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Battle Tetris

Would you like to see Battle Tetris on Bnet?

  • Yes

    Votes: 17 70.8%
  • No, But some might

    Votes: 6 25.0%
  • No, No one will want to play this

    Votes: 1 4.2%

  • Total voters
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Level 12
Feb 23, 2008
Tetris Single Player. 3 Can watch

Levels 1-20
Score System
Game Resets after you lose asking if you would like to play again.
Sound Effects (keep warcraft music on, and warcraft sounds on)

Arrow keys to move or WASD Keys. (Note the hot keys WASD keys run better)
Drop block, hotkey C.

3 different cam angles. Click on one of the three cams to change angle.

All sounds came from Tetrinet/Music Came from Tetris (GameBoy)

The War craft input is a little slow. But After my last update there is hope for multi player.
Doesn't mean i will take the time to do it anytime soon (Soon Meaning next 3-4 weeks) if it is fast enough. (thats a matter of opinion)

That the Hot Keys run a lot faster then the arrow keys.

I used only the GUI. The map is unprotected. So if your interested in seeing how it works.
Or even to learn from. Or better yet to find a way to improve on it.

Change Log
V .1 - V.1a
1) Fixed Bug that could mess blocks up at start of round.
2) Fixed Cameras for players 2,3,4
3) Added computer player So you wont have to add one to start the game.
4) Fixed Type-o "Would you like to play again.
5) you level up about 40% faster now. Also added 10 levels
At the moment this is as fast as I can get it to go, where it runs smooth on fast to slower computers.
6) Levels are twice as fast.
7) Next block is 20 x faster.
8) changed felid to make it easy to till what row. (Most likely be changed again to be
prettier at some point)
9) shows player quit.
10) Block "L" Fixed. Should turn the right way now.
11) Reworked Drop Block

V .1a - V.1b

1) You can now Hold Arrow Keys and Block Will Move.
2) There are now three cameras. You type Cam1, Cam2, and Cam3.
3) Computer is locked at start up.
4) Its now random. Before it was a fixed seed.
5) Fixed Bug that causes game to Not Work Right with Drop Block.

V.1b - 1.1a

1)Hot Keys
2)Re did Tetris Feild/terraning some
3)Bug fixes
4)Adjusted some values for smoother game play
5)Fixed some misspelled words

Different colors of all blocks
Better pictures for icons
I might add a way so you can hold the hot keys down like you can with the arrow keys.
Re-adjust time till block auto moves (when holding a key down like left arrow key) (If needed)
Possible Locking of the map so or using a program to reduce size.

Note: I will most likely be waiting on the pics from my friend for the arrow keys. and camera. the rest shouldn't take too much time.


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Level 12
Feb 23, 2008
Almost done?

I got 2 updates for single player planed. to make the game play a bit more smooth. one of the updates wont be there till about mid point of mutiplayer.

example. Hold Arrow key over it moves non stop. instead of haveing to press it.

As for mutiplayer. Its on the vearge of being started. i mean the core is done but there still alot of work ahead of. and i am starting to slow down a bit. if only i could get a little help spiting workload of triggers. But i guess ill just have to to see what kind of help i get.

I posted projects on my blog that could be done by anyone willing to help.

So In other words if i keep up current rate.(most likey will slow down abit.) 2-4 weeks. and that will be for first beta of mutiplayer. then i am sure it will have some work to go from there.
Level 3
Mar 2, 2008
wow... looks like itll be awesome. sounds like a tough job though, good luck with it :D
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