AvP- Icy Terrain

Level 5
Oct 3, 2009

An AvP map where you are a hero, (human, alien or predator) and you must fight the other races. Humans and Aliens both have a computer ally that spawns units for their race. Predator is difficult at start but as you level it becomes much easier.
Each different hero has its pro's and con's. Their abilities/weapons were based off of the old AvP computer game.

Currently in beta stage because the map is playable.

Current Things/People Needed:
Modeler for different predator/human models
Someone to make loading screen
Someone very good at Icon making
Someone with good ideas.
A good win/lose trigger.
A great terrainer who can make some variation so the map isn't so boring.
If you would like to help PM me or post here. Thanks.

Marines: Your goal is to kill the Alien Queen. Your base will call for reinforcements as long as it is alive. Go through the Pyramid maze and fight back the aliens that are trying to destroy you, while trying to survive an unknown threat.

Aliens: The Queen has commanded you to wipe out the Humans from this planet, and will supply you with additional warriors to do it. You have also been instructed to eliminate the Predators on this world who have come to hunt us.

Predator: The hunt has brought you here. As you suit up in your ship you think to yourself, "These humans are weak, but their skulls will make good trophies anyway," and you begin your descent onto the hunting grounds.

Drone: Most common Xenomorph. Can use Pounce, Alien Screech, Headbite, Tail Swipe, and has Drone Speed. This unit is best used against the marine npc units, but if used properly can be used as an effective hero killer.

Runner: Quick Xenomorph. Can use Pounce, Headbite, Tailswipe, and has Runner Agility. The quickest and most fragile unit in the game. Can kill units very quickly, but also dies fast. Most effective against human heroes.

Praetorian: Tank Xenomorph. The biggest alien other than the Queen. Can use Cleaving Attack, Tail Swipe, and Headbite. This unit has the most armor and life out of the aliens. Attacks slower, but for more damage, and has the slowest movement speed.

The Sniper: Long Range marine that is very skilled at killing heavy units at a distance(such as the Praetorian). His abilities are meant to do massive damage on one target, making him ideal for killing other players.

The Specialist: Medium-Short range marine with the standard Pulse rifle as his standard weapon. The Specialist can learn to use a smartgun to fire rapidly for a few seconds because it overheats. Can also use the shotgun mounted to his pulse rifle and can fire a barrage of bullets from the minigun to stun and damage enemy units.

Heavy Weapons: Medium Range marine best suited for groups of alien. Can fire a grenade from his grenade launcher and can fire the pulse rifle's shotgun.

Demolistionist: Short range marine. Great at killing Xenomorphs and killing most Heroes.
Can fire a single ball of flame from his flamethrower at an enemy unit, dealing damage and preventing casting, and can fire a blast of flame, causing a wave of fire to pour out of the flamethrower. Can use pulse rifle to fire faster.

Assault Predator: Versitile Predator. Can use Cloak, Predator Bomb, Plasma Pistol, Shoulder Cannon, and Netgun. Cannot use the mask to see invisible Xenomorphs because of the energy required to use all of this weaponry. Has medium-low armor.

Light Predator: Quick Predator. Can use Cloak, Short Range Teleport, Speargun, and Predator Bomb. Has the fastest run speed but lowest armor of the predators.

Heavy Predator: Slow Predator. Can Cloak, Throw Disc, and use the Netgun. Can use the spears found on the battlefield as a weapon. Best used against heroes due to its high armor and Netgun. Easily out ran because of its slow movement speed.

Predator: The Basic Predator. Can Cloak, use Plasma Pistol, Throw Disc, and use the Netgun. Can also pick up the spears on the battlefield. Has average armor and movement speed.

Credits: Map made by me (Ascartes). The Alien and Predator models I found in another map, it didn't say who made them. Dead Child doodad by chilla_killa(ty) and thanks to Falzelo for the tips. Thanks to some real life friends who aren't on hive that helped me test this map for a few hours.





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