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Rise of Empires (by Mr.Malte)

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Level 11
Nov 4, 2007
Hello guys. I am working since 2005 at this map now, but I released it 2007.
I really put a lot of effort into my map, and learned a lot about the editor while making it. It dont know if this thread goes in to the development, but I think so. My map is still far away from perfection, I want to get useful feedback from these mappers here. The map is protected, but you can have it unprotected, too, if you PM me. Help me to make the map good please!
Here the information:

Rise of Empires - Strategy project

Generic information
Maptype: Strategy
Maximal number of players: 10
Time per game: 45-90 min.
Mapmakers: Mr.Malte (map) and Snakesoul ( most of the terrain )
Spent hours to make: ca. 1100

3.Neutral buildings


9th April, 1422
It happened in 1366, that say the papers and scripts. The dark age was ending, a new age was coming. The towns became fuller and fuller, the place became rare. Because of that many people plagues were scattered, horrible plagues that killed many many people. So many mightful people decided to go out, to begin completely new. Yes. It would be easy to conquer unknown places, to clean them from animals with all the soldiers. To make place for new towns and people. They mightful persons could become mightful then, be the richest and own great pieces of country. They would get idolized and requested for country. But that idea had one checkmark: Many wanted to be that rich. Exactly (XXX). And they are still fighting. They conquer the towns of the settlers (Haiatatta tribe) and make them pay tax. The tribes technologies become stolen by them, the wood is hackled, and the peaceful island gets desolated by epic fights.

You are one of these mightful persons, so be as merciless as possible, betray, kill your enemies and make your inferiors die for you! Create your own empire and be the lord of death and life. Everybody is gonna be dependent of you, everybody your slave.

At the beginning you can look for a place wehere oyu want to start and build your capital there. Actually its close to a meele map but there are only custom units and spells. So you have your base and need gold. Build a worker and construct banks that increase your income. You will get Income after 40 seconds. That could be imba, cant it? I mean the more banks the more gold you get so you can build more and more banks. But it isnt: There is a limit of banks (4) and units cost sold. So if youve got a lot units you wont be able to expend your advantage. And there are some other differences. The superweapons and the neutral buildings.

3.Neutral buildings
Neutral buildings are very important for this game; The settlers of Zalys (island) live in them. So it would be great if you will make them pay tax for you and steal their technologies. That increases your income and makes a lot of new units acquirable. Also they are great as defensepoints. For that you cant take them easily if they are still neutral, they defense automatically, with arrows and creeps. If you want to take a certain kind of neutral building (7 different kinds), you just have to write their names with a - before it. If you want to conquer one, just kill it.

The game starts in the dark age. You can reach these ages in this order:
Renaissance (instantly)
Atomic age (after 18. min)
Laser age (After 26. min)
That seems to be faint, but it isnt: The next age will make a lot of new units and technologies acquirable. A lot!!! And some new superweapons. If you build them one time, you are always in this age, they cant be killed or something else. You research ages in the capital. Your enemy is gonna look very silly if a Ion Cannon dazzles his immaturely soldiers I think :D

-6 Unique custom heroes with great spells!
-I really tried to balance the map well
-Almost no memory leaks
-3 different ages
-7 different Neutral buildings
-More than 140 new units
-A lot of commands
-Well made multiboard with a lot of information
-Income and sold are shown all the time in a little leaderboard
-More than 180 new abilities!
-You can use unique superweapons
-If youre new to this game, you can read a lot of useful tips ( not wannabe tips like your hero is important, be careful with him )
-There are always some eastereggs for you to find.

Some of you might say superweapons are imba, but they arent. You just can use superweapons if you reached the atomic or laser age. They cost a lot of gold and have a lot cooldown.

Superweapons: Extremely expensive, extremely useful, and easy to use. If your base is destroyed and you dont wanna give up, just keep your money and bomb your enemies away :D. Just one rule applies: Gold is might! They are very suited to press money from somebody. He cant know if you have got the required money :)


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