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Baltic Crusades

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Level 12
Jun 1, 2010
This is a map about strategy and the middle ages. There are lot of things to do and the map is progressing fast. There would be technology such as mangonels, onagers, trebuchets, but not cannons. The map is large and there are many settlements. There are many new units that can be recruited. The map aims for realism, no night elf archer for use or any non-human being. I would like to implement abilities, such as throwing incendiary arrows ability. The unplayable nations have their own cities, but only Golden Horde has no, instead it has a camp that can only be destroyed, if camp is destroyed there is no Golden Horde. There is only one unit special in Golden Horde it is called cossack. There are setted allies and enemies ingame but a player can change that. The map is for multiplayer and singleplayer, singleplayers fight with AI.

Not covering only the story of Teutonic Order, there are more nations to be playable. The aim of the Teutonic Order is to convert all pagans into christians.

-4 playable nations
-custom music possibly
-large map
-realistic units
-siege units
-large armies
-trade to gain more resources
-starting resources high

100% terrain
70% triggers
70% units
60% systems

Playable nations-
1.Kingdom of Denmark
2.Republic of Novgorod
3.Grand Duchy of Lithuania
9.Teutonic Order

Unplayable nations-
3.Kingdom of Norway
5.Holy Roman Empire
7.Grand Duchy of Muscovy
8.Kingdom of Poland

Neutral hostile-
Kingdom of Sweden
Tribes of Finland
Golden Horde







Diplomacy system
Settlement capture system
Zooming system
Tax income System
Morale system
Map information system
Trade system
AI raid system

Unique generals such as Grand Marshal of the Teutonic Order.
A lot of units for Teutonic Order.
Unique units for other nations such as Housecarl.
Types of knights.
Caravans and freighters as cargo traders.
One transport ship, the cog.
Siege units: onager, mangonel, trebuchet.

The town-hall type buildings can be upgraded into these and when upgrading once or twice there is more food and income. When upgrading to fortress example it allows training new units.

Capital: Citadel>Fortress>Castle
Settlement: Village>Town>City

-Added Cossacks for Golden Horde
-Added Union of Kalmar event
-Added Mongol Invasion
-Tax system working
-Now units can capture settlements
-Starting resources setted

Please give suggestions and ideas what else to do to improve this map. Rate my terrain. Tell what is lacking.

-I need a town model for settlements. I only need that and I can not find the model anywhere. It should be bunch of buildings near each other and a stone wall surrounding them, the stone wall should be square and inside that there should be buildings in there.
-I saw that in World War One : ISH buildings are builded only on cobble path tile, I do not know how to make buildings builded only on that type of unbuildable tile. How to build buildings only on that tile?
-Does anybody know how can I make the pictures like a quote box, so people would not say your pictures are huge!
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Level 12
Jun 1, 2010
I got that tileset from a Russian warcraft modding site, but I think it is closed now. Tell me what do you think about the terrain please.

I have a new feature, when Denmark captures Norway and Sweden Denmark is renamed to Scandinavia (Union of Kalmar), Denmark was the ruler of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Faroe, Shetland, Orkney, Hebrides, Svalbard and Greenland.

Release Date around April or at the end of March. But if I do not get the town model I can not finish it in the right time.
Level 12
Jun 1, 2010
What trees would you suggest? Post a link.

All these strategy world maps look similar, the difference is they add effects and lightning, or high quality terrain. So to you nature is boring. Do you think it lacks some effects or what?

I think the map's terrain looks the right proportions as in reality, do you agree?


Tutorial Reviewer
Level 40
Jun 9, 2011
Its not that the trees itself is boring but its only ground with trees no stones mountains or any other dooad at all. Check the terain in other projects and compare to yours.
Here is some ncie terains you should check out
Link 1
Link 2

just two with nice terain i picked from the map development section, these is even better terains than that out there
Level 12
Jun 1, 2010
Fingolfin's terrain looks polished and high quality. I do not know how is this boring, because this is a europe map I can not add doodads. Nature is like my terrain, just forests, lakes, mountains, rivers, shores...
I did not show the mountains, there are mountains in Norway and south Germany. It is not plain same height terrain.

If anyone thinks I should make maps with better quality tiles say it. And show me some link, I did not see good quality tiles anywhere.

I agree about the trees, since the trees are not cuttable by peasants, they should be replaced with some other model.
it does not matter wich type it is? still the terain looks boring, just showed 2 of the first showed maps in the development thread. even strategy maps need better terain

It does. We at godfall, rejected many detailed terrains, because they offered too little maneuver place for batalions of troops and troops kept stuck very often, not to tell about AI, which is totally trigger made and it tends to quickly get stuck anywhere. Moreover, that many troops means more computing power, so for the sake of efficiency displaying that number of troops at once on the screen, less detailed environment is required.
Level 12
Jun 1, 2010
Germany is another word for Holy Roman Empire, just like Turkey is for Ottoman Empire. The Holy Roman Empire was firstly East Francia, East Francia became Holy Roman Empire, in the late middle ages it divided into states, in 19th century it was called German Empire, and later Germany.
Level 12
Jun 1, 2010
Yes the pope was a commander of holy knights. I think that the Poles did not create Teutonic Knights, but Holy Roman Empire. The Germans occupied Prussia and converted Baltic Prussians into Christianity. Poland was Christian, but it did not want to Christianise Pagans. If they were against Pagans, there would be no Poland-Lithuania union. Still Pope is in Italy, that was not even on my mind.

What upgrades could I add?
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