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  • Wondering if you could update your MUI system fixing the groups part? You destroy the groups but you don't recreate them afterwards and I don't see where you create the groups.
    Hi Dat, sorry I don't code for Warcraft 3 anymore. But if you want I can help you fix the issue. Have a good day.
    Pepito came back over and over.
    take a rest, noob.
    Jorguito I thougth you were dead, I'm glad that I can still insult you.
    i remember when you, like a fool as you are in fact, try to renew the old page which name i dont remember now.....
    you failed pepito, you put a lot of illusions on your users and they never saw what you promised them
    now you are here looking this site, its different, not like before
    you now why? its easy, here are good programmers, GOODS! not like you, little bitch, our poor bitch, forever n' evah!
    i did what i had to hernesto, for the best of the community i'm a hero
    we like to troll each other, we're (sadly, he is gay) friends ^^
    Hey Ruke!

    I know that Nestharus is using your alloc algorithm, but it seems odd to me. Doesn't it get collisions?
    Allocated instance = 1 2 3 4 5 6
    mins later I decided to deallocate 3, which pushed to the recycler stack.
    Alloc stack = 3

    Allocating a new instance, pops 3 from alloc stack right? but what is odd is this block:
    if recycler[node] == 0 then
    set recycler[0] = node + 1
    assume that node is 3, that gives us 4 right? but if I allocate again, while the instance "4" which hasn't been deallocated(see Allocated instance), may cause collision.

    My mistake, sorry >.< good job, I never thought it works.
    Por cierto ruke quiero sugerir en el foro chaosrealm el uso del tag y [GUI] como el implementado en nuestro foro; como se puede lograr esto?
    Si, todo orden :D
    Entre recién a la universidad, ahora me dedico a dibujar y quise volver al mundillo de Wc3 haciendo skins. Hace tiempo que no visitaba a la comunidad, ahora nadie me reconoce y me encuentran raro. T-T
    Dont call me a creep, but I checked your repo on github ( :D ), namely the form-validation, and there are 2 things I would like to point out.

    No license = no permissions. You only allow people to fork or open issues, but you do not allow them to use it at all, if you want fully open, use CC0 to put it into public domain(the most freedom you can get), and the second thing is the ":D" from the validation message I think kind of makes it look a bit less "professional" :D
    Wanted to try out your vr jass. But I get RTC errors. I tried removing code from the wehack.lua but then I get 5k compile errors when I save maps. Hopefully you can help me when you're back.
    is for the massive unit creation.
    Remember that example for the laser beam and you said it was because of the units? I am working on something to see if that was the cause/reason. Not to prove you wrong or anything, I just am curious. Your partly correct, unit creation is costly because its expensive as well makes a leak that can't be cleaned/fixed. However the GUI move unit function is extremely slow due to all the checks and calls it has to perform. It's faster using coordinates and dummy units or regions to do this or so I think since creating points/locations is a costly operation as well. Hopefully I can provide an example soon, just to show you my results. =)

    Again thanks for making such a MUI system... Nobody else would have I think. I still use it to this day for simple stuff so I don't need a thousand udg's.
    Hey, is there any way to increase the limit of your system MUI?

    I made a cluster-rocket-like ability and it breaks at like instance 50 even tho I got limit 90-200+

    Should I just use a projectile system instead?
    Could you add support for more things in your MUI system? Lightning support would be quite awesome if its possible.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I found a simple lightning handler system that seems to work well with your system so a combination of it seems fine.
    Well, if that's what you think then it's good then :), good luck to in your work friend.
    Hi friend, I was just wondering why you switched to an array stack instead of the old hashtable stack. I mean, you've said in your thread "let's talk about efficiency" that it is okay to use what blizzard made. It also makes the code development a lot longer, instead of adding features to it, you've been busy fixing the array implementation.

    I've been thinking about what you said, and I think you're right. I also believe that the system does not require the speed the arrays are providing, since this was intended for helping GUI trigger users in handling object memory allocation (object instancing) and automatic garbage collection.

    I hope I haven't offended you for this message. I just want to give my unbiased opinion on the matter.
    By the way your system only supports MUI for stuff that requires timers right? What about other events like lets say combo systems when a player presses Z and then X to make a better spell?
    Oh hey wanna be friends?

    By the way don't take deathismyfriend as a threat, hes already making you look bad. Just respond a bit more... calmer/polite to him I would suggest. I did step in to try to help.
    Trust me death did say one thing right, you shouldn't be using locations. Just get the X and Y of points to use coordinates. However he seems to be bored because there is other hashtable spells and systems. At least you got a few people on your side :)

    EDIT: Thanks for adding my example :thumbs_up:
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