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Bard - remake for new patch?

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Level 2
Jul 3, 2010
Bard are generally known to be weak and worthless by ALL the people that talks about it.

I have no idea why they say that.

Bards have an awesome buff skill which adds (Player Level) X 0.3 into strength on to any allied hero.

Thus at level 50 my bard can buff anyone for 15 additional strength which is actually about 15 damage + (over 10?) armor penetration if the buffed hero is strength based. Thats over 25-30 additional damage per hit. So I really dont understand why everyone say its weak.

Anyway, i hope that Zwiebel does a remake for bard such that it is no longer agility based, but strength based type. Since it does not dual-wield swords and daggers but goes on the warrior mode of single weapon (excluding the flute), it is logical for it to become strength based so that at least its 5k buff spell has some use on him.

Something to think about.
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