Avoj v1.0

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Created by Arrr


Map Info

A tiny 1v1 map, mix of Sunken ruins, Ashenvale and Village tiles.

Due to the lack of trees I had to Shift-place some around the main bases - you can never know.
Also indirect kotg nerf - I guess?

I wanted a safe way from the main base to the expo, so there you have it, an easy path to get reinforcements.
I also wanted bridges on expos, and now I hope cubing on expo doesn't go too op. Would have to nerf expo gold (meh).

As I was making the layout I started enjoying the idea of a lively island, and had some neutral passive villagers around, though they created too much clutter so I removed them.
But I only removed one kind of villager. So I kept the others. And one of them was in front of the Bob's Guns sign.
Don't forget to say hi to Bob.

So I got the Idea of a "Cursed" version of the map. I really just wanted to have northrend Merc camp on a Map I guess.


A 84x84 playable map, effectively much smaller due to the layout.

-2 Players
-2 Expos - 1 for each player
-2 Shops
-2 Goblin Labs
-2 Lordaeron Summer Merc Camps
-1 Tavern

total creeps:
-8 Green Camps
-10 Orange Camps
-2 Red Camps

Stuff about the map

The orange camps may not be the easiest at the beginning - the closest one has no medium armor and a crit wolf - but are quite easy to get by the time the 2nd hero comes out for a quick level 2.
The high number of green camps is because I used them mainly to integrate some xp in certain creep paths; or 3 of them can be crept for level 2.
Creeps in the outer-ish areas of the map are not too appealing due to their effects (poison, curse), as I wanted to keep the game to flow towards the enemy at a certain pace.

Maybe due to the map's small size everyone will go greenx3 towards enemy or quick orange/expo into enemy for fear of an easy creepjack? Probably, guess most of the camps will be used to lvl up second heroes as mentioned before.

Decided to put many units in some creep camps, because why not, wanted to experiment some.

Bases seem hard to attack, there's not much room to manouver when sieging it feels, but the shop and merc camp right outside of the base should help.

Mentioning also that the merc camps may feel a bit close to each other, I'll just call it a feature.
And also that the quickest creep routes move towards the enemy expo.


A somewhat indicative overview



Now random pics taken from misleading angles to scam you into downloading the map







Note:Most of these are screenshots of the 1.0 version, new versions will not vary the map drastically, so these still are quite accurate

Change Log

-v1.0 First release


Map was made for the Hive Workshop Melee Mapping Contest #2

Please report any issue/complain you have.

If you have any questions about the map pleast ask, I'd be glad to explain my thoughts.

Map is free to use and edit - After the contest has ended please.

Avoj at Night


This is another version of the map - the "cursed" one mentioned in the description.

The layout is the same, only changed some textures, water color, tree types, and lightning.

The creeps I feel are more interesting, as many are undead, and I also had a couple of them drop a rune of rebirtht - fire and frost skeleton archers.
Oh and the northrend merc camp is quite fun aswell, with nerubians and Blizzard.

This was made more "for fun", so no detailed descriptions here, though you may like the cursed villagers hating Bob in the map description.

Here are some screens





-v1.0 first uploaded

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates

Sunken, ruins, island, village, felwood, 1v1, contest, melee, human, night, elf, undead, orc, Arrr.

Avoj v1.0 (Map)

Avoj at Night v1.0 (Map)

Approved based on reviews here: Melee Mapping Contest #2 - Results Please leave only the latest version.
Level 5
Mar 1, 2018
Stunning terrain and atmosphere created here, I'm a big fan of mixed tileset's that are on the green/bright side, so A+ in that respect.

I'll give a full detailed review soon