Blood Representative - New Strategy Map

Level 2
Mar 1, 2010
Blood Representative Is a map I have been working on for a while.I'm sorry if I have no fancy letters and crap but bear with me. I am a beginning map maker and hive visitor so all suggestions are welcome!

400 years ago, A satanic civilization was exiled to a distant planet. There they thrived, built up, and plotted against their masters on Earth. There they were also twisted. Warped and shaped by the powers they hoped to control and turned into super intelligent, vaguely humanoid, beasts. Another race plotted in secret. The mystic aliens known by humans as the reapers wanted the demonic humans away from them. They wanted them back on Earth... And there an alien commander sealed the fate of the universe by sending a massive fleet to Earth. Here you decide the fate of one of the three sides engaged in this titanic battle: the Reapers, The Fierce Legion, Or the Emergency Earth Council As you stake your claim to the planet you rightfully deserve!

The game is divided into three campaigns and a skirmish mode. The campaigns I have not even started but I have started on the tech trees for the various races. If you are good at making models and think this idea sounds cool please help me by taking suggestions for the models I need ( message me in comments)