Battle For Middle Earth 3.8 (BETA3)

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Battle for Middle Earth 3.2
Created by lord_Turin & NWG_Jonas,
passed down from legend-fire 2008.
Latest version of 06-03-2017

Fight as either the forces of good or the forces of evil in the epic scene created by JRR Tolkien. Fight with Gondor, Rohan, Dol Amroth, The Fellowship and Fangorn against the dark hordes of Isengard, Easterlings, Harad, The Nine Nazgul and Mordor. Heroes play a centrale role in the map, having several for each player they are the key to victory and success.

Extended description:
bfme is a fast passed Strategic map. Its 5 versus 5, with each side having a hero race. The fellowship controlling its 9 heroes, and The nazgul controlling 9 nazgul and a handfull of units. The other 8 players, 4 on each team have 4-5 heroes and about +/- 50 units, there are also several demi heroes (units with useful skills) for most races.

Good Forces:
Gondor being the main beef with lots of strong melee with defend and archers, Rohan being the fast flanker and unit booster with his fast riders of rohan and hero that are based around buffs. Dol amroth being a strong all-round race. And last but not least Fangorn & Lorien with strong ents and deadly elves. The fellowship darts around and fights where he is needed.

Evil Forces:
Mordor is the main beef for the evil forces spawning plenty units in a fast manner with trolls and elite orcs to receive and deal damage. Easterlings being the fast aid in the battle with riders, mumakils and a strong set of heroes. Harad the counterpart of Dol is well-rounded but lacks speed of its own. Isengard is isolated up in the north and is mainly fighting Fangorn+Lorien has diverse and specialistic units for many scenario and a tough hero party to top it off with.


There are several Events drawn from either the book or the movie. for example, when aragorn reaches lvl6 he can go dunharrows 'path of the dead' to get his ultimate. When frodo and/or sam reach level6 they can preform a ringdrop having to move through mordor into Mt Doom and killing gollum there to instantly destroy mordor and The nazgul. Besides these, there are several more events for different races in the map
spawn system

Battle for middle earth uses a Spawn based system that includes building castles at your main cities, when you have 5 castles in total you spawn your best units. You can of course build more than 5 castles because your bases can be destroyed and so can your castles. Its actually been a popular tactic to just aim a castle so you can have the upper hand with the Spawning of units.

A general game description:
The rush is the most deadly part of this game, you group your heroes and units as fast as you can while your moving to offensive positions. Teamwork is everything so 'cluster' together, you can team heal give each other buffs and help when each other when needed. Gondor/dol amroth/rohan and fellowship try to hold at Osgiliath. while mordor/easterlings/harad and nazgul try to break osgiliath or cross the river south to have a more open ground battle. Up north isengard and Fangorn are having their own brawl, isengard being fast and mobile, and fangorn being slow but very deadly. will fight over bases and positions to out manoeuvre each other.

This is just a general description of course there are many different tactics including Isengard rush (4 or 5 races trying to rush isengard before evil can catch up with them) or the less popular Rhun rush (in which all races rush to rhun, an unexpected move, build farms and engage mordor in such unexpected lands. Evil forces can also decide to perform a Lorien rush, and all go north.

At the first battles its important to kill armies and to focus 'less' on heroes because armies give more exp than low-level heros. and when you killed their army you can kill their heroes when they are fleeing.

find the bot hosting BFME on Bnet now, /whois laurelin[hotj]
Based on Northrend (Europe)

Battle for Middle Earth 3.2

-Dol guldor
-Minas Tirith Second Gate
-Lorien/Guldor river crossing
-Edoras Higher Ground
-Minas Dunharrow changes, mainly pathing
-Helms Deep main gate fixed
-Khands Creep terrain changed
-indicated all river crossing edges with rocks.
-new Fangorn Terrain
-dunland slightly south east

-Nerfed Barad-dur towers
-Nerfed MT gondorian archers
-Nerfed Black Gate Towers
-Fixed Trebuchets bugged splash (MT/gothmog)
-Umbar towers moved around
-Commence tower -750 hp
-moved Tower of Ecthelion around
-removed 1 guard tower from harlond
-1 tower from dunland
-replaced dol guldor bastions by watch towers

-Skinbark; seperated spawn, spawns entings and willows.

-replace orcs on guldor by easterlings/javineleers
-replace trolls by balcoth
-replace 1/2 easterlings from khand to haradrim units. for unit diversisity

at castle3 edo spwns 2 rotms
at castle4 edo spwns 3 rotms
at castle5 edo spwns 4 rotms
Dol Amroth:
-give calembell +1 pikemen untill spwning champions, remove knights from calemspwn
-remove scouts from spwn.

-+1 soldier of gondor on 2 castles.

-Merged Lorien/guldor creeps
-moved Isengard creeps closer to river
-Nerfed marches creeps, moved them slightly west

Good side:
--BEACON vulnerable again. none catalameable.
-amon din -5 armor -1000hp
-eilenach -10 armor -2500 hp
-Boromir's Horn is now a unit skill for easier use
-Gamling banner only effects Rohan
-Nerfed Founts/champions/royal Damage/AS (slightly)
-Faramir MS aura nerfed
-Loreth MS equels heros ms now
-Thrandruil has inventory now
-Gandalf his AOE skills have been nerfed in damage and amount of units
-Edoras Return Damage nerfed from 25% -> 20%
-Lorien archer skill nerfed (100->85 dmg 2->1.5 sec stun)
-Removed Pulverise from Ancient Protectors
-Haldirs Tranquility Cooldown increase from 1 min to 5 min.
-Replaced Treebeards Entangle with a Critical strike
-Denethor has a new ulti, Mana flare ward
-Hama's Call to Arms cooldown increased from 0 to 60 sec
-Unit buy from Armory (Helms Deep) fixed
-Removed Eowyns autocast heal
-Eomers ulti increased CD 220->300
-Anborns ulti increased CD 120->240
-Theodred Starting location, easier for gather
-Cair Andros -5armor -300 hp. starting hp at 80%
-Gondor Gather has been made easier, units are more clustered
-Archers towers NERF -2 armor -200 hp
-Dol Amorth Demi auras effect own units only
-Forlongs Ulti boost +5 more daamge and lasts 25 seconds. DOL ONLY
-Buri-khan can no longer be webbed/netted
-Imrahil and Treebeard -100 hp
-Sword-master of Dol Amroth -5 max damage
-Nerfed narya AOE range
-Haldirs Trueshot aura only works on own units now
-Nerfed Dol Amroth Knight bash by 25 damage
-Imrahil MS/AS aura nerfed AS by 5% each level
-Halbarad Banner nerfed 10/5% ms 20/15% as
-Galadriel and Thrandruil now have Shadow Melt
-lorien swordsman now have normal dmg
-Coriner ulti 80->40% smaller aoe
-TB can load in ships (and for that eagle too...)
-ringed heal cd same as normal heal
-dunedain mana check -100 mana
-eomer stomp 18->7 sec
-wrath of boromir W->R
-gimli clap c->R
-HD(item) horn 55%->35% 35->20sec
-HD(base) horn 40%->30% 30->40(20)sec -300 range (move 2 spaces left)
-warden of pelargir max stock 2
-Rohan footmen +40 hp now 420hp.
+new building to buy elven scouts north of caras
+boost hero dmg dol avarage +10. +5 for duinhir
+priority dol knights/scouts/swordsman
+fang heros mana start
+dene ulti but more dmg
+gondor banner aoe check +1 armor
+fara net
+eomer +2 int
+loreth spell immune
+ringlo vale dmg/hp boost. skill blocks 20 more dmg 4 sec cd
+gondor more start units
+fang guardian +4 dmg -.6 as in melee form
=haldir aura, ranged only
=entings to strong -100 hp +1 creep lvl

=skinbark uproot remove, bigger, check stats
=holylight lvl2 +50 hp (total 500) -5 mana all lvls.
=summon horses dunharrow separate building
=rohan spearthrowers wood cost to 100
=lorien 'Ranger Barracks' can summon 5 miltia for 40 seconds
=Lorien priest revive 80->150 mana

Evil side:
-Poisoned Dagger Buff in damage and decay time
-isen heros (grima new spell, lightning -dmg 0/20/40 dmg -2 targets lvl3, silence 5/6,5/8 ->4/5/6, summon crebain for lurtz)
-harad demi now has inventory
-easterling +3dmg heavy armor
-replace saru cripple with siphon mana
-devour damage down 60->40, oaks cant be devoured anymore
-naz ring +1 armor
-kurgath banner nerf | longer CD and -200% hp regen.
-commence mana regen nerfed by 50%
-new spell for 4th naz, dispells aoe magic and drains 40/60/80 mana.
-mordor spearman +6 dmg
-reduce naz food from 60->40
-battery ram MS increased
-added siege damage for mordor trolls against buildings
-remove orb zuldan give ward from kulgath
-nerfed howl of terror mordor wyrm. -5% dmg and smaller aoe.
-suldan model size+, +20 mana replace armor buff by wave---test---
-udun units +5 sec cd and max of 5 stack
-buff pirates of umbar +20 hp and 3 dmg
-owyn aura harad only
-buff naz AS slightly
-naz nightmare mana cost -10
-crossbow isen medium armor
-nerf lurtz crit, buff as, remove mana heal on heal
-slight rohan rider AS buff and +2 dmg
-isen bomb can target self to explode.
-gwears aura +ms and +as, equals Imrahil aura now.
-Mumakil Priority easier for stomping
-plague aoe nerf -50/-35/0
-harad shamans heal trolls and +10hp on heal, equal to woses/priests(40)
-shagrat early summon beter more uruks on low level.
-Isens pillagers -50 hp
-half orcs +100 hp and medium armor instead of light. +3 dmg
-ward of isengard -200 range +.75sec cd remove splash
-troll spawn for ahrad is now 1/2/3/4/4 instead of 1/1/2/3/3
+naz dispell icon/tooltip/increase cd
+owyn aura fixed
+wolf -50 hp
+easterling -20 hp -2 dmg bigger scale
+less starting units isen
+-100 hp wains/rider
+check trollman (skill) -5% -25 dmg
+check corsair as +.2
+isen crossbow -1 armor
+replace isen mordor elites by isen elites, -1 cata
+endurance aura tooltip gwear
+back to old suladan
+carc -2 int
+sharku net mana
+ugluk aura nerf lvl 1 -5% each lvl
+easter banner duration -2 sec +10sec cd -100 range
+grond +2 armor instead of +3
+bomb -> undead
+saru ulti mana cost 400->250
+wk speed naz only
+mouth call units, now hero->heavy armor -2 max dmg.
+mordor roar -25sec -5% dmg
+isen roar -5sec -5% dmg
+osgi spwned bastions replace by watch towers
+barad-dur towers nolonger build units.
+isengard heal fixed. Grishnak placement.
=grima armor skill -20 mana
=crebain sight nerf
=coil lvl2 -25 hp (total 525)
=Fixed WK blade, now costs 3 mana per strike
=nerfed WK aura lvl2 -2% lvl3 -5%
=zuldan -15 mana splightly less int per lvl
=Grishnak heal -100 hp. 500->400 hp
=limited isen to build 5 lumber mills and 15 peons
=replaced mordor orcs with uruks for isen scouts.
=guldor jail summon 3 perm spiders
=dragon harad undead, replaced spell immunity by reduction. Nerf max dmg
=nerfed Mouths ulti unit chain dmg from 420->250
=nerfed pillager damage, boosted skill's damage against units

-unify ALL collision
-+10 ms(5%) too all units/heros
-Recalibrated all armor and armor upgrades per level
-deep wounds skill nerf for elite units. 5->4dmg for 20->10 sec
-frost attack -10/5% ms/as
=palantir 10 charges(-4)
=numernorean armor -2 armor, total +6armor instad of 8
=fixed glamdring.. gave +1armor and +7 dmg, should be +8 dmg
=mounted fighters chance -5% to 25% chance to deal 30 dmg aoe
=all net/stuns/ropes can target air
=balanced out food costs all races
=attack/armor/hp upgrade every 8 min instead of 10
=each main explains what you spawn at each castle level

X-near harad
X-fixed isen gate pathing
X-aragorn Black Gate Rune

X-Pathing besides river between DG, LOR (evil side
X-More units can hit towers outside black gate
X-lower upper guldor lorien crossing
X-henneth annun/ithilien
X-a bit of Cair and Osgi
x-clean up lorien/guldor southern forest, move cair up north a bit
X-umbar east naval entrance, surrounding terrain (remove tower on isle)
X-minor remake wose forest
X-edo/osgi terrain (sorta)
X-guldor/crossing moved down a 1000 range.

X-rebalance entings with a bit more ms(-150 hp, -0.2 as, +15ms)
X-dol priest -40 hp
X-Ranger of Ithilien hotkey
X-Forlong Slam hotkey X->R
X-+15 sec more cd to mirror
X-repair castles cost 2 gold
X-Celeborn -50 mana.
X-nerfed skinbark dmg
X-cori ulti reduced aoe, 80->120 mana. 40->35% miss
X-dol scout has medium armor
X-lorien ranger barraks +2 armor
X-workers a bit faster/slightly more hp
X-fixed diffrent hides on thandruil/gala/cele/haldir
X-rohan spearman medium
X-Nerfed Axemen of Lossarnach AS/armor/damage by .4/1/2
X-Royal Knight priority fixed
X-300 hp rejuv for QB, -50 mana on QB
X-Reduce Rope Cooldown sam/cele/duinhir 35->20
X-Theodred inventory
X-priest spawn dol (-1 start priest)
X-eagle food cost 3->2
X-ithilien rangers melee heavy armor
X-ring heal CD same as normal heal
X-new static defence in Fangorn
X-lorien feedback -1 feed back dmg on hero 6->5
X-remake faramir
net(unit skill), wave, aura, crit, --ulti?--
X-improved gondor heros AS
X-Treebeard splash instead of crit (20/35/50% 150 aoe)
X-catas on 3 castles for gond
X-gamling summon 4 swordsman 3 riders 4 rotms
X-swap miltia for swordman (rohan)
x-specialize axemen of dol
X-gondorian archer nerf hp -200 hp
X-ents wooden limbs 25% 15 dmg
X-remove warden spawn from Dol
X-remove knights spawn from dol
X-Ent swing 15% 60 dmg -> 50% 20 damage -50 half dmg aoe
X-elven ranger 150 range
X-change FS lategame
word of power -50 damage
light of valinor lvl3 -10 dmg
reduced aragorns wave max damage lvl2 -250, lvl3 -500
boost hobbit melee damage
X-gamling summon tooltip
X-champion dol priority
X-coriner ulti learn
X-elven swordman +5 dmg (+4max dmg)

X-goth vamp aura now works.... (mordor only)
X-Remove 2 bastions from black gate
X-shagrat FOK 60->80 mana
X-Carcacyns roar nerfed 5/9/13+ 50/75/100% from 5/10/15+ 50/100/125% -10 sec duration -150 aoe. now aoe is 500
X-Sharku aura tooltip.
X-grishnak heal nerf 300 hp instead of 400 hp.
X-lurtz heal mana decrease 90->70, increase summon crebain cd 10
X-uruk-hai berserker priority
X-nerf sauron splash 30/50/70% 200->150 aoe/hp -350 hp
X-guldor jail 1200 hp 2 armor
X-move mordor castle to black gate
X-nerf max mana burrows 500->350, heals 40->35 hp, -50 aoe
X-Olog-hai Troll +1 creep lvl 4->5
X-isen bastions main gate -> watch towers
X-Saim-hai troll light armor
X-shelob hp 1250->950
x-hp harad dragon 1250 ->900
X-1 LESS muma on evil +2 trollmen
X-Nerf burrow -100 hp, +5 sec buildtime, -2 armor, remove damage
X-nerf carchost and narchost -250 hp
X-tower of the moon -250hp
X-suladins heal check up, -2 cd, heals over 1 sec
X-lurtz crebain melee
X-Peon Undead
X-harad troll ancient fixed
X-cata spawn easter castle 3
X-removed Fell beast for mordor
X-buff Variag a bit
X-slow down naz SLIGHTLY, reduce casting range at lvl 1/2
X-+1 int mana on harad troll
X-spawn more balcoth (increase stats)
X-wolf of guldor buff defence, +50 hp +0.5hp regen
x-easterling +20 hp +2 damage.
X-wain archer +2-10damage
X-uruk-hai crossbow -50 range
X-make grond smaller size
X-check isengard bolt line damage (no more attack ground)
X-+2 variags, +2 wains, +1 balcotch, +1 haradrim, +1 javilneer at start
X--1 starting berserker isengard.
X-Haradrim food cost 2->1
X--2 saim-hai trolls, -1 spear thrower
X-nerf goth vamp 10/20/30->10/15/20
X-remove 1 khand tower (in the back)
X-nerfed harashin damage and Attack speed.
X-max dmg mordor orcs -3 dmg
X-nerfed isen Ram and removed from spawn.
X-isen pikeman new defend
X-isen defend nerf 15% ms reduction -> 25% ms reduction
X-mordor trolls 2 times normal damage vs buildings
X-spider higher priority then wain/easterling

X--10 food on all races, naz -5
X-check new hero abilities for level skip requirements(grimaX,4thnazX)
X-buff gates hp
X-gatehouses remove gold cost, -250 wood
X-nerf rock wall hp, chestnut should be able to attack it.
X-Mana burn 90/140/280 -> 100/150/200
X-Balanced all Special Building Armor.
X-Workers have Normal armor
X-mumas attack trees
X-naz units, mordor
X-tower balance
X-Start creeps removed: Dol, Khand, Isen, Rhun. (they do spawn)
X-Totaly removed creeps north of Lorien
X-catas medium armor
X-fixed ship tooltips
X-Gate house hotkey H
X-gate repair 2 gold 20/30 seconds
X-removed Mt Doom damage aura

Credits go to:
Legend-fire (the man that took the BFME concept in ROC and made it into what we received in 2008).
Olofmoleman several great models, baradur and orthanc to name a few, but more importantly Gandalf and Saruman skins made purposefully for BFME.
13lack-hawk for the great preview pictures the past 4 versions.
Several Clans in the past 6 years of development those that are still alive today:
Clan HoTJ, Clan BFME and Clan EYE; for having suggested changes, finding bugs, abusing imbalances and hosting bots with BFME.






Helms Deep

Dol Guldor

View from Minas Tirith

View from Dunharrow

Lands of Dol Amroth

Updated to most recent played version. Has been this version for about 1.5 year now..

lord of the rings, BFME, Battle for Middle Earth

Battle For Middle Earth 3.8 BETA 3 (Map)

17:46, 12th Jun 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Approved Approved with 2/5 rating, terrain need huge improvement, gameplay as well, still you shown few really cool things, mostly fortress and cities that I would like to recommend for showing to all LOTR lovers.




17:46, 12th Jun 2011
Status: Approved
Approved with 2/5 rating, terrain need huge improvement, gameplay as well, still you shown few really cool things, mostly fortress and cities that I would like to recommend for showing to all LOTR lovers.
Level 5
Dec 3, 2009
Uploader and creator name different if you dont own this map(isnt yours) and you dont have permission this will be rejected.
Also post changelogs here on description and also some screenshots would be nice.
Level 9
Oct 30, 2004
ah hidden tag right. lets find that.

and as mentioned before, NWG_jonas and myself recieved the map 2 yours ago from Legend-Fire, in his honour we still use his name and call ourselves the editors, not the creators.

i'll get some screenshots up later, havent got any good ones lying around.
We are working on a promo vid, but that might take a while to finish.

And there is a list of credits for all the models, which i dont have here at this moment. i'll add that later to discription too.
Level 8
Dec 17, 2008
The description is present but is very unappealing to the masses; needs fix! Use for more code information.
The gameplay, although stretched for balanced based on the large base count of units, is fairly solid. With a fullhouse, this map is absolutely crazy – and albeit some players start to lag pretty bad and units stop moving effectively, but this is a hinderance from the engine, not the map. The theme comes from many of the war-based RTS games that currently exist with heroes from the original LOTR books or movies or w/e the source was. Cool features such as Mordor having their heroes respawn after death (Naz'ghul – I think I spelled it okay :p) were a nice touch. It would be nice to see a male model uploaded for archer heroes (such as Faramir). Teamwork seems to be an integrated component in overtaking key points, which is nice. Passes indefinitely.
The terrain is simple for the size of the map and is very appealing; you don't really pay attention to it when you're trying to bash at your enemy's gates with huge armies. It allows for the huge masses to traverse efficiently while still being a nice view.
Hotkeys worked for the most part of what was testing; units/upgrades were placed nicely on the command bar. Passes.
The map is rather long; some people will enjoy such long battles more than once. Simply passes here.
- Been a while since I've done one of these (holidays :p). Fun map. Love purple's fellowship heroes.
Level 9
Oct 30, 2004
the map has gone through alot of fases in the past 6/7 years, and sadly its corrupted in many ways which we have to work around. The shadows is one of those things recalculating them just doesnt work :(.

and thanks for the review Xeno. and ye i know we need a male archer but in my opinion there isnt a good one to find anywhere :/. And i'll work on the discription.

its also suggested you put specs on low if you play a full game of BFME unless you have a good PC.

and hi kome ;)
Level 9
Oct 30, 2004
and the screenshots, no idea how to attach them to the map discription.


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Level 1
Jan 4, 2010
"dat" sauron model is 2 ugly

this map is almost perfekt it only needs a better sauron model!!! please i beg you get a awesome sauron model to your map!
Level 1
Jan 4, 2010
Level 3
Nov 5, 2011
totall s**t, i hate auto spawn & auto upgrades maps, player just move his units/heroes using their skills(micro), i think that makes map boring... its not strategy map, its map for players who love micro :( one good thing i can say is a nice terrain, but map is a bit too big, that makes map less dynamic. Units and heroes are strongly imbalanced, You should fix it...