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AresLands, a web-game

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Level 10
Sep 19, 2011
hi there. today i released a web-game that i had been working with for a few years. it is not the best project (i was very noob when i started) but it may be useful for someone (specially spanish people).

it's written in php (laravel 3 with custom modifications), mysql, js (angularjs), css (bootstrap) and html.


a little bit of information about the game
there are 4 races (human, drow, elf and dwarf) all with their differences of course. you have to complete quests and fight to other units (monster/players) to progress. you can buy items from merchants and trade them to other players.

the game has a few events (dark portal where you have to fight to very powerful creatures; clan tournaments; orbs; ranking).

you can also create/join a clan and make it progress by learning skills (passives) and participating in tournaments and fighting for orbs.


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most of the game yes, only in spanish, but the code itself english.
it was online a few months ago (this is only the source code) but we shut it down because we didn't wanted to continue it (lot of problems, too little economic gains, and it was just me as coder).
Well, translating it will surely make more people play it, including me, I am very curious what you did, but I don't speak spanish :/
Good luck!
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