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  • Busy busy, sometimes a bit depressed, sometimes a bit more chilled... =)

    And you?
    That's so good man :) I wish there was a similar system in Portugal. What puts down my grades is mainly the grade of first year of high school (out of 3 years). If it were only my exams, my grade would be sufficient, but it's 50% of the exams and 50% of high school grade :'(
    Playing The Kingdom of Kaliron and working for university, mostly. Like I suspected beforehand, university is taking a large chunk of my time. Informatics Engineering, though I'm planning to change to Biomedics & Biophysics Engineering next semester to then try and jump to Medicine, which is what I originally applied to. The problem is that Medicine, here in Portugal, has gained a sort of god status and only the very good (or very sneaky) people get into it, so my hopes are a bit down for the moment.

    What about you? Are you attending university? What are you taking, if yes?
    Nice to show interest but map is on the hold.And do you play only BFME or you play
    BFME 2 also.
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