[Role Playing Game] Settlers of the South: Forging of Empires

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Level 1
Nov 19, 2016

Welcome to Settlers of the South

In a time when the Crown of the South looks to expand it's empire, it relies on you to do so. Seek out new lands, explore them, settle them and ultimately craft your own empire.


Settlers of the South is an real time, strategy based empire building game. Craft your empire from the ground up, starting with thatched roofs and ending up with castles. Manage everything from your economy to the food citizens are provided. Fight against the others struggling to make a kingdom in the isles, or join together to overthrow the crown.

  • Citizen Based Unit Structure - From footmen to battleships, each military unit costs citizens. Make sure to always have a strong populace of citizens.
  • Food System - Ensure your citizens have enough food to survive, or starve them to death over the months. Gather food from natural resources such as hunting, fishing and gathering or from plants you plant on your farms.
  • Economy System - Trade with others as they build their kingdoms or with the crown with a custom built economy and trading system. Make sure there is a shipyard in each settlement to trade from that particular settlement.
  • Housing System - Provide enough roofs for your citizens or they may just leave you.
  • Per Settlement System - Each town is unique as well and doesn't rely on the upgrades of other settlements (other than research upgrades), doesn't look like you're training a soldier in Smallville without a blacksmith even though Gotham has one!
  • Citizen Happiness - Ensure each citizen is happy as each and every one matters. From Bob Dole to Johnny Rocket, each citizen's happiness factors into taxes and settlement growth. If the overall happiness drops, citizens may revolt!
  • Dynamic Wildlife System - Fight Smokey off in January or kill Bambi in March-May; follow the real based breeding cycles of animals to provide extra income or food to your kingdom.

A New Settlement

Named Settlement (Naming System)

Kingdom Summary (Month System)

Advanced Settlement (Tier'd Building System)

Starving Settlement (Food System)


Out for Bambi (Dynamic Animal System)


Currently working on the following systems (progress):
  • Settler Uniqueness (0%): Random citizen name generation, per citizen happiness and tying each citizen the settlement they originated from.
  • Food System (30%): Working on creating additional means of food production (currently farm/crops and hunting are the only available)
  • Dynamic Animal System (20%): Working on adding additional animals/animal breeding cycles (bears, rabbits, wolves and different bird types) as well as tweaking numbers.
  • Happiness System (50%): Working on tying food needs into the happiness system and revolting/riots.
  • Building Upgrade System/Unit Training (50%): Working on making sure the tech trees are correct for building upgrades (e.g. blacksmith hut > blacksmith house requires a village hall in the same area or the upgrade fails). Working on ensuring correct unit requirements are met to train (e.g. archers requiring lumber building near for bow crafting) as well.
  • Housing System (90%): Adding additional structures to match the settlement age and tweaking housing needs.
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