Rise Of Empires

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Sep 24, 2007
Rise of Empires

*Recently started

General Idea

You start out as a nomadic tribe somewhere in the world. You can wander for awhile trying to find the best place to start your city. Depending on where you settle your civilization develops a little differently. As your city advances you need more resources. These can be gotten a number of ways. The first way is through discovery. You find lands no one has claimed and you set up colonies. The second way is threw trade. You form trade alliances and you trade what you have for what you need. The third is thought conquest. You take what you need by force and either destroy all in your way or take them over and enslave them.

In the end you will either become a world empire or a footnote in history.

Not much is done since I have just recently started
Whats done
terrain :---------- about 70%
triggers :---------- Have not really started
units :---------- Have done very little

Some unique ideas I am attempting to make in this are:

-Farming system that requires the farm to be near water or an aqueduct.
-An aqueduct system that would supply inland areas with water.
-Armies need food to move on. (don't necessarily die but units move slower and have longer cool downs)
-Cities food supplies and water supplies can be cut off during sieges.
-You train different units depending on where your Empire is located and where your colonies are.
-Different resources are in different areas of the map causing you to expand your empire or trade for them.
-You can pick where your empire is located and there are no preposition ed areas.
-Disasters to watch out for.(fires plagues volcanoes earthquakes)
-Could lose your fleet in the seas.
-Resources are at different areas every time you play.

Any ideas would be helpful sorry for the lack of information it is still in the early stages.

The terrain isn't actually the real world.

Added a picture of the terrain so far still some work to be done


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Mar 27, 2009
Lol dude, if that's the Terrain at its 70%...
And the map name.. Is so.. generic..
I bet there's like million maps already called Rise of Empires, or close.
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Mar 27, 2009
Maybe first think of a name for your world, then just name it like World of X, like one my unfinished map is called World of Chirigon. At least makes it a bit more unique.
Level 6
Mar 27, 2009
Something a bit more long..? Oracré?

Alternately, something like: Dalannum - Thoneos - Agarus - Escor -- Might also work.