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Web of Lies

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Each section will Hold differant information About the game, Select which part you would like to now more about.

It's suggested that you read basic information first.

A large amount of information will soon be added as it is thought of, debated and decided upon

Basic Info:
Web of Lies is going to be a game played on a 6x6x6 Web (size reduced if too large)

It is a turn based game.

Each players have Orbs placed on the fieldn in a particular starting area for each player, They can set which level on the z axis they are on however they are restricted to only a small part of the web in the x and y axis.

Orbs are Moved one point and are allowed to change their Z axis height.

There are differant types of Orbs which can be used.

After an Orb has been used it is replaced with a new randomly generated orb from a database.(all upgrades remain)

Upgrades affect many differant factors of an Orb

Inside the Orb, you can find mini battle spiders, these can be used to fight other Orbs.

Each player also has some Programmed Spiders which players set targets and priorities, changing the way it moves around the Web, many aspects can be changed on these Spiders, but that will be explained Later in a differant section.

All Information about your orbs and Spiders is hidden from your opponant.

There are three ways of winning:

Capturing all enemy Orbs and Spiders.
Full Web victory: Own 90% of the web.
Obliteration Victory: surround the enemy orbs and spiders completaly.

Points are gained in many ways, you can spend Points on upgrades for your orbs and if you gain a huge amount, you can use it to get a new orb.

the ways of gaining Points are below:

Location Capture: Capture a point (1 point)
Orb Capture: Take an enemy Orb (by Spider: 5 points) (by Orb: 10 points)
Spider Capture: Take an enemy Spider (by Spider: 15 Points) (by Orb: 25 points)
Income: Based on web ownership (0.10 points per location) gained every turn)
Region ownership: Take control of an area (increases income by 2.5)

Once more have been tought of they will be added.

Spending points:

While on the main grid, Press ESC and you will be taken to a Menu displaying various things such as an Orb database to look at what types of Orbs there are , the chances of obtaining one, and abilities, battle spider data and suchlike.

you will also find a section labelled 'Traps' this is were you can purchase your traps from, Traps are all global and can be used by any Orb or spider, they aren't assigned to a particular one, Stronger Traps will cost more odviously, the only restricted traps are the Large traps as they are too big for battle spiders so only your Large spiders can use them.

There will also be a Bonus section were you can purchase thinhgs like more orbs, chance upgrades for particular genres of Orbs such as ranged Orbs, Grid Orbs (most useful out of battle) Orbs with special affect etc. as well as things like new AI's you can unlock for your battle, unlocking new traps and orb types etc.


Your Orbs and Spiders can be upgraded to improve their performance, therefore making the Orb or Spider much more useful then they otherwise would be.

all upgrades only apply to the Orb or Spider that uses it.

Upgrades include:

Shell strength: (Increases your Orbs Hp and return damage in Battle)
Spider Training: (increase the damage of your battle spiders)
Spider Adrenaline: (Increaes attack speed of your Battle Spiders)
Improved Bot Reserch: (Improves your Spiders AI)
Spider Endurance: (Increases the hp of your Battle Spiders)
Deadly Poison: (only Available for some orbs, Increases the poison strength for Battle Spiders)
Platinum Webbing: (only Available for some orbs, Increases the strength and duration of battle spiders Webbing)
Electronic Virus update: (only aviailable for some orbs, Decreases the time taken for an electronic Virus to break the target spiders firewall)
Switch to duracell batteries: (increasess the mana of your Battle spiders eneabling them to act longer, Duracell lasts longer, much longer).
Bio-Shield: Makes Battle spiders Immune/Weakens Poison plague depending on level

(More upgrades to be added soon)

These little bots are your main weapon of war, but, they must be programmed.

A player cannot manually move them they are only maiplulated by setting a way for it to act.

Also you need to set attack priorities.

Differant ways of acting:
Coward: Rarely attacks, tries to just bloack paths.

Reckless: Attacks any opponant orb regardless of priorities.

Cautious: Attack every now and again, but only when it decides it is safe.

Grudge: Will target Orbs or Spiders which defeated a Pieced you owned.

Tactical: Only attacks when it thinks theres a good chance of victory, Attack pattern is utterly randomised, has no pririties But is smarter than all other AI's, however it might neevr attack at all if such an event never occurs.

It costs Points to Change a Spiders AI.


there are differant types of Spider and Orbs with differant abilities and upgrades depending on it's type:

Types included are:

Electric: Can infect Battle spiders With an electrical virus that will eventually break through it's firewall and take controll of it, but has a high chance of being detected and destroyed.

Poisonous: Can Inject poison into a Battle spier which will destroy and ruin the wireing inside it, causing damage and a weaken in performance.

Spinner: Can trap Battle spiders in it's Web causing it to become immobile and incapable of attacking, however abilities still work.

Spitter: It is ranged.

Combat: Generally good a combat but vunerable to poison and viruses.

Explosive: These ones blow up upon death causing large amounts of damage to nearby units, friend or foe, very vunerable to spitters and is more likely to lose a fight than win. but if extremely affective vs. Combat.

Tank: Have a ranged attack of 2 points and high armour, however the Weight prevents restrics movement to once every two battle turns.

Orbs themselves can also have differant types as well as the Battle spiders within them:

Decoy: This Orb can only capture locations, When engaged in battle it simply is captured and replaced with a new orb, however it moves 2 points rather than one.

Speedy: These Orbs move 3 points at a time, their Battle spiders have increased speed.

Stun: Stuns an Orb that battles with it.

Tank: Increased armour, can reduce armour of other Orbs (out of battle, Range is 2 points) for 4 turns or until it's next battle, Also has the ability to deal 10% of a Spiders hp from 1 point away (out of battle) Spell cooldown: 2 turns

Scanner: Can detect what type of orb Your looking at, but only what kind of Battle spiders it has. (range is 2 Points, Cooldown of 4 turns)
More will be added shortly.

Electric Orb: Goes together with the electric Battle Spiders, it can steal up to 2 Battle spiders from an opponant Orb (range 1, cooldown: 5 turns)


Traps can be used inside an outside battle depending on there type, generally MOst traps are used in battle.

All traps outside battle are placed on a point next to the Orb

Spiders use larger traps, Battle spiders use small ones, but they can generally get them for a lower amount of points.

Trap types:

Cage(Battle): Lays a beacon on the ground: if a spider or battle spider touches it they will be trapped untill they can break the cage.

EMP(Battle and Grid): creates an EMP field, any unit within will be shut down untill the emp field dissapates, also deals damage. when used on the Web it will only activate against an opposing spider and shut it down for 2 turns.

Smoke Trap(Battle): Units within will become un detectable from Ai's, Battle spiders have a command to hide in one, Ai's automatically do it depending on what type they are, lasts for a short duration.

Mine(Battle and Grid): Simply put, blows up and deals damage

Ai randomiser(Grid): Changes the Ai of a Spider that touches it.

Sensor Scrampler(Battle and Grid): (Battle)Makes the units which touch it invisible to players and all units for a short duration. (Grid) Sets a invisible trap, when set off by an allied Orb/spider it will make it invisible, if setoff by an opponant Spider it will blind it and make it move randomly, I fby an opponant Orb it will supply Data to the setting player about that orb.

Plague (Battle): Releases a plague onto the triggering spider, If any other spider comes within 1 point of a plagued spider which belongs to the same player, they will be infected.

More traps to be added soon.


Layout: The battle is faught on a grid, the Battle spider and Spiders each move so many squares each turn automatically, they also may have differant ranges, traps when set in battle are set on a grid square.

Note: Turns and Battle Turns are differant as Battle turns are only during a battle, during battle normal turns do not take place untill the battle ends, think of it like star wars battle front 2 galactic conquest type battles, you have main fleets, they move to a planet, you then attack the planet and a battle commenses.

This is the main part of the game, the fight begins by players first selecting wether to open their Orbs and fight using it's Battle Spiders or to keep the shell closed an use the Orbs own armour and defence to protect itself (if Orbs are in the fight)

Traps are then setup by one of your Battle Spiders, Location of the traps are specified by the players.

If it involves A Spider (Large) it will use it's Ai for most things such as using abilities and setup traps but player can disable that part so they can use the abilities and setup traps themselves.

Movement of the battle is very simple, Battle spiders just charge, spiders (Large) act according to their Ai's, humans cannot control movement.

For humans to use battle spider abilities they must select the main orb, not anything else and within it they can order a group or a specific Battle spider to setup traps, and use abilities if they are non passive.

The winner of the fight then gets ownership of the Spider or Orb however both are then swapped out for a random one in the database.

More info soon.

spells have been meantioned before, these function much like traps however they arn't things that are setoff, they are things such as armour decrease, damaging spells. healing spells, they are active and do not need to be 'set off' by another unit, they are also used in and out of battle.

They are allocated to certain types of orb

Types so far:

Grid Block(Grid): Makes a location on the Web be removed for a time making it impossible to go to that location, If an orb or spider is on that point it will be made impossible to move, however it will also be unattackable.

Flaming Web(Grid and Battle): when using this on the grid it will coat a point in flame, therefore making the arena firey when fought upon, flame affects Orbs more than battle spiders and normal spiders. When used in battle when you have Spinner Spiders as this can only be used in a battle if you have a Orb containing them it will makes their Web have an Aoe damage that will hurt all units (allies or not) within a 1 point raidus.

Cursed Glyph(Battle): Creates a glyph which acts totally impulsively at a random point which is unused in the middle are, if all are occupied then it will spawn in a random unused point, it will chase units with the most hp, upon impact it will curse them which will lower there hp by 2% every Turn for 10 Turns.

There are certain roles that need filling in order to create this, so If your are intrested, dont hestitate to ask to join, I have no real reason to reject you.

Roles to fill:
Need a Metal Orb model with an open animtion (with light to conceal Battle spiders climbing out)

Movement sfx for the Orbs when they move around the web.

Metal Spider, Needs additional attachment points so packages containing traps can be attached to them, (suggested this is in a web attached to it, but that that web is a differant model) Spinning a web animation and a build animation for them as well.

Web Points
Web thread to link up each point

Package model (for traps)

Basically sombody who can make the web using the web points and web thread models which will hopefully be able to get created as wlel as the battle arena.

Grunt workers:
Sombody to handle custom data such as dummy abilities and other abilities and make the units.

People who can Trigger the sort of things That have been meantioned,
A large amount of triggerers would be good so this can be completed swiftly and effeciantly.

I hope I can be working with you soon.
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Plauge: Trap
poision spreads when this trap is activated to any spider or orb it touches, it randomly removes one upgrade, trap etc. an then it dies after some number of turns, also kills battle spiders... if the unit it has infected touches another it becomes infected.

Bio-Shield: Upgrade
Protects against poision, plauge etc. depending on level.

Tank: Orb
Has naturally extra armor and has the ability to reduce the armor of other orbs, or attack spiders from a range of one. Battle spiders are also short ranged and have incresed armor. But has to wait a turn to move.

Illusion: Orb
Appears to be a spider and it randomly moves towards enemies. Very tricky, but is weaker than other orbs. Spiders are also weaker, but have a random trait, tat can make them powerful.

Trapmaster: Orb
Its an orb that can hold up two random traps and deploy them when it comes in contact with other orbs to weaken them before battling. Some of its spiders randomly explode with a buff or debuff during combat.

Virus: Orb
Automatically steals some battle spiders from opposing orb. battle Spiders have a chance on evry attack to turn enemy spiders against them.
Level 3
Jul 8, 2008
About the Spiders, Lets make them not like the Last Line (NEVER ATTACKS) , lets make it when the chance of Victory is under (10 %) They Recruit Large Army and Attack :- )
They arn't the last line anyway :eek:, and there are no armies involved in this game, think of it as 3D chess as such for the spiders, they attack when there Ai finds it appropriate.

They are infact the complete opposite of last defence, they are your primary offensive units.

They are much stronger then battle spiders, and much bigger so they have no need for armies, battle spiders are just so that orbs can involve combat as well :p
Level 3
Jul 8, 2008

Ok :wink:


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Level 20
Jan 6, 2008
im sorry to be a bit offtopic, i just wondered, why did Magnum666 post those images, only curious, it sounds awesome tho ;>, and if you need me its always to vm/pm. May we see some images, and i would suggest to you if youve played wow to make it some kind of Azjol Nerub (Hadronox) terrain...

Images: Well, i couldnt find any, but its on a web platform, i suggest you skin a tile for it, ;D
I'll soon be adding some screenshot of the Wip Player menu were you purchase upgrades, view the game map, read information etc.

It probably wont be functioning for some time due to the fact that I need the grunt work and Web complete, It's a shame I have no patiance for grunt work.

Edit: right, here are some screenshots, first one is of yourc currant orbs and spiders data, so like how many of what type you have, how many in total, currant bought upgrades etc.
second is information such as how to play, the battle map in it's currant stage and a more text version of the battle map which is like saying how many points you have and suchlike
Third is the shop were you can buy new orb types, performance upgrades, new ai's etc.

It doesn't function yet, but thats cos the other stuff needs to be made first before I can get the menu done.


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