a command to check how long a player has played his character. -t (XX)
    -Fixed an issue where the command to give a player gold had the wrong color code.
    -Add cheatcheck for Greedisgood and Whosyourdaddy.
    -Wiped the code.
    -Added version check for Save/Load code (Thanks to @TriggerHappy for the suggestion!)
    -Fixed material requirements for some of the crafted items.
    -Fish scale items no longer requires Leather and/or Cloth.
    -Changed the graveyard position according to Lezorad's suggestion.
    -Added screen shaking to when Jugras pillars breaks
    -Added a dust special effect to when Jugras pillars breaks and improved the effect for the broken pillar.
    -Changed Duelist starter chest ability from Manalust into Whirlwind.
    -Changed Tank starter chest ability from Anger to Taunt.
    -You will now gain profession levels for crafting "Living" material types.
    -Some "Living" material types do now require profession levels to craft.
    -Fixed a bug where you could accept your own team invitation.
    -Fixed an issue where "new items unlocked" would be displayed at level 30 herblore even tho there are no new items unlocked at this level.
    -Fixed an issue where sometimes enemies would get stuck in dungeon rooms when spawning.
    -Fixed an issue where legendary item Ezili would say class Duelist and not Magician in the description and in the loot table.
    -Fixed an issue where Stomp caused a small framedrop.
    -Fixed an issue where Magic Roulette would say wrong CD in tooltip.
    -Fixed an issue where Ezeli wouldn't have a visual effect. Made it more visible.
    -Fixed an issue where Jugras would only do his ultimate once.
    -Added damage to Lightning Trap spell (Jugras)
    -Reduced range of Sea Turtle, Murloc Sage, Water Elemental and Hydra.
    -Reduced HP of Stun Totem from 50 -> 10 (Jugras)
    -Edited the amount of barrage missiles from Jugras from 50 --> 20.
    -Fine Leather requirement changed from 1x Cactus to 1x Fine Fish Scale
    -Added a Circle of Power to Loot to make it more visible
    -Add text to when Jugras pillars breaks.

    Known bugs:
    -Sometimes you get teleported to a wierd location when changing dungeon rooms.
    -The floating text system for Damage and Healing sometimes causes an endless loop causing the game to freeze. We're hoping that this version fixed this issue, altho it is very unlikely. If the behaviour continues we have additional steps that we will take to ensure the game's stability.

    Coming up:
    -Adding new island with reputation and quests accessed by boat.
    -Profession quests.

    BoW Alpha 3.0 update 2019-01-12:
    Class Reworks


    -Arcane Explosion (Magician): now deals 1.25x (previous 2x) Spell Damage to foes within a 500 (previous 400) yard radius of you. Costs 20 mana (previous 25) and has a 10 second cooldown. Now also applies a 100% slow for 0.5 seconds to non-boss units.
    -Quickness (All): duration decreased from 6 seconds to 4 seconds. Now has a 14 second CD instead of 20 seconds.
    -Teleport (Magician): has changed. Teleport towards target location, max 550 yards (precious 700) costs 13 mana (previous 13) has a 18 second long CD. When casted you are able to cast again within 2 seconds before going on cooldown.
    -Sprint Burst (Magician): spell removed, new ability: Warp Portal (Magician.) Teleports towards a location within 900 range, leaving behind a portal for 4 seconds. Teleports any allies that enter the portal (of 100 AoE) to the same location. Cooldown: 30 seconds Mana Cost: 25.
    -New Spell: Magical Flux (Magician): Creates a zone of up to 550 AoE in which you gain 25% increase in damage. Casting a spell inside the Flux will refresh 3% total mana for all allies inside the Flux (except you). Does not affect Magical Flux and you can never have two Magical Fluxes at the same time. Lasts for 12 seconds. Cooldown: 60 seconds Mana Cost: 75
    -Arcane Intellect (Magician): now scales with levels: FOR SPELLDAMAGE: 10 | 18 | 26 | 34 | 42 INCREASE FOR HEALING: 18 | 34 | 50 | 66 | 82
    -Added new ability: Cursed Arcana (Magician): Marks all enemies within (targeted) 550 AoE with the Cursed Arcana. Whenever these targets take damage, increase that damage by 3 + [0.07 x Bonus Spell Damage]. Cursed Arcana lasts for 12 seconds. Cooldown: 20 seconds Mana Cost: 25 The target AoE has a maximum range of 1050.
    -Added a new spell: Flowturn (Magician): For the next 6 seconds your spells will increase the barriers of nearby allies equal to 0.8x of your Spell Power. Has an AoE of 550. Mana Cost: 25 Cooldown: 24
    -Added a new spell: Invocation (Magician): Channels for 3 seconds. Instantly restore 5% of total mana and increase damage dealt by 10% for 6 seconds. For every second channeling you will recover an additional 5% mana up to the maximum of 20%. After the channeling ends gain 10% damage increase for every second spent channeling for 6 seconds. Costs 0 mana. Has a 30 second cooldown.
    -Added a new spell: Temporal Blast (Magician): Deals [0.95 x Spell Power] damage in 450 AoE up to 1050 range and reduces the attack speed of hit non-boss enemies by 30% for 3 seconds. Mana Cost: 10 Cooldown: 7.5 seconds
    -Added a new spell: Rift Lance (Magician): Conjures a rift fragment up to maximum of 3 seconds. When you end the channeling will launch the conjured fragment towards the target area. The fragment deals 0.6 x Spell Damage damage, increased by 0.3x for each second spent channeling (0.6x -> 0.9x -> 1.2x). When hitting the targeted area it will split in shrapnel, shooting out 8 projectiles around the impact point, each dealing (0.13 x Spell Power) damage. Mana Cost: 20 Cooldown: 8 seconds
    -Added a new spell: Arcanic Barrier (Magician): Protect the target with a barrier that blocks up to [2.25 x Spell Power] damage. Arcanic Barrier can block damage up to the barrier amount. Mana Cost: 10 Cooldown: 6 Seconds
    -Changed Breath of Fire (Magician) so that it has a periodic damage over time effect bound to a region in front of the caster after the initial damage has been dealt. Changed the scaling from 3x Spell Damage --> 1.2x Spell Damage initial damage and a 0.2x Spell Damage per second periodic damage.
    -Changed Thunder Strike (Magician) from 2.5x Spell Damage initial damage --> 1.25x Spell Damage initial damage, also changed the slow from 50% over 3 seconds to 75% over 1.5 seconds.
    -Fixed a bug where Thunder Strike (Magician) had an area of 250 instead of 500. Lowered the area from 500 into 400.
    -Fixed an issue where Charged Bolt (Magician) W said that it used Q as hotkey.
    -Changed Charged Bolt (Magician) to: Channels for up to 1.5 seconds - creating a magical orb that grows in size. When unleashed, upon hitting an enemy will deal 1.2 x Spell Damage + 0.26 x Spell Damage for every ½ second spent channeling. (Max 2x Spell Damage) Costs 15 mana. Cooldown: 8 seconds.
    -Changed Bolt Spray (Magician) from 0.5x Spell Damage --> 0.35x Spell Damage.
    -Changed Wicked Bolt (Magician) from 2.2x Spell Damage to 1.6x Spell Damage and increased it's cooldown from 6 seconds --> 7 seconds.
    -Magical Roulette (Magician) changed CD from 6 --> 7.5 seconds. Changed scaling from 1x Spell Damage to 0.55x Spell Damage.
    -Blizzard (Magician) scaling changed from 0.2x Spell Damage --> 0.13x Spell Damage.
    -Tornado (Magician) scaling changed from 2.0x Spell Damage --> 1.4x Spell Damage.
    -Regenerating Bolt (Magician) scaling changed from 1.5x Spell Damage --> 1.1x Spell Damage. Mana regen changed from 4 --> 6. Added a new effect: When the bolt hits it also restores the mana of nearby allies (350 area, 4 mana.) Changed CD from 4 --> 7 seconds.
    -Doubletap (Magician) changes: Shoot out a fast blast of magic up to 1000 range that deals 0.6 x Spell Damage. If the blast hits you proceed to “double tap!”, shooting out another bolt that deals 1.2 x Spell Damage towards that location.


    -Charge (Duelist/Tank) changes: Max distance increased to 1000 from 700. Duration increased from 0.5 seconds to 0.8
    -Stomp (Tank) changes: Now inflicts 4x (mana cost) threat instead of 1x (mana cost) threat. Reduced mana cost from 25 --> 20.
    -Taunt (Tank) changes: Changed scaling from 200 + (Attack Damage x2) to 100 + (2% of MaxHP + Damage Reduction x 2)
    -Iron Skin (Tank) changed to give 2x (mana spent) threat instead of 1x (mana spent) threat. Also changed scaling from 1280 --> 900. Changed CD from 30 --> 24. Duration changed from 10 seconds --> 8 seconds.
    -Power Up (Tank) changed to scale per 900 HP instead of previous 640.
    -Thicken (Tank) changed to Diminish Power: Diminish Power: Reduce the boss energy by [1.5 x Attack Damage] and heal yourself equal to 750% of the energy drained. Costs 20 mana. Has a 15 second cooldown.
    -Shout (Tank) changed damage dealt from 2x --> 1.5x Attack Damage, inflicts Attack Damage x3 threat to all units in an 1000 area around the primary target instead of just inflicting threat upon primary target. Changed cost from 30 --> 15 mana. Changed CD from 22 --> 15 seconds. No longer depletes mana from boss.
    -Inspiring Shout (Tank) changed to increase crit from 7% --> 20%. Changed mana cost from 35 --> 50. Changed CD from 33 seconds --> 45 seconds.
    -Piercing Shouts (Tank) changed. No longer depletes mana from bosses. Cooldown reduced from 22 seconds --> 15 seconds.
    -Pulverize (Tank) changed. Instead of generating 20 threat it now generates 1.5x Attack Damage threat.
    -Infuse (Tank) changed. Deals 1.5x Attack Damage to target and generates 0.5x Attack Damage + 10 threat in 1000 AoE. Recovers 3% mana instead of 5 mana. Has a 6 second cooldown.
    -Block (Tank) changed. Increases Block Chance by 25% + (3% per 300 bonus health) up to a maximum of 85% for 1.25 seconds. Same mana cost, same cooldown
    -Shield Bash (Tank) changed name to Retaliation. Changed scaling to 15% (+1.5 per 300 bonus health) up to maximum of 45% for 6 seconds.
    -Shield Slam changes: Also generates 1.5x Attack Damage threat to target. Increases Block Chance by 15% (+1% per 2 Attack Damage) (Max 50%) for 1.25 seconds (previous 2 seconds). CD changed from 10 --> 6 seconds.


    -Exploding Mine (Ranger) changes: CD reduced from 22 --> 11 seconds. Mana cost reduced from 25 --> 20 mana. Duration reduced from 45 --> 35 seconds. Damage is now halved if the mine explodes before 3 seconds.
    -Fiery Markmanship (Ranger) scaling changes: 15% of your Attack Damage changed into --> 20% of the damage dealt. CD reduced from 26 --> 20 seconds.
    -Powerhouse (Ranger) changes: increased range traveled from 400 --> 550.
    -Shootout (Ranger) changes: Slow changed from 20% --> 40% and duration lowered from 4 seconds --> 3 seconds.
    -Power Overwhelming (Ranger) changes: Attack Speed bonus changed from 10% --> 20%.
    -Molotov (Ranger) changes: Increased area from 200 --> 250. Decreased initial damage from 2x Attack Damage --> 1x Attack Damage. Changed periodic damage from 0.5x Attack Damage --> 0.75x Attack Damage.
    -Fixed a bug where Electric (Ranger) had 300 AoE instad of 400.
    -Electric (Ranger) changes. 1x Attack Damage reduced to 0.85x Attack Damage. 25 second cooldown reduced to 15 second cooldown. Mana cost increased from 20 --> 25.
    -Drain (Ranger) changed: Doesn't increase damage dealt anymore, instead increases your attack speed by 40% for 5 seconds and cause all of your normal attacks to restore 2 mana. This mana is increased to 3 against bosses. Mana cost changed from 15 --> 0. CD changed from 28 --> 15.
    -Rapid Shot (Ranger) changed: Added new effect! For the next 6 seconds your abilities cause an additional arrow dealing 0.5x Attack Damage to spawn. The arrow will be shot towards your facing direction.
    -Huntsman (Ranger) changed: damage increase changed from 25% --> 20%. Fixed a bug which caused Huntsman to only target player 1-8.
    -Ranger new ability: Vault Shot: Fire a projectile up to 850 range dealing 1.25x Attack Damage and then strafe to the right for 450 range. After you arrive, shoot another projectile towards target point dealing an additional 1.25x Attack Damage. Has a 24 second cooldown. Costs 20 mana.
    -Mystical Shot (Ranger) changed: Increased damage dealt from 1.5x Attack Damage to 1.75x Attack Damage. This spell now restores 3% of your max mana amount instead of 10 mana.
    -Fixed an issue where Piercing Shouts (Tank) would sometimes not fire properly due to a point being removed within a loop.
    -Powershot (Ranger) changed: Reduced initial damage from 2.5x Attack Damage to 1.5x Attack damage. Added effect: 1 second after hitting a target the projectile will implode in an area of 375, dealing additional 1x Attack Damage to all targets hit.
    -Viper Sting (Ranger) changed: Increased damage dealt from 2x Attack Damage --> 2.25x Attack Damage. Changed mana drained from 10 --> 12% of the damage dealt.
    -Mortar Shot (Ranger) changed: Increased damage from 0.8x Attack Damage to 1.1x Attack Damage. Increased mana cost from 10 --> 30. Increased CD from 6 seconds --> 10 seconds.
    -Barrage (Ranger) changed: Increased damage dealt from 0.5x Attack Damage --> 0.65x Attack Damage.
    -New Spell: Quick Shot (Ranger): Shoots a fast projectile towards target point, dealing 1.5x Attack Damage upon contact with an enemy foe and increasing your movement speed by 30% for 2.5 seconds. Additionally, next time you deal damage with an attack you will deal an additional 1x Attack Damage to the target.
    -Changed Double Blast (Ranger): First projectile now deals AoE damage in a 300 AoE. First projectile now deals 1.2x Attack Damage in AoE instead of previous 1.5x Attack Damage to single target. Second projectile now deals 1.8x Attack Damage instead of 1.5x Attack damage. Range changed from 1000 --> 650.


    -Changed Slam (Duelist): Reduced mana cost from 25 --> 20. Decreased CD from 22 --> 20 seconds.
    -Berserk (Duelist) should now properly spawn a skeleton upon death.
    -Spinning Blade (Duelist): increased range. (500 instead of 400.)
    -Maniac (Duelist): now loses a charge when critting with a spell based attack. Maniac also increases crit chance on spells.
    -Changed Roundhouse Kick (Duelist): Attack damage changed from constant 20 --> 7/14/21/28/35 for levels 1/3/5/7/9. CD reduced from 22 seconds --> 20 seconds. Mana cost reduced from 25 mana --> 20 mana.
    -Changed Manalust (Duelist): Increased damage increase buff from 10% to 15%. Changed duration from 15 seconds to 8 seconds. Increased mana restored per attack from 3 to 4. Reduced CD from 25 --> 16 seconds.
    -New ability Phantom Lunge (Duelist): Strike the target, dealing moderate damage as you move towards him over a short duration of time. After finishing the strike you are instantly moved to behind the target, striking again for moderate damage. During the strikes you gain a massive boost to Damage Reduction and are immune to knockback effects.CD: 24 seconds. Damage Dealt: 1.25x Attack Damage (each strike.) Buff Duration: 1 second. Damage Reduction Gained: 1500. Range: 400.
    -Changed Roar into a new ability called Bloodlust (Duelist): Increases the attack speed (40%) and movement speed (20%) of yourself and all allies in 1250 AoE for 10 seconds. Has a 45 second CD. Costs 50 Mana.
    -Changed Maniac (Duelist): Now increases crit chance of all types of attacks. Increased crit chance gained from 20% --> 30%. Reduced CD from 25 --> 24 seconds. Increased mana cost from 22 --> 30.
    -Changed Endurance (Duelist): Now increases your attack and movement speed by 40% instead of previous 30%. Duration decreased from 12 seconds to 10 seconds. Mana cost reduced from 30 to 25. CD reduced from 35 seconds to 24 seconds.
    -Changed Demoralizing Strike (Duelist): Reduced duration from 8 --> 2 seconds. Reduced mana cost from 15 --> 10 mana.
    -Changed Exhausting Strike (Duelist): Changed scaling from 10 mana drained into 2x Attack Damage x 0.12 mana drained. Mana cost reduced from 10 --> 8 mana. CD increased from 5 --> 6 seconds.
    -Changed Rejuvenating Strike (Duelist): CHanged scaling from always restoring 10 mana into 3% of your (maximum mana.)


    -Changed Circle of Healing (Healer): Reduced mana cost from 25 --> 20. Reduced CD from 23 --> 20.
    -Changed Sap of Life (Healer): Increased Mana Cost from 25 --> 30. Sap of Life can not be casted within 450 range of yourself now.
    -Leap of Faith (Healer): Increased duration from 0.4 seconds to 0.85 seconds. Increased the Max range from 700 --> 1000 Range.
    -New spell: Sanctuary (Healer): Creates a blessed ground in 500 AoE that will safeguard any friend (and yourself) that stands on its divine foundation. All allies inside Sanctuary recieve 40% less damage. Lasts 4 seconds. Has a 24 second cooldown. Costs 20 Mana. Range 1000.
    -New spell: Blessing of Equilibrium (Healer): Rewrites the natural order, granting its blessing upon the target unit for 2 minutes. While active, their normal attacks restore 50% of the damage dealt in HP and whenever they successfull attack (or cast a spell) they will recieve 2 mana. You can not buff yourself. If cast on yourself: restore 0.6x Healing Power health and regain 4 mana. Cooldown: 3 seconds. Mana cost: 8. Range: 1000.
    -New spell: Guardian Angel (Healer): Blesses the target with a Guardian Angel for 8 seconds. While under the effect of a Guardian Angel the target recieves the following boons:
    *Increases healing from all sources by 25%
    *Whenever they recieve damage heal them for 0.4x Healing Power.
    *When you use your Invulnerability, they will also turn invulnerable for the whole duration.
    Has a 24 second CD. Costs 25 Mana. 1000 Range.
    -Changed Divine Charge (Healer): Changed the initial Healing Power gained from 50 --> 40. The healing power is now increased by 30xlevel.
    -New spell "Divine Spirit" (Healer): Creates a divine spirit upon the target area up to 600 AoE - increasing all healing received by everyone inside of it by 50% from all sources of healing. Lasts 10 seconds. Cooldown 45 seconds. Mana cost 50. Range 1000.
    -Changed Inner fire (Healer): Damage dealt has been reduced from 2x Healing Power to 0.75x Healing Power. The spell now also blinds all targets in a 450 area around the initial target for 2.5 seconds. The spell now also heals you for 1.8x Healing Power. No longer drains mana from boss target.
    -New spell "Desperate Plea" (Healer): Fire a projectile towards target point. Heals the impacted ally target for 0.75x Healing Power. The healing amount is increased to 1.5x Healing Power on targets below 50% health. The healing amount is further increased to 2.25x Healing Power of targets below 25% health. Costs 10 mana. Has 1 second cooldown. Has 1000 range.
    -Changed Circle of Youth (Healer): Reduced area from 500 to 400. Heals 1.25x Healing Power instead of 1x Healing Power.
    -Changed Rejuvenation (Healer): Reduced CD from 12 seconds into 8 seconds.
    -Decreased the healing per tick of Fountain of Youth (Healer) from 0.6x per tick to 0.5x per tick. Watermend Ring will now increase it to 0.6x per tick.

    Bugs/Issues and New Content

    -Fixed an issue where Occult Gloves would say that it gives lvls from 35-30.
    -Fixed an issue where the amount of Corrupted Beast Essence that you got from killing the boss wouldn't scale with how many players that there were in the dungeon.
    -Fixed an issue where Jugras ultimate would go off at the start of the Jugras fight if he had been defeated prior to the encounter.
    -Fixed an issue where Lightning Trap would only target Player 1 (Red)
    -Redid the strings for when starting a dungeon. It will no longer say "1 rangers."
    -Fixed an issue where the dummy unit for crafting Enchanted Mining Pick stated that the mining pick could break, which is not the case.
    -Jugras animation will now be stopped prior to the encounter (he is frozen.) Thanks to @CanFight for the feedback on this.
    -Increased the knockback radius of the Sea Turtle Spawn.
    -Increased Whirlwind damage for Jugras (1250 --> 1400) (Fulldamage area 160 --> 400)
    -Increased Energize AoE damage for Jugras. (1000 --> 1300)
    -Jugras is now tinted blue prior to the encounter (frozen) Thanks to @CanFight for the feedback on this.
    -@Canfight has worked hard to reduce the doodad amount by ~2000 doodads thanks to his improved pathing blockers versions! Well done! Please keep up the good work!
    -Improved the item equipment system so that you cannot unequip items if the ability assosiated with the item is on CD.
    -Added a new NPC called Mirmir that will aid you if you ever lose your starting gear as suggested by @beast!
    -Removed debug msg from Raxn as her moving pattern seems to be working fine.
    -Kumba the sleeping giant has entered the realm of Ekarora.
    -Text messages on your screen should no longer dissapear randomly.
    -Fixed an issue where the -lp command would show players that wasn't in the game.
    -Fixed an issue with the -g command where a player could give gold to another player that wasn't currently in the game.
    -You no longer gain gold from using the -suicide command @Wave 1 of a dungeon.
    -Added a timer to dungeons so that you can compete with other teams and see who has the fastest clearing time as suggested by @Killshock.
    -Fixed an issue where AoE spells from enemies inside the dungeons would also target inventory slots.
    -Added a check to the knockback system to take into consideration if you have Knockback Immunity as given by one of the new Duelist spells.
    -Fixed an issue where the lightning effects holding Jugras in place wasn't being nulled after being destroyed - causing them not to spawn the second time you play through the dungeon after defeating Jugras.
    -Fixed an issue where if you selected any unit during the Character and Skin selection process the game wouldn't toggle back to the command panel where you can select "Next" "Previous" and "Select." Thanks to @Janoh for reporting this bug!
    -Inventory icons are now hidden on the minimap as suggested by @CanFight.
    -We now have a new UI for the map made by @CanFight. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication! Please keep up the good work!
    -Changed the requirements for Leather Gloves from 3x Living Linen and 2x Living Leather into 3x Living Leather and 2x Living Linen.
    -A new healer item held in Right Hand has been added to the Jugras looting table!
    -Hero interface icons for spells such as Regenerative Strike, Demorolizing Strike, Heroic Strike etc. are now hidden as suggested by @CanFight.
    -Fixed an issue where Invulnerability and Reincarnation spells would get removed when equipping an item that would force the equipment system to change your unit type.
    -Fixed an issue where not all types of damage would get tracked by the Game Stats multiboard.
    -Increased the duration that the -lp command is shown from 20 seconds into 35 seconds.
    -Fixed an issue where Powerstaff could not be made.
    -Fixed an issue where Energize from Jugras could fire someone into the terrain and get them stuck. This issue was also present in Whirlwind and Sea Turtle spawns. They have been taken care of as well.
    -Fixed two issues where Great Maul and Pulsing Rod was attatched to the wrong hand.
    -Fixed an issue where if you die during dungeon room transition you sometimes wouldn't get teleported to the next room.
    -Added a new command "-ta" which displays the time played of everyone inside of the game.
    -Changed the duration of most buffs from 4 minutes to 15 minutes.
    -Fixed an issue where the giftable version of Skull Sceptre wouldn't state which abilities it gave.
    -Fixed an issue where almost all living materials sporadically couldn't be made and sometimes wouldn't require gemstones.
    -Fixed an issue where Blank Scrolls couldn't be made. (They no longer require coal.)
    -Fixed an issue where if you used the recipe for converting a Shiny Mining Pick into an Enchanted Mining Pick or a Fishing net into an Enchanted Fishing net and didn't have the required level to do so the game would eat your recipe. Also added a text to the recipe for the profession level requirement.
    -Fixed a ton of leaks produced by many spells- this was most likely the reason behind why the game started to lagg after running for a while.
    -Added a new hidden command for Player 1 (red): "testleaks" which will loop through all of the units currently present in the map and present their Custom ID and name. This is a great tool for finding UnitTimer leaks. Please use it and present the results to the development team if you feel that the stability of the game decreases over time.
    -Reduced Far Z rendering while in character and skin selection to increase FPS from 30-40 to a stable 60 FPS.
    -Fixed an issue where you sometimes couldn't create Fine Fish Scale.
    -Fixed an issue where Tank couldn't equip Reinforced Helmet.
    -Fixed an issue where Arcane Intellect's buff was based on the same buff as Roar (duelist) making them unable to co-exsist. Changed which dummy buff Arcane Intellect uses to Frost Armor.
    -Fixed an issue where Demoralizing Strike never applied it's effect.
    -Fixed an issue where special effects wouldn't get removed instantly after some spells ended.
    -Changed the location of Loot to make it easier to find. It can now be found next to Nez'gr.

    BoW Alpha 3.1 Update 2019-01-13

    BoW Alpha 3.1
    -Removed a leak from applying a fade filter after a certain amount of time.
    -Changed the DISBTN icon of Watermend Ring to the right icon format.
    -Changed the special effect for the knockback of Powerhouse
    -Mdx are no longer being optimized as it messed with the day night cycle model.
    -Legendary Visucius now has the correct tooltip, 1500 Damage Reduction instead of 1000.
    -Increased Magician initial Spell Damage from 33 --> 65.
    -Reduced mana cost of Magical Flux (Magician) from 75 --> 50.
    -Fixed an issue where the direction of the knockback from Turtle Spawn and Turtle Stomp would always be the same.
    -Fixed an issue where the Giant Turtle would always spawn on the same player.
    -Fixed an issue where the Lightning Trap from Jugras would always spawn on the same player.
    -Fixed an issue where Huntsman wasn't being applied correctly to some players.
    -Fixed an issue where the dummy unit for Rift Lance (Magician) and Charged Bolt (Magician) wasn't being removed properly.
    -Reduced the size of the ending effect of Fountain of Youth when you have Waterment Ring equipped.
    -The Warcraft 3 standard music will no longer play while playing BoW.
    -Reduced range of Huntsman from unlimited --> 2000.
    -Changed the link to the discord group in "upkeep" to match the one in the UI as suggested by @killshocktv
    -Changed the TIP for when you first summon your inventory in every game from "Use your inventories to craft items!" to "Use your bags to craft items!"

    I couldn't find the bug where "The bars for Shield doesn't get updated properly, sometimes it removes the health and/or mana bar of units. Sometimes the barrier special effect doesn't get removed." If any of you find the behaviour inside the map that causes this issue please inform the development team as we were unable to replicate it and knowing what causes it would greatly help us find and fix the bug :)

    BoW Alpha 3.3 2019-01-16

    -Fixed a small misstype with Elder Blossom where he said "Greeings" instead of "Greetings"
    -Fixed an issue where Multishot tooltip was misleading.
    -Added a special effect to when you activate Quickness.
    -Lightning Trap from Jugras should now properly pick a random player instead of Player 1 (Red).
    -Lifeforce Tunnels no longer requires you to have Warden title.
    -Entering dungeons and initiating dungeon groups no longer requires you to have the Warden title.
    -Maniac now applies and removes the increased crit chance correctly.
    -Fountain of Youth mana regen (If you have Watermend Ring) do now have a floating text.
    -Fixed a spelling error "Practise Treant" --> "Practice Treant"
    -Fixed an issue where Time played would only get increased by 15 minutes at max every game.
    -Food is now being set to 0 to all players every 15 minutes (this takes less memory than changing the food value of all of the dummy units, this prevents "Join us! -->" from popping up on your screen.
    -Removed the default WC3 "Hero has fallen" message.
    -Added a text for when players try to drop an item that has been claimed to inform them the steps of transfering the item to another inventory and how to destroy the item.
    -Desperate Plea (Healer) Mana cost reduced from 10 --> 8.
    -Increased the area of Circle of Youth (Healer) from 400 --> 500.
    -You can now use the Life Force Portals without being a Warden.
    -You can now initiate and partake in dungeons without being a Warden.
    -Remake of the start of BoW. Thanks to @Aikola for providing the dialog for Olivia and valuable feedback. Thanks to @CanFight and @killshocktv for bringing the urgency of the problem to my attention.
    -Added Emotes into the map! Thank you so much @CanFight! Please keep up the good work.
    -Scroll of Minor Damage Reduction now correctly states that it increases the Damage Reduction of a player by 70.
    -Kumba the slumberer has awaken from his sleep and left the realm.
    -Mirmir now also restores your starter head item.

    BoW 3.3b 2019-01-16 hotfix

    -Added commands to emotes into quest log.
    -Fixed Rift Lance
    -If a player leaves during the new start there will no longer be units spawning endlessly.

    BoW 3.3c 2019-01-16 hotfix2

    -Fixed a spelling error when an item is placed into a bag, it now reads "Existing" instead of "Exsisting"
    -Fixed an issue where an unlimited amount of units would spawn at the start of the game for some players.
    -Fixed an issue where Channeling spells wouldn't stop channeling upon death.
    -Equipable items recieved through the Warden Quest now spawns inside your Red, Purple and Blue inventory instead of on your main hero to teach new players how to use the equipment system properly.

    Bosses of Warcraft 4.0 Alpha 2019-01-21

    Major changes:
    -Material items inside all inventories will get Soulbound upon saving and loading. Soulbound items cannot be picked up by anyone but yourself. If a none-Soulbound item enters the stack of a Soulbound item, the entering item will also get Soulbound. If a soulbound item enters a stack of none-Soulbound items, the whole stack will get soulbound.
    -Claimed items can now be dropped. Claimed items have owners, unless the owner is yourself, you wont be able to pick up the item. An item becomes owned by you when you claim and/or load it.
    -Save/Load codes are no longer backwards compatible.

    Bug fixes & New Content
    -Sharkbone Ring (Ranger) description fixed.
    -Leather replenishes faster in the store now.
    -Fixed an issue where you had Reincarnation even if you did not have the Warden title if you loaded a save from another game and then died.
    -Stoptestleaks should now work as intended.
    -In the Olivia tutorial you no longer have a "heroes" name but a "hero's" name. Thanks to @Poruft for reporting.
    -Potentially fixed the bug with the missing Health/Mana/Barrier bar.
    -Fixed a bug where you could lose control over the Skin selection interface.
    -You should now be able to see Olivia inside the first tutorial dungeon even if you -skip.
    -Charged Bolt (Magician) should now fire properly even if you spent less than 1 second casting it.
    -Fixed an issue where Invocation wouldn't increase your damage by more than 10% no matter how long the spell was channeled. Thanks to @Janoh for reporting it.
    -HDR should now turn on for all players upon entering the tutorial dungeon.
    -Fixed an issue where the screen would blink for all players when initiating HDR settings for one player in a bad way.
    -You do now gain 100% HP after defeating Jugras.
    -Magical Stick, Brutal Mace and Sharkbone Ring can now be looted.
    -Removed backwards compability from Save/Load.
    -Fixed a bug where an ending effect wouldn't spawn for Rift Lance if you channeled it for less than 1 second.
    -Rift Lance (Magician): will now state in it's description that it doesn't send the spell unless it has been channeled for atleast 1 second.
    -Fixed an issue where the special effect for Rift Lance sometimes would dissapear if another player casted Charged Bolt at the same time.
    -Fixed an issue where Charged Bolt (Magician) wouldn't deal damage if it was channeled less than 1 second.
    -Huntsman (Ranger): Now has a CD of 60 seconds.
    -Fixed a bug where players could still join a dungeon group even if the timer ran out. This might also have caused issues.
    -Fixed an issue where you could still cast spells while being stunned.
    -Fixed an issue where if you load the wrong save/load file you wouldn't be able to -new or load again.
    -Fixed an issue where Lifeforce Portal stated that you needed to have a Warden title to use it.
    -Fixed a typo in Sheep Shearer "Be weary" --> "Be wary". Thanks @Aikola for the notice!
    -Arcane Tiara now gives Divine Spirit (Healer) instead of Divine Favor (Healer).
    -Vault Shot (Ranger): Increased damage dealt per shot from 1.25x Attack Damage --> 1.5x Attack Damage.
    -Fixed a bug where the Damage Reduction from using Powerhouse while having the Visucius item equipped wasn't being removed properly.
    -Fixed a bug where you randomly got stuck while loading your character.
    -Fixed an issue where you couldn't make a new character and/or load again after loading a faulty load code.
    -You do now speak to Alarick instantly after using the Life Force Tunnel. Thanks @killshocktv for the suggestion!
    -After speaking to Hazar you do now get a tip about the cave entrance. There is now an arrow pointing at it. Thanks @killshocktv for the suggestion!
    -Made the area for selecting your skin more bright.
    -Fixed an issue where if you equipped two glyphs within the same game with the exception of when you load your character the glyphs wouldn't get added properly. Thanks to @Janoh for reporting.

    BoW Alpha 4.0b 2019-01-21

    -Fixed an issue where some Duelist spells would cause items (that were unable to be picked up) to spawn on the ground.

    BoW Alpha 4.0d 2019-01-22

    -Skeleton Berserk and Skeleton Warrior no longer alters your Attack Damage.
    -Lifeforce Tunnel no longer states that you need the Warden Title.
    -Removed "Swap Item" ability from all items (Thank you so much @Aikola!)
    -Fixed an issue where you gained full HP every 0.1 seconds after duying inside of the dungeon.
    -Fixed an issue where you would lagg when stunned.
    -Fixed an issue where Turtle could spawn on top of dead players.
    -Added progress text to the first questline [1/8]

    BoW Alpha 4.1 2019-01-22

    -Fixed an issue where Rift Lance wouldn't always deal damage when not fully charged.
    -Fixed an issue where players would experience unplayable lagg when stunned.
    -Fixed an issue where your animation tag would reset when duying inside the tutorial dungeon.
    -You can no longer unequip items if you have a CD on the spell which the item gives. (Updated to the new item equipment system)
    -Fixed an issue where if you loaded your character and picked up an item on your hero which occupied a slot that you already had an item for the item you picked up would get teleported to the middle of the map.
    -Fixed an issue where the skin selection interface was removed for Player 1 (red) after someone else picked his skin.
    -Added information panels to character selection! Thank you so much @CanFight @Aikola! Please keep up the good work!

    BoW Alpha 4.1e 2019-01-26

    -Fixed a bug where Olivia would re-turn invisible during the tutorial.
    -Fixed an issue where Hydra cloud would spawn at the center of the map.
    -Fixed an issue where stun wouldn't get applied properly to players.

    -We're currently working on a fix for the Warcraft 3 related desync if a player loads at the same time as another player picks his character skin.
    -We're currently working on implementing dungeon 2.

    BoW Alpha 4.3a 2019-02-26

    -Added 27 new items that drop from Boss 2.
    -Fixed an issue where if you used the -suicide command and wasn't a Warden you would still recieve the inactive Reincarnation ability.
    -Fixed an issue where health, mana and barrier bars would randomly dissapear.
    -Block (Tank): Increased duration from 1.25 --> 1.75 seconds.
    -Fixed bug with Jugras Loot Table
    -Removed more unit leaks
    -Removed some unit group and point leaks that wasn't being removed properly
    -Duelist: Increased initial Movement Speed by 15 and Damage Reduction by 20.

    BoW Alpha 4.3b 2019-02-27

    -Fixed an issue where Symbiosis Slugs in Dungeon 2 wouldn't expload after 20 seconds.
    -Corrupted Slugs now expload if their target dies.
    -Fixed an issue where Symbiosis Slugs in Dungeon 2 wouldn't change color over the period of time that they were alive.
    -Increased Counter Time from 2 seconds to 2.5 seconds for Dungeon 2.
    -Increased AoE of Sap Life (Blightbark Abomination Dungeon 2) from 400 --> 450.
    -Symbiosis Slugs no longer takes 40% reduced damage.
    -Increased Duelist initial HP from 2500 --> 3000.
    -Reduced aggro generated by healing from (0.65xHealingAmount) --> (0.45xHealingAmount)
    -Sap Life now has a projectile, upon hitting a player all Blightbark Abominations will proceed to heal.
    -Fixed an issue where Great Maul was attatched to the wrong hand.
    -Exploading Mine will no longer give you food.
    -Corrupted Slug now has 20% reduced damage taken instead of 40%.
    -Fixed a huge issue with my GetRandomPlayer method which caused Giant Turtles to very rarely spawn inside the town instead of inside the dungeon and Corrupted Slugs to target players outside of dungeon 2.
    -Fixed an issue where if a mining pick was destroyed while mining the mining ability wouldn't get removed properly.
    -Added a new NPC called Murd'dar The Trader, he will trade material for Copper Coins and Iron Coins.
    -Blacksmiths can now craft Copper Coins and Iron Coins.
    -Changed Beginner items to spell out each class instead of just the first letter of every class for less confusion.

    BoW Alpha 4.3c 2019-03-01

    -Fixed an issue where you wouldn't lose the HP gained from Scroll of Minor Health and Minor Iron Skin Elixir when you died.
    -Fixed an issue where you wouldn't lose Mana when Scroll of Minor Mana's duration ended.
    -Added a text for Zech Chenoya dungeon "Requires Level 2."
    -Changed Zech'chenoa's name to "Zech'Chenoa"
    -Renamed Jugras dungeon to Sunken Ruins
    -Renamed Zech'Chenoa dungeon to Horrorweb Forest
    -You do now gain gold for defeating monsters in the dungeon!
    -Fixed an issue with Jugras Spawn Water Elemental where it would always target the same player.
    -Fixed a spelling error with the -ta command.
    -All item passive effects for all items inside Dungeon 2 has now been added!
    -Reduced damage dealt by Tainting Totem's Magic Juxaposition from 100 --> 80 true damage.
    -Reduced mana drain by Corrupted Slugs from 40/sec to 20/sec and reduced the AoE of mana drain from 450 --> 300.
    -Made the pool of poison from Forest Spitters more visible.
    -Reduced the Damage Reduction of Iron Shield (Tank) from 20 --> 10.
    -Reduced the movement speed boost that creeps gets from Symbiosis Slugs in Dungeon 2 from 70% --> 30%.
    -Changed the description of Iron Coin and Copper Coin to reach out for Murd'dar the Trader instead of Raxn.

    BoW Alpha 4.3d 2019-03-01

    -Fixed an issue with Rift Lance.
    -Corrected gold gained from mobs inside the dungeon.

    BoW Alpha 4.3k 2019-03-08

    - Fixed the text from Jugras Dungeon -> Entering Sunken Ruins.
    - Fixed the text from Zech'Chenoa Dungeon -> Entering Horrorweb Forest.
    - Decreased the damage of Forest Spitters by 10 (from 179 to 169 base).
    - Changed the description of all profession level 40 items to include Cursed Silken Weave instead of Mote of Love.
    - All profession level 40 items are now able to be crafted with Cursed Silken Weave.
    - Increased the damage of Multishot from 1.0x AD to 1.25 x AD per hit.
    - Fixed the description of Iron Shield (craft) still saying it gives 20 DR (it gives 10).
    - Increased the damage of Healer and Magician from 3-5 to 7-9.
    - Avore'e may now be equipped by Magicians
    - Added a new Iron Vein directly under the first one
    - Fixed the description of Leap of Faith
    - Fixed the description of Spiderweb Threads
    - Increased the maximum range of Teleport from 550 to 600 (both casts).
    - Fixed the Curtaar's Skullbreaker animation and attack type.
    - Changed the mana cost of Bolt Spray to 15 and increased cooldown by 1s from 6s to 7s.
    - Increased the damage of Zech'Chenoa Poison Spit from 600 + 40 /s for 30s to 800 + 50/s for 30s
    - Decreased the mana cost of Rejuvenation to 15 from 20
    - Increased the range of Wicked Bolt to 1000 from 900.
    - Decreased the health of Corrupted Slugs from 275 to 260.
    - Decreased damage of Beastslayer's Voidmaw (on self) from 2% max HP to 1% current HP.
    - Added texts to all mobility skills to indicate that they are mobility skills
    - Increased the damage of Blizzard from 0.13 x to 0.15 x Spell Damage per hit and decreased the cooldown from 22s to 16s
    - Changed multiple Magician Skill Icons
    - Changed the Duelist starting weapon 2nd ability from Rejuvenating Strike to Counter
    - Fixed multiple broken descriptions (color codes)
    - Added an explanation of how 'counter' works into all counter abilities
    - Fixed the description of Double Tap not indicating that it will deal double damage on the 2nd missile
    - Fixed the wrong Sunken Ruins and Horrorweb Forest error messages still stating 'Jugrass Dungeon' and 'Zech'Chenoa Dungeon'
    - Fixed an issue where players would randomly lose health upon load (max HP permamently even unequipping items did not fix this)
    - Zech'Chenoa now gives 5 boss essence on S rank
    - Fixed the amount of Zech'Chenoa spawned adds - reduced roughly by 25%
    - Decreased the 'Feast' energy increase to 80 from 100 and the healing increase from '5%' to '4'%'.
    - Increased the gold cost of all profession items to fit the new economy stats
    - Added Reginleif the Twin Valkyrie, Vern the Winged Protector and Hedon the Courageous.
    - Rolled back the Duelist changes (CDs) since their damage is fine at maximum builds. Still looking to increase survivability with Recuperation Mechanic.
    - Increased the gold bonus for slaying the boss by 0.1x from 30% to 40%.
    - Fixed issues crafting Grimscale Fish Scale, Juggernaut Fish Scale and Palemouth Fish Scale.
    - Fixed a bug where -Soulbound- would get added endlessly to claimed items when saving.
    - Fixed a bug where Rejuvenation wouldn't heal.
    - Fixed a bug where Ivywood Staff added the wrong animation to the hero.
    - Added a slight effect to the Fountain of Youth to make it more visible to players.
    - Increased the size of the Leech projectile from Blightbark Abomination from 1 --> 2.
    - Changed the model for the projectiles falling from the sky on Zech'Chenoa ultimate.
    - Reduced the damage dealt by Corrupted Slugs upon exploading from 1500 --> 900 damage.
    - Corrupted Slugs no longer drain mana periodically, but upon exploading they drain 30 mana in 500 AoE.
    - Reduced HP gained by Symbiosis Slug when a Corrupted Slug dies next to them by 30%.
    - Reduced the amount of Corrupted Slugs on Wave 15 from 3 to 2 and added 1 Symbiosis Slug (per player.)
    - Symbiosis Slugs will now become more and more red the closer they are to exploading.
    - Added another special effect to Zech'Chenoa's Brutalize spell.
    - Mask of the Vengeful Phantasm now only activate the damage upon giving the positive buff (at fully charged invoc.)
    - Lunge now generated 90k Threat instead of previous 3k Threat towards the target.
    - Lunge damage increased from 1500 --> 2200.
    - Fixed a bug where Skull Sceptre could increase your barrier while dead, causing random bars (health, barrier, mana) to dissapear once the invisible barrier breaks.
    - Fixed an issue where Glyphs would stop to function sometimes when equipping new gear.
    - Fixed an issue where Vernandi wouldn't apply it's passive effect due to a refering error.
    - Fixed an issue where you would still take periodic damage from Beastslayer's Voidmaw if you dropped the item and then re-equipped it without re-casting Berserk on yourself.
    - Corrected the color code of Umberotil Gemstone.
    - If you for some reason were to die in the city you will now be revived properly.
    - Fixed an issue where if you were in a dungeon you could still get invited to another one.
    - Fixed an issue where Mask of the Jungle Spirit wouldn't remove it's item level stat upon being lost/unequipped properly.
    - Threat caused by healing reduced from 0.45xHealingAmount --> 0.2xHealingAmount
    - Fixed an issue with Arcane Intellect.
    - Fixed a bug with Quick Shot where it wouldn't deal the correct amount of damage.
    - Fixed a bug with Teleport that caused it to not work properly after the first time it was used if it was used by a different player than Player 1 (red)
    - Players no longer take damage from Zech'Chenoya ult missiles dropping from the ceiling if they are cocooned.

    BoW Alpha 4.3s 2019-03-10

    - Fixed a bugg where Beastmasters Voidmaw would drain 1% of current HP per second instead of 1% of max HP per second.
    - Reworked Cleave (Duelist): Take a gigantic swing, creating an arc in 90 degrees that deals moderate damage to all enemies hit. The swing creates a sharp wind that carves onwards, dealing additional damage to enemies being hit.
    -Duelist abilities now have new defensive stats and an effect called 'Recuperation' - their damaging primary abilities heal the Duelist for X% of the damage dealt in total. The formula is (RecuperationModifier x Recuperation) x AD.
    Cleave (Arc) (75% Recuperation) (per hit)
    Power Strike (125% Recuperation)
    Demoralizing Strike (150% Recuperation)
    Rejuvenating Strike (150% Recuperation)
    Heroic Strike (150% Recuperation)
    Exhausting Strike (150% Recuperation)
    Empower (200% Recuperation)
    Counter (300% Recuperation)
    - Explorer's Sword now has Counter instead of Power Up.
    - Added two new items to the Zech'Chenoa loot table.
    - Fixed an issue where sometimes glyph effects wouldn't load properly/bug out.
    - Blightbark Abomination now gain +50% Attack Speed and +100 Movement Speed upon Enrage.
    - Fixed an issue where some spiders spawned outisde of the arena while fightning Zech'Chenoa.
    - Fixed an issue where the floating text from interrupting channeling spells as a magician was seen by all players.
    - Fixed an issue where Zech'Chenoa could Lunge to targets outside of the dungeon if Lunge didn't find a proper target.
    - Fixed a bug with reviving outside of a dungeon causing you to never revive.
    - Fixed a bug where Berserk +dmg wouldn't dissapear when dropping Beastmasters Voidmaw and when duying.
    - Fixed an issue where the passive from Mask of the Jungle Spirit wouldn't heal properly while casting Divine Spirit.
    - Increased damage of Corrupted Slug explosion from 900 --> 1000.
    - Decreased the AoE of Corrupted Slug explosion from 500 --> 450.
    - Reduced the base health of Forest Creepers from 250 to 230.
    - Reduced the damage dealt of Tainting Totems (per spellcast) from 80 to 75.
    - Changed the recommended item level from 200 to 250.
    - Readjusted the entire Refund Trigger for the new refund values.
    - Increased the mana cost of Shootout from 15 to 18.
    - Decreased the mana cost of Rift Lance from 15 to 14.
    - Decreased the cooldown of Double Tap from 8s to 7s.
    - Dungeon 2 Wave Changes:
    Level 5: 2 x Spitter -> 1 x Spitter
    Level 7/8 change from 2 Corrupted Slugs to 1 Corrupted Slug.
    Level 9 change 3 x Forest Creeper -> 1 x Forest Creeper and one additional (1x) Corrupted Broodling.
    Level 10 reduce from 2 x Forest Spitter to 1 x Forest Spitter.
    Level 12 change from 2 x Corrupted Slug to 1 x Corrupted Slug but add 1 x Forest Creeper.
    Level 15 now consists of 1x Forest Spitter (per player), 1x Corrupted Broodling, 1x Corrupted Slug (per player), 1x Symbiosis Slug (per player), 2x Blightbark Abominations and 1x Tainting Totem.
    - Corrupted Broodling didn't scale HP as it was suppose to, it now correctly scales with 80% per player.
    - Fixed a bug where Miner's Fortune and Fisher's Fortune would get set to 1 stack upon being crafted, causing the item to be incorrectly removed when used if you did not meet any of the requirements.
    - Fixed a bug where Ore respawn time would get increased with higher amount of players. Each player is now correctly reducing the respawn time of ores by 3%.
    - Reduced respawn time of all ores by 50%.
    - Fixed an issue where Toxic Volley ignored if it had been countered or not.
    - Fixed an issue where the item Crusher didn't have a attached model.
    - Fixed an issue where Curtaar's Trickvest passive poison AoE effect on Acidic Flask would apply the buff on the caster instead of on the enemy unit entering the poison AoE.
    - Remove backwards compability once you save in the new version. This will accur for every patch from now on.

    BoW Alpha 4.3y 2019-03-11

    - Fixed Murloc Slave attack sound.
    - Changed HP Bars to stand out more, thanks to @SonsOfSami over at hiveworkshop.
    - Added a neat effect to when you take damage and have a Barrier.
    - Fixed some issues with the missile system causing it to not properly work when a Neutral Hostile was the source of a missile.
    - Reduced the difficulty of Wave 15 in dungeon 2.
    - Removed the Helm of Domination from the ground.
    - Fixed the tooltip of Duelist Cleave (W).
    - Changed the Galo'r Counter from Duelist to Tank.
    - Added Tank (Right-Hand) Counter for Galo'r.
    - Warcry now heals you for the maximum health increase.
    - Fixed the item tooltip of Crown of the Hunter to Class: Duelist.
    - Updated the tooltip of Galo'r to indicate "successful counter" and also increased the healing from 10x base AD to 10 x damage dealt (as stated by tooltip).
    - Fixed Beasthelm having too small amount of AD (2 -> 3) and fixed the missing "Ability: Shout" description.
    - Added a whole lot of new ability icons for Duelist and Tank!
    - Nerfed Watermend Ring.
    - Fixed a bug with Watermend Ring where the healer also gained Mana from the passive effect.
    - Added support for raw values into the Healing system, working on converting Recuperate and other skill values to this system so that they can benefit from +healing effects. Not done yet.
    - AD doesn't get increased by "+ damage" effects any longer. Your AD is now the raw damage you dealt on your latest attack (your damage without any effects and/or buffs.) AD is still of course affected by +Attack Damage gear causing your attacks to hit higher.
    - Blightbark Abomination enrage will now increase AS by 30% instead of 50%. Movement speed will get increased by 75 instead of 100. Blightbark Abomination will now drag players into him within 700 range upon channeling Life Sap.

    BoW Alpha 4.4a 2019-03-13

    - Disabled command to send gold to other players.
    - New NPC added named Tokkul, he gives you a quest which upon completion allows you to craft 3 different legendaries. The quest progress is not yet saved, we'll get it saved after the codewipe for beta most likely. This means that if you wish to complete the quest you must do so and craft the item within the same game.

    BoW Alpha 4.4b 2019-03-14

    - Added the item effects to the legendaries obtained through the quest that Tokkul gives.
    - Fixed a bug where the pool of poison from the passive effect of Cuurtar's Trickvest affecting Acidic Flask would spawn on top of the player instead of on top of the enemy.
    - Nerfed the AD multiplier from the Yam extra wind waves from 1.0x AD --> 0.25x AD.
    - Changed the effect of the item "Ring of Bound Force" to restore 2 mana every time you take damage while having a barrier instead of it's previous effect.
    - Changed the passive effect of Mask of the Jungle Spirit to boost Divine Spirit by healing in AoE per second within the area for 40 instead of previous 0.15xHealingPower.
    - Changed the passive effect of Curtaar's Trickvest from dealing 0.25xAD per tick to 10.
    - Recuperation now benefits from +healing effects.

    BoW Alpha 4.4c 2019-03-17

    - Fixed an issue where if the timer for a host to accept a dungeon group ran out, all the players within the group would remain in the "busy" state, rendering them unable to participate in dungeons and use teleporters for the rest of the game.
    - Fixed an issue where the Barrier bar would block out the HP bar.
    - Fixed a small typo inside the Rift Lance (magician) spell: Sharpnel --> Shrapnel
    - Fixed an issue where Regenerating Bolt (magician) didn't have a floating text that displayed the regenerated mana.

    Feel free to join our open discord here:
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2019
  3. WarcraftLiterature


    Sep 13, 2016
    Could you hold your own in single player?
  4. nhs325


    Nov 24, 2013
    I was wondering if you could also make a 12 - player version, too, since not all of my friends can access the 1.29 patch.. But really hope you would make this map good!
  5. Sverkerman


    Feb 28, 2010
    @WarcraftLiterature Hey man! Are you are wondering if the map is playable in singleplayer? Yes it is. ;)
    @nhs325 Hi! Unfortunately the map is utilizing the new natives for SetMaxHP, so that wouldn't be possible I'm afraid.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2018
  6. pick-a-chew


    Jul 15, 2007
    Why has the map been remade 4 times? Why has its development failed so often, and what have you changed this time around to increase its chances of success?

    Does your map cater more towards people play RPGs or Impossible Bosses-like maps? Unless you strike a perfect balance with your RPG elements, it will not be both, as a lot of IB players liked the fast-paced, even playing field, high tuning of balance and the emphasis placed on skill. Professions also lead to great imbalance unless they are very neutered like they are seen in WoW.

    I assume that, if you have a -save/load system, power creep and "carrying" will be possible, which could diminish the game for newer players (i.e. new guy plays, gets carried, game ends, was bored/unimpressed). What does -save save exactly? Your entire class and all of its stats and items? Or just a profile or character setup?

    Your custom stats, additional features and 24-player support looks promising. The way you write Threat suggests it is chance based, isn't this bad?

    Regarding 24-players, will there be much graphical clutter in those circumstances? How effect-heavy are your abilities? Do you hide/edit effects locally? You'd be surprised in 2018 with how many people play Warcraft 3 on a potato... and 24 player mode will only make their plight worse. One assumes in a raid-style encounter that there will be a lot of SFX.

    Does the game dynamically scale with players? (24-players means more leavers, which makes dynamic scaling even more important).
  7. Abedab


    May 6, 2011
    Can't wait!
  8. Sverkerman


    Feb 28, 2010
    @pick-a-chew Hi man! What a great comment, you've picked many good subjects to discuss. I'll do my best to answer it all, please let me know if something is unclear or if there is something I've missed :)

    Bosses of Warcraft started when I was 13 years old. I'm 23 now. I've improved as a map maker during the years so remaking the map from scratch a couple of times has been a natural thing for me.

    I'm still not sure what defines success to you, but personally I just find it satisfying to share maps that I've spent time on for others to enjoy - so in that sence all of my maps have been successful :D However, this map has a lot of cool new features that the previous maps didn't have. I've also remade all of the terrain and systems from scratch.

    Very well noted, it is definitely important to maintain a good balance between the RPG/Progression aspect of the map and how well the map allows you to express your skills with your character as a player. I've set off time dedicated to test and balance these elements of the map. I believe that we'll get closer to the result that we want with each test.

    Professions that have an effect on your stats are synced with boss progression in the map. For an example, Staff of Ice can be crafted at a Blacksmithing level of 50. However, to craft this item you need a Mote of Evil that drops from the later bosses. The exact chart looks like this:


    Proff item 1 (Corrupted Beast Essence) (Proff level 1-30)
    Boss 1
    Boss 2
    Boss 3
    Proff item 2 (Mote of Love) (Proff level 31-45)
    Boss 4
    Boss 5
    Proff item 3 (Mote of Evil) (Proff level 46-60)
    Boss 6
    Boss 7
    Proff item 4 (Token of Power) (Proff level 61-75)
    Boss 8
    Boss 9
    Boss 10

    There are two savecodes, one for your account and one for your character. Your account holds global information such as achievement points, mounts, pets. Your character holds specific information such as items, gold, boss essence, bosses killed, pvp rating etc.
    We're also trying to limit "boosting" to "helping." Just as you hinted towards earlier gear shouldn't compensate the lack of skill. The monsters inside the dungeons scale based on the amount of players at any specific time so everyone has to pull their own weight. This also battles leavers :)

    Threat is not chance based. You gain threat by casting spells, healing and dealing damage.
    Threat on spellcast is calculated based on manacost of spells, how far away from the target your were when you casted the spell and your "threat" stat modifier.
    Dealing damage and healing players generates threat based on damage dealt/healing done and how far the healed/damaged target are to additional monsters. A certain formula has also been developed for AoE type of spells.

    Good point, we have taken this into consideration when creating new bosses and adding new elements to the map. We will not spam effects :)

    Yes. :)
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2018
  9. disruptive_


    Mar 19, 2017
    pick-a-chew post was pure gold. Lots of indirect insight about the IB genre.
    About this issue, i suggest that you can make save/load feature a mode within the game, allowing players to vote it or not (not loading means that you get the full game experience). The other approach is to restrict saveable progression to cosmetic achievements only (ie. throphy items of defeated bosses, unique attachments, or anything that recalls your good runs), but that makes progression kind of pointless (i kind of get some Monster Hunter vibes out of your map).
    You could also add a durability system to equipment, so players that choose to load (especially those with maxed gear) must still crave progression.

    Keep on the good work, because your map looks promising to say the least.
  10. Sverkerman


    Feb 28, 2010
    @disruptive_ Hey :)
    Personally I wouldn't play an orpg if I wasn't able to load my progress. The art is to find a good balance, if you decide join us to test the beta you can judge for yourself if you think we did a good job of that.

    I'd much rather take it upon me to provide new bosses. PvP is also an option ;)

    Thank you! :)
  11. Jumbo


    Jun 22, 2007
    Any chance for a replacement for the hero model? The good old maleVillager doesn't do your map's scope any justice.

    Oh, and your map looks very proming I have to say!
  12. JesusHipster


    Sep 19, 2011
    Judging by screenshots and the video the presentation is superb. I just hope gameplay isn't too grindy.
  13. Sverkerman


    Feb 28, 2010
    I agree, I have plans to let players choose their hero skin when they create a new character. I know a way in which it should be possible. ;)
    Thank you! :)
    Thank you! :) My hopes are that players feel excited by the few grinding aspects present in the game as it enables them to progress further into the map and experience new content. If players feel that the map is too grindy I can always tune it down a notch ;)
  14. Sverkerman


    Feb 28, 2010
    Big update!
    ● Dungeon infrastructure is now done!
    ● Created a system to balance all enemy units individually depending on current playing players in each individual dungeon.
    ● Completed 20 waves of enemies in Jugras dungeon
    ● Team arrangement system is now complete! You can invite players to your dungeon team.
    Bosses of Warcraft now has 24 player support!!
    ● Fixed two issue with Dwarven Hand Cannon (model and projectile)
    ● Fixed issue with Boomstick (projectile)
    ● Fixed projectile arc for Ranger (Gun)
    ● Fixed projectile speed for Ranger (Gun)
    ● Added Special Effect upon attack with guns to make it have a better feeling.
    ● Replaced individual files of Threat SFX with team colored model and new Special Effect native (Change color --> Player color)
    ● Changed Mana Regeneration for heroes from 0.3 --> 1.0
    ● Changed Stock Replenish Interval for Dune Worm from 1 --> 0
    ● Fixed typo in Clay Item.
    ● Changed Elixir recipes to require 3 vials instead of 1. Increased Elixirs brewed from 1 --> 3.
    ● Changed Potion recipes to require 5 vials instead of 2. Increased Potions brewed from 2 --> 5.
    ● Fixed an issue with crafting vials.
    ● Fixed some spelling errors when fishing.
    ● Added text to calibrate QuickUse for better readability.
    ● Fixed an issue where units could still be alive after duying causing errors.
    ● Further balanced all enemy units.

    Coming up next:
    ● Jugras (first boss)
    ● End dungeon (Beta compitable, will skip loot until beta 2.0)
    ● Adding attack speed to gloves for Ranger, Dualist and Tank.
    ● Importing a Stun System that I've chosen to avoid stuns to be applied while being invulnerable.

    Also! Happy 1 year birthday to BoW! Thank you all for sticking with me through the development thus far. Here is a hidden video I made a while back while terraining the first city, enjoy!

    Last edited: May 8, 2018
  15. nhs325


    Nov 24, 2013
    Will we be able to save/load in Singleplayer?
  16. Sharkarsh


    Jun 11, 2017
    whoa i see a lots of love on this project, looking forward to see the result :psmile:
  17. Sverkerman


    Feb 28, 2010
    @nhs325 Hi! :) Yes, BoW supports singleplayer save/load, but the code is separate from online.
    @Sharkarsh Hello :) Glad to hear that you like it, thank you! :D
  18. nhs325


    Nov 24, 2013
    Oh, I also forgot about my pet peeve in RPGs: will it have a summoner/pet type class? Like a Warlock/Necromancer type of thing?
  19. A]mun


    Dec 4, 2007
    An impressive project!

    I wonder how its first steps ingame play out. Maybe you can share a videoclip with the devs playing?
  20. Sverkerman


    Feb 28, 2010
    @nhs325 Abilities are bound to items, when you pick up an item your character unlocks a permanent ability that you can use while you have the item equipped. You are able to make your own build with items that give you summoning spells, yes absolutely :D
    @A]mun Thank-you! It will be very interesting to see! Regit already have a video intro done for the boss/dungeon preview and he's bugging me every day to finish up for beta so he can finish the boss video :D Soon!