"Big Bad" Hero Arena 1.00a - Stable Version

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Jan 22, 2009
"Big Bad" Hero Arena 1.20 - Stable Version

Map information:
This is a map of type Hero Arena, where you will focuse on the fighting heroes. Map is adressed to the multiplayer game, but it is possible to play with AI online and offline. Host can pick one of three available mods: Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Mercenaries
You can pick one of twenty heroes and use seven of fifty one skills.
Game has four slots with computer players. Red player can turn on them, when his hero is on the arena.

Version 1.20a
-huge changes in the systems
-many systems:
-gold/exp is proportional to players amount
-anti stealing item system
-three new items: crossbows
-three new skills: Jade Shield, Aggressive Infection, Mirror Image
-improved bugs

We worked much on this version and this, what you see, is incomplete changelog.
Anyway, i invite to game, for more information, tips or bugs and otther thing such as that, plz message me in this thread.


-Optimal kills in FFA is 70-80. In teaem games i recommend more kills.
-Do you haven't enaugh gold/exp? Attack the stronest of you, then you will get more gold than if you kill weaker hero.
Always attack one target, because gold and exp is proportional to dealed damage.
-Do you have a problem with any spell? You think it is imba? Not specially.
You need to have othertechnique
for example
-Problem with enemy heal or Vampiric Soul? You should use Mana Vortex on him.
-Problem with Magic Barrage or other spell which magic damage? You should use Anti Magic Shell.
-Opponent is using Mana Vortex on you all the time? You should use Beduffle, then he won't use spells.

Use "-ai" command when your hero is on arena.

Very thx to tt.xaz for translate this text for english.
For polish users, plz use this link - O stabilnej wersji : Big Bad Hero Arena


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