Alien vs. Predator Extinction 2

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Jul 4, 2010
Aliens vs. Predator Extinction 2


"On a cold, distant planet, the war against extinction is on and your command skills will determine its outcome. Control an Alien hive, direct a Predator clan, or lead an elite squad of Colonial Marines and fight for the survival of your race."

The game is based on the Alien vs. Predator Extinction for ps2 , but since it was single player only, this map shall be the first AvP multiplayer RTS.
( Original Game )

The Trailer to the game:

Link to the game: Download

Game style:
The game is very focused on competitive play and strategy, giving the player control of a lot of different unit types, each fitting another role and strategy, with counters for each unit.
You will battle for control of the few Atmo's placed around the map, being the source of income in some way or another, each race has it's weaknesses and strengths, it's up to the player to use those efficiently.
Up to four players can play against each other in either FFA or 2v2; there will only be 1v1 in the tournament though.
Unlike other maps, you don't choose your race once the game has started, but already when you've entered.
Undead – Aliens, Orc – Predator, Human – Marines; while nightelfs are nothing.
The game is nearly finished, but needs a good deal of balance.

The Races:

The Marines are the race with the most firepower, dealing enormous damage in seconds.
Unfortunately they are also the slowest and have the fewest hit points and armor of the three races, making them incredible weak to ambushes and close range attacks. This makes the Marines an extremely defensive race, they can build barricades, sentry guns and resource producing generators, can teleport to atmos under their control, defending is their best tactic to survive.
Marines see far at day, but have limited vision at night, their unit supply limit is at 25.

A CommTech Marine can request new Marine units and equipment to be transported to the site by a Dropship.As well as constructing buildings. His weapon is called the MP9 which is a close-assault machine gun and is a reasonable weapon to use against light enemies. The CommTech has enough knowledge and expertise to repair robotic systems such as Synthetics, Sentry Guns, Exosuits, and Sentry towers.
When upgraded – AURORA Control – The AURORA is a space-based system found on orbital cruisers and is able of autonomously destroying enemies.
The Infantry is your front-line for defence. In terms of weaponry, they carry the M41 Pulse Rifle which fires light rounds at targets. If he shoots from afar, he takes aimed shots and if he’s close-up, he doubles the fire.(double damage)
When upgraded – Heavy Assault Kit – Replaces weapon with M41A and M3 Armor with M4x Armor. Adds a grenade launcher which can damage multiple targets simultaneously.
These units have the ability to heal any Marine on your team from any predator or alien induced side effect bringing them up to full health. If you leave the unit alone, the Medic Marine will automatically heal any Marine nearby or you can tell him to heal a specific unit. Either way, Medic Marines will come in very handy for keeping you current troops fighting against enemies.
When upgraded – Counterxenology – Increases healing rate and can counteract side-effects such as acid-scarring, cystic tumours caused by Drones, Nausea caused by Runners, repeat haemorrhaging caused by Stalkers’ bleeder spears.
A Synthetic is a human replication and is best used at the front of any exploration done by your Marine units. Also carrying one vital piece of equipment, the Motion Tracker which helps you find invisible Predators or enemies hidden from sight. It has a weapon called the M4A5 Pistol which is not a particularly good. It’s equipped with an industrial muscular system which allows it to carry heavy things such as Sentry Guns.
When upgraded – Combat Modifications – Has enhanced locomotive subsystems, better ocular implants and the Synthetic can be brought back from the dead if a CommTech repairs him in time.
The Smartgunner sacrifices penetrating power for fire rates and accuracy. Carrying the M57 Smartgun, the gun can retarget an enemy after the original target has been killed. Excellent against Facehuggers but has trouble killing units with strong armours.
When upgraded – M57D Smartgun ‘Dirty’ Smartgun – Can fire rounds that shatter into many radioactive splinters inside the target. It creates high radioactive levels in heavy targets forcing them to lose health.
The Ape Suit protects the Flamethrower from acid and fire and is helmet blocks facehugger attacks but he can be facehugged if rendered unconscious. His weapon is the M240B Flamethrower, capable of killing multiple enemies and is best used close-up.
When upgraded – Cobalt Thermogel – This is a slow-burn flamethrower fuel that releases radioactive material into the air and poisons to cause long-term damage to target.
The Sniper Marine is the ideal unit for killing from long distances. Apart from the distance advantages, the weapon is very accurate and inflicts a lot of damage upon the opponent, penetrating even the strongest armor. Unfortunately, there’s a bit of a waiting time between firing one shot and the next leaving the Marine unit vulnerable to incoming attacks.
When upgraded – Flare and cloak – The sniper can throw flares into unseen terrain, giving vision at night and up cliffs, in addition he can cloak himself into a hidden state with increased runspeed.
Sentry gun
The Sentry gun is well armored and the M30 Auto Cannon means you can leave it to its own devices. They can withstand more damage than a human but they are especially good for defending bases as well as humans. A downside is that only a Synthetic can reposition a Sentry Gun from its current location.
When upgraded – Huntbuster Revision – Has a built-in counterballistic system that calculates the cause of incoming fire and has increased range and damage.
The most powerful Marine out of the whole team, a SADAR Marine unit carry’s the M83 SADAR Rocket Launcher which inflicts masses of damage upon the enemy. There is also a splash damage effect which can inflict damage upon enemies standing nearby the original opponent. The disadvantage of the SADAR Rocket Launcher is the waiting time between firing one shot and the next shot and the unit must be a few metres away from enemy to fire a decent shot.
When upgraded – M83AM SADAR AMAG – Penetrates heavy armor and disgorges multiple megathermal payloads.
The Marines Exosuit is very well armoured and can sustain a lot of damage so these units are ideal for defending weaker units. Has a fast attacking Twin M103 Torrent Cannons and the suit contains armor to deflect light projectiles. The systems are also protected from radiation and fire.
When upgraded – Solid State Cannons – Has rail guns that fire simultaneously. The weapon can fire 1,000 rounds per second and kills most targets in seconds.
he Dropship is a useful transporter unit to drop off more units for your team. The CommTech is the only unit which can control the ship and the marine can also tell the Dropship where to drop the units off.
Sentry tower.
The Sentry Tower is a well armored and strong building, that protects the base.
Fusion Generator
This Fusion Generator will produce a lot of power when its finished. Though only once.Then it will become useless.( 3 min. to be constructed and will produce 240(+160 base) points per atmo you own, if it gets destroyed before its finished, the spent points will be lost.)
Communication center
The communication center expands the CommTech's reach to call for reinforcements from the fleet; therefore better technology is available.
Tech center
The tech center creates new technology based on the enemy information on the field, this assures the best weaponry possible for the task at hand.
Robotic laboratory
The laboratory has the necessary technology to produce heavy weapons and suits.

The Predators have the most hit points and versatility out of the races, since each predator can cloak and heal itself when having enough energy, each unit is more like an army itself. They have close range and long ranged units at their disposal and with their speed they exceed in hit and run tactics, the race that is always on the move and fights for honor, to kill the ultimate prey. They have medium vision at day, as well as at night because of their vision technology. Their supply limit is at 16 only, giving predators few, but very strong units.

The Shrine calls for new predators when needed,therefore being your most important unit.You can also call for a new shrine with an atmo, if your current has been destroyed.The shrine does also recharge the predators energy.
The Brawler is possibly the most expendable Predator to have and
they have adequate abilities for face-to-face combat with enemies. One thing
to note about this Predator is that the Predator's effective range is short
because it just has its Wrist Blades has weapons. Can also kill Facehuggers
if they jump up to try and facehug him.
When upgraded – Glory Strike – Causes extreme damage by a critical hit and sometimes decapitate the target.
The Hunter Predator has the most infamous weapon, the Shoulder
Cannon. The weapon will definitely come in handy - not just because of its
range but because it can inflict a lot of damage upon opponents. When upgraded – Self destruct – the Hunter selfdestructs in a huge explosion.
The Spear Master Predator holds a spear for defense and can take
out multiple opponents that maybe nearby him. The spear's sharp and armor-
piercing and can kill many creatures apart from the Ravager. If he is
surrounded by enemies, he creates a whirlwind, striking everybody around
him.When upgraded – Plasma Glaive – This is double-bladed weapon with white hot plasma that returns received damage back at the enemy, aswell as blocking additional incoming damage.
The Disc Master Predator has yet another powerful weapon - the
Disc which inflicts masses of damage upon the enemy. The main disadvantage
of the weapon is that the predator must wait for the Disc to return to him
before he can strike again which leaves him open to enemy attacks.
When upgraded – Nanovibronic Edge – Has nine discs with a high-speed molecular chainsaw around the circumference. Throws disc at a much higher rate.
The Ancient is a versatile class, he has a very long range for killing and
can easily take out enemies that are in hard-to-reach places.He has his spirebeast to aid him in his hunt.When upgraded – Bleeder blade – Barbed blades that drains victim’s fluid levels to the point of death.
The PredGun is a powerful weapon that predators possess and it
fires blasts of plasma at any nearby enemies. While it is a excellent tool
for defending your team. It also has splash damage, being good against masses
of enemies.
The PredGun can move on its own but it's extremely slow and it also can't
attack enemies while in motion.
The Vanguard is extremely well armoured and carry's a powerful
weapon called the Plasma Scythe which is capable of killing an enemy in four
hits. The Vanguard is weak when dealing with multiple enemies so he
won't last long on the battlefield.and they’ll prevent all incoming fire from hurting the weaker units or objects. When upgraded – Killscreen Generator – The projection spires emit unstable streams of dark plasma that vaporized incoming enemy fire.
The Hydra Predator is one of the most powerful Predator species in
the game with his Hydrashock Barrage which fires surges of energy at
multiple opponents. If the Predator is controlled automatically, it can find
and attack enemies by itself but if he's manually controlled, this Predator
uses everything it has got and strikes its firepower on a specific opponent.Has a battlemask which prevents facehuggers from attaching them to him.
When upgraded – Warhead Swarm – Fires electroshock missiles with multiple warheads. When fired, it looks to see how many target are nearby and splits the missile into as many as three submissiles which hits different targets.
The Blazer Predator is the most terrifying and the most powerful
Predator in the game. His weapon is called the Blazer Cannon which fires a
heat beam at multiple opponents in one shot and it's hugely effective
against long-range enemies. Along with his wonderful weaponry, he has high
endurance and has a battlemask which prevents facehuggers from attaching them to him.
When upgraded – Dual Blazers – Mounts two blazers on each shoulder to maximize attack.
The Obelisk is the clans proof of honor, only strong clans have them, which allows the shrine to call versatile hunters.
Predators prepare their skulls at these exalted altars, these clans use the most fearsome technology.
Skull of war
The skull of war declares the clans ultimate goal, annihilation of all enemies. The most fearsome warriors of all, that will terminate anything in their path.

The Aliens are a fierce organic race that fight in huge numbers for total domination, their queen being the head of the hive, constantly lays eggs that require organic hosts to evolve. They adapt incredible fast to their surroundings, creating tunnels and hiveweb that gives vision and nourishment. They've got the fastest units out of the races and can produce some of toughest creatures in the game, their blood is made of acid, damaging their foes when dying. The more they fight, the more DNA variation they receive and the stronger they get, each killed enemy is a potential host for a new alien; making them an extremely aggressive race and is played very offensively.
Their vision at night is very good, but limited at day, nearly every unit needs to get close to inflict any damage and most units are rather easily killed from afar; but they have the highest supply limit at 45 out of the races.

The Queen is the heart and future of the hive she can produce Alien Eggs by excreting an eggsack but she cannot move or attack enemies while on the eggsack. While attacking enemies, she completely kills the victim which means it can’t be used as a host to create more aliens. She also releases spores to track targets.
When upgraded – War Empress – Improves combat abilities and becomes tougher. Makes nearby transbreed aliens in a combat frenzy therefore inflicting more damage on targets.
Eggs contain facehuggers for an unlimited amount of time and hatch open when a host is nearby.
It can transform into a Praetorian Egg which will contain a Praetorian Facehugger.
When upgraded – Adaptive Hyperfertility – Bigger Eggs that contain multiple Facehuggers.
The facehugger produces an alien hybrid when latching onto its prey.It cannot live very long outside the hive though.
When upgraded – Binary Parasitism - Develops a chemical trigger that causes the Chestburster it carries to split into twins but only for the Drone and Runner aliens.
The praetorian facehugger is slightly faster than the normal facehugger and can also jump further.It produces a Praetorian, no matter the type of host.
The chestburster is the freshly produced alien, that just has finished its incubation inside its host.It will morph into an adult alien soon. It is easely killed and should therefore be protected, it has 300 hp regeneration on hive web, making it hard to kill in the hive.
The worker of the hive, capable of creating many hive growths.It is also one of the few alien units that can attack from range, using acid as deadly projectiles.
The Runner is weak, but has great speed and agility. They explode and cause huge acid damage if they get killed by fire.
When upgraded – Virulence – Develops stinger-tipped venom sacs and when in contact with enemy, it injects spores into victim damaging them over time, aswell as slowing their movement and attackspeed.
Warriors are very tough and agile, the most efficient hybrid. It will cause acid damage if killed by anything else than fire.
When upgraded – Onslaught Genome – Develops hardened chitinous ridges that enable it to penetrate tough armors. It can continue even if limbs are lost and improves capacity to regenerate on hive webbing.
The Predalien hybrid has alot of health and damage, but lacks agility and speed. When upgraded – Flesh eating - It tears heavy armoured units to shreds and can eats their flesh while fighting to gain back health.
Praetorians are the alien purebreeds, the queens royal guard. They can morph into carriers and Ravagers, aswell as Queens should the original Queen have died.These aliens also release spores onto enemies to track them, including cloaked units.
Carrier Aliens are formed from an upgraded Praetorian and they can hold a maximum of six Facehuggers on their backs. When it nears enemies, Facehuggers automatically launch themselves at the enemy with great accuracy. When upgraded – Supercarrier Genome – Can hold a maximum of 12 Facehuggers. If the Carrier gets killed, it bursts apart spewing acid everywhere.
Ravager Aliens are formed from an upgraded Praetorian and they are the most powerful aliens out of all the alien species. The downside to the Ravager is that once it kills its prey, the prey can’t be used as a host for Facehuggers. This means when a Ravager kills an enemy, the opponent is dead indefinitely. Possess Hull Blades that are very tough and can cut through anything.
When upgraded – Colossal Resilience – Has a hard chitinous shell that deflects medium weapon fire. Can perform a rapid restoration process called regensis. A damaged Ravager can enter a cataleptic state so instead of dying, it will rebuild itself.
Hive Nodes leech nutrients from the ground to create a hive webbing where aliens can regenerate and they make it possible for Facehuggers to venture further out.
Hidden hive node
It is invisible to the naked eye, being the perfect scout.
Hive pool
Hivepools slows and damages nearby enemy units with its toxic slime.
Hive hole
Creates hole which expands the hives reach and enables aliens to travel through.
Hive cyste
The hive cyste enables egg's to evolve into Praetorians, the queens royal guard.
The hivelair enables praetorians to evolve into the most deadly form of alien breeds.

Terrain features:

The Atmospheric Processors , in short Atmo, are machines spread out on the planet to make it inhabitable. All races can control these devices by taking them over, thus giving vision on them.
Marines get their funds every 30 seconds, based on how many Atmo's they control. While Predators get honor points by retrieving skulls from killed units, the harder the unit was to kill, the more honor points they get; although those points are also still influenced by how many Atmos they control.
Aliens on the other hand, get Infestation points every time an alien is created from a host and also when the aliens die in battle they gain infestation points; both these income methods are also heavily influenced by the number of Atmo's they control.
There are placed two G.Atmos near the center of the map, which are heavily guarded and grant twice the amount of income, that a normal Atmo would generate.

Animals and plants.
The planet is inhabited by a number of animals, which do respawn periodically. Their skulls can be claimed by predators, or killed off by marines to deny them from the other races. They are indeed very important hosts for the aliens, as the different types of DNA from these animals, create another type of alien. Oswocs produce drones, while Kritillics and Kurn produce runners. These animals are respawned by plants, oswocs are respawned by a bush, while kritillics and kurns are respawned by flowers. The aliens have learned to use this by their advantage, by influencing what kind of plant is dominant.(by attacking a plant, it is changed into the other type)
At the center of the map, human scientists have caught a strong wild beast to study it, named the Gyrote; which can be fought by releasing it. The killer receives are large amount of points, if they actually succeed to kill it.


There are placed four hostile Marine camps on the map, from which two have fallen to hostile clan predators. When killing those units for either skulls or hosts, you can respawn them by activate one of the four devices in the camp. Human or Predator devices, even Bush or Flowers can be activated.
It depends on which device is activated, the equivalent unit will respawn the next time; this is especially crucial for aliens.
Marines get points when activating one of these devices, the more atmos they control, the more points do they receive.

The map is split in two when playing 1v1 only, you will either play inside the human labotory or outside in the wild. When playing with four players, both sides are open and playable as one big map.
The laboratory and the wild both have a Radar granting huge vision around it, should it be controlled by a unit; this is crucial for map control.

There are placed explosives around the map, which catch fire when attacked and after a few seconds explode with a lot of damage. Units can “activate” these bombs like traps against other patrolling units.


The laboratory is an abandoned human research facility, that experimented on alien Xenomorphs, but got attacked by predators and then overrun by the aliens.
Now it is nothing more than a battlefield, but with some features making it different from the wild dessert outside.
Hive web cannot be created as freely as on the earth outside, thus giving aliens a disadvantage inside the lab.
Also by using the still working facility computer, an anti fire water release can be activated, making cloaking impossible inside at some times.
The generators can also be deactivated, creating complete darkness inside, which puts Marines in serious disadvantage against predators and especially aliens.

Damage and Armor types.

The game has a stone, paper and scissors system, which assures that each unit has a counter and strategy. There are only two armor types in the game, Light armor and heavy armor. And three damage types, Kinetic, Raw and 'Fire/Acid' damage.
Kinetic is the 'normal' damage so to speak, it deals 100% damage to light and heavy armor at all times, most of the units have this kind of damage.
Raw damage deals 70% damage to Light armor and 150% to heavy armor, therefore being the counter to heavy armored units; and Fire and Acid damage type deals 150% to Light and 70% to heavy.
In addition, some units have Resilience, an armor that blocks 10 point damage at all times; which gives the upper hand vs. fast weak attacking units. Slow high damage units are therefore logically the counter to resilience.
A number of units also have AOE damage, which means that there strength is only used efficiently against large groups of units and not against single targets. Keep that in mind when fighting.

Unit types:

CommTech:Light /Kinetic
Infantry:Light /Kinetic /(double damage when close range)
Medic:Light /Kinetic
Smartgunner:Light /Kinetic
Flamethrower:Heavy /Fire-or-Acid /AOE unit/Resilience
Sniper:Light / Raw
Syntrygun:Heavy / Kinetic
SADAR:Light /Fire-or-Acid /AOE
Exosuit:Heavy /Kinetic /Resilience

Brawlers Light / Kinetic
Hunter: Light / Kinetic
Spearmaster: Heavy / Fire-or-Acid /AOE
Discmaster: Light / Kinetic /AOE
Ancient: Light / Raw
Predgun: Heavy / Kinetic
Vanguard: Heavy / Kinetic /Deals 1/4th of enemies max Hp as dmg.
Hydra: Heavy / Kinetic /Can do multishot.
Blazer: Heavy / Fire-Acid /AOE

Drone:Light /Kinetic /Ranged
Runner:Light /Kinetic /Acid explosion when attacked with Fire.
Warrior:Light /Fire-or-Acid
Predalien:Heavy /Raw
Praetorian:Heavy /Kinetic /Resilience
Carrier:Light /Kinetic ranged /AOE unit when dying.
Ravager:Heavy /Kinetic /Resilience (Upgrade from 8 to 22 resi)

Buildings:Heavy armor/(Alien buildings deal acid damage)

As the terrain and features are mostly finished, it's all up to the balance of the game. There has been done a lot in balance, but frankly its still not enough. You'll have to have a clear understanding of the game first, and be fairly skilled before one can argue about imbalances, which is also a reason for the upcoming tournament.

The tournament:
Apply now for the tournament (private message or email at [email protected]) keep in mind that it is 1 vs. 1 only.
You also need to state what race you're going to choose, since you cant chance when once in the tournament.( Random is also possible.)
It will probably start in 1-2 weeks.I will update the players and how their matches go here in this thread for everyone to follow.
EDIT:There are 14 players signed up now and we still need 2.

Game Info's and tips:

-Unlocking units costs a lot of points, don't unlock all the units, but stick to some and upgrade those.
-When killing an enemy unit, no matter if you're Marine, Predator or Alien, you get approximability 10% of the units cost in points as a reward for killing it.
-Predators and Marines get 20% of the initial unit cost back, when they lose a unit; this guaranties that the match keeps evolving towards a climax, without to many huge set backs and resets.
-Pure breed aliens (Praetorians, carriers, Ravagers, Queens) also give 20% of their unit cost back, but since transbreed aliens didn't cost anything initially, their income system is different and based on the atmo count.
Hybrid aliens (runner, drone, warrior, predalien) give points when dying based on the current Atmo number. Therefore 0 atmos = zero points.

Atmo count/number x 2 = 'Number'

Drones/runners = 3 x ('Number' x 3).
Warriors = 6 x ('Number' x 3).
Predaliens = 9 x ('Number' x 3).

-By observing what kind of plants dominate on the terrain, you can conclude what kind of alien army you will be facing.
-Vision range:
Aliens:1100 day – 1800 night.
Marines: 1800 day – 1100 night.
Predators:1450 day – 1450 night.

-There are several ramps (shortcuts) leading towards camps, but they are blocked by rumble you have to destroy first. Facehuggers can jump past these stones when near them, use this to your advantage.
-Comatose units constantly lose hp until they die, but they lose hp four times slower when on hive web, aliens should use this to conserve hosts for later. Something Predators cant do.
-Facehuggers lose hp outside the hive, build Hive nodes with your drones to expand the reach of your hive.
-Aliens can ”a” attack comatose units, they will then automatically carry the comatose unit back to your hive, where your facehuggers can facehug the hosts.
-Use the facehugger Binary paracitism upgrade to your advantage, it enables you to spawn up to 3 chestbursters instead of 1 from simple life forms like Oswocs, Kritillics and Kurn.
-Marines often use Infantry against aliens, since they get double damage in close range and nearly all aliens are close ranged. Since drones can shoot with acid, they can be used against infantry, negating the double damage.
-Marine strongholds are often hard to break, either use tunnels to infiltrate the base or send upgraded carriers along the way, they will destroy the barricades with their acid damage when they die and leave numerous of facehuggers behind to attack.
-Attack at night, as the other races have less vision than you at night, especially marines, crippling them tremendously as they need the vision for their range attacks.
-Warriors can burrow underground and heal, use this to your advantage against a group that is walking by, to surprise attack.
-Never let vanguards attack your queen, as it will kill it in few strokes, send your weakest units against it only and overpower it with mass.

-The current wood count indicates how many points you will get next income round (every 30 sec.);
which is 65 points per Atmo you control.
-Marines can also build Generators, which takes 3 minutes to build and once finished create a huge amount of points based on the current atmo count. 200 initial points + 300 points per atmo under control. Keep in mind that generators have extremely low health, and cost 400 points to build. Enemies get a warning and vision of the generator, once it is build and should therefore only be attempted in secured bases.
-Always attack move with marines, should you ever find yourself in a position where you units simply walk past an alien group with facehuggers, your whole army is doomed.
-Even though Marines aren't in need of the local wildlife, you still kill it to limit predators and aliens to get skulls and hosts; as marines kill the targets for good and don't produce comatose units.
Attack at daylight, Marines have huge vision at day, which enables them to kill units long before they can come near your or even see you.
-Always build some barricades against aliens at chokes and atmos, as it can really turn the battle when they can't reach your units immediately.
-Always have some Synthetics in your army against predators, as a suddenly uncloaking predator group in the middle of your army means certain death.
-Minigunners are a must against aliens, as they auto target facehuggers as first priority in battles, facehuggers dont stand a change then.Without Minigunners, or flamethrowers, or upgraded infantry with grenade launchers; your army is doomed.
-Use the SADAR's against attacking aliens, as they will throw them away from your army, giving you more time to get a couple of shots off. It is also good against upgraded Hunters that self destruct on death, as they will be thrown back while their AOE damage wont reach your army.

-All predators have energy, which they can use for either cloaking or healing themselves. Energy doesn't recharge by itself, but only near your shrine or an Atmo.
-Always keep some brawlers or spearmasters within your army against aliens as protection, since they can kill attacking facehuggers very well. Most of the other predator classes simply get one shotted by them.
-Keep track of day and night and know your enemies weakness, since predators aren't influenced by day or night, they can dominate depending on the race they face.
-Brawlers can speed up your armies movement speed for some seconds, making it incredible fast either for escapes or hit and run tactics.
-If the enemy ever decides to create a lot of Ravagers or Exosuits, Vanguards would be the answer. As they deal ¼ th of the enemies Health in damage, they quickly kill strong units. The vanguard upgrade is especially good against marines, since it limits all range attack damage down to 1 point, as long as it has enough energy.
-Use the Spearmaster pushback against weak enemies like drones, runners and warriors, they won't be able to surround your army when they guard it.

The map itself:
As you can see in the screenshots, the map is split in two when playing 1v1, you will either play on the left side (laboratory) or on the right (Wild).

Thanks for reading and i hope you like the game.^^




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Level 3
Jun 1, 2010
Hey I've played your map and think its a great Idea, as I've played the game on PS2
and loved it.
A main suggestion would be to make the Gameplay a bit more straightforward
and user friendly. What I mean by this is, somehow explain what to build and
what upgrades to get more clearly. I found the Aliens very cool, but particularly
confusing to play. eg: getting the Ravager was a bit like solving a maze.

Other than that, great map. Keep updating it.
Level 13
Mar 28, 2010
great idea i am in terrain :) ps some ideas like:
humans must survive for 30-60 min,pretadors must kill the alien queen,alien must kill all humans and predators!
thene the queen makes a alien bug(alien, face bug,etc) every 1sec-1 min like face bug 5 sec to make alien 30 sec etc and the owner of aliens can't see wat the queen is producing
Level 5
Jul 4, 2010
Thanks for the reply everyone.

great idea i am in terrain :) ps some ideas like:
humans must survive for 30-60 min,pretadors must kill the alien queen,alien must kill all humans and predators!

The game mode idea is so-so, im trying to make a melee map sorta, not a usual fungame.

thene the queen makes a alien bug(alien, face bug,etc) every 1sec-1 min like face bug 5 sec to make alien 30 sec etc and the owner of aliens can't see wat the queen is producing
I don't grasp the problem sorry, could you go into detail and be more clear?
Level 13
Mar 28, 2010
Thanks for the reply everyone.

The game mode idea is so-so, im trying to make a melee map sorta, not a usual fungame.

I don't grasp the problem sorry, could you go into detail and be more clear?

ok so i wanted to say this:
The alien queen makes a random unit every 1sec-1min.the units can be diferit like:the queen makes first a ''face huger''(bug that gets your face:razz:)
or it makes at 10 past a alien imy point is that the alien makes in diferit times at diferit moments random units:)
ps i can help you with terrain if you want:)
Level 5
Jul 4, 2010
ok so i wanted to say this:
The alien queen makes a random unit every 1sec-1min.the units can be diferit like:the queen makes first a ''face huger''(bug that gets your face:razz:)
or it makes at 10 past a alien imy point is that the alien makes in diferit times at diferit moments random units:)
ps i can help you with terrain if you want:)

So you suggest that the queen should, instead of laying eggs like in the alien movies, the queen should randomly lay eggs sometimes, but also lay full grown aliens with special abilities, like scouter aliens?And instead of laying eggs every 15 sec. it should sometimes be a shorter interval and sometimes a longer interval like 1 min.?
I don't really think it fits with the theme and it also goes against the whole alien hive system and theme.Im afraid this wont work.
Level 5
Jul 4, 2010
your right but haw about this...
the larva alien(the one that burst from the humans chest) whene it makes mature it will be a random alien like somethimes its a alien scout somethimes is a alien(normal)
how about this?

You do realise that this would defeat the very idea behind the alien life cycle itself right?
Oswocs always produces drones.
Kurns and Kritilics always Runners.
Humans always Warriors.
Predators always Predaliens.
The alien species adapts to the inviroment, by taking the local wildlifes genes into their genepool, creating different kind of aliens, based on the host and not just random and uncontrolable.
If it was random, you cant make strategies or counters, nothing would work.