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Web Designs

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Level 10
Jun 16, 2007
Hey Guys,

recently I've started getting a bit into web designing. I learned PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS and started making a few sites. I wanna try and sell one site to this australian hardware merchant, MSY, whose web site looks rather....crap....and not very professional.

Anyways, I made a web-design, and wanna know what you guys think, I attached a screenshot of the design here. The link to MSY's current website is MSY-The Name you can trust-More than 10 years in IT industry-Nationalwide branches serve you & always offer the best up today IT price.

Also, if anyone else here is a web-designer, care to show some of your work:wink:?


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Level 18
Apr 15, 2004
Remember your C.R.A.P.

Anywho, the navigation is hard to see and the icons at the top do not make sense to me. Also if you are going to use those icons make the closer to the text as that will help bring them together as one element.

Also make your own icons. Never use icons that are floating around, that is a very bad practice.

Content needs serious work, I honestly never cared much about writing compelling content however it is a very important aspect and separates the poor from the good.

I would add some contrast bringing the content to the front above the background.

Just some of my class work that I threw together quickly.
3D Grunge
Project 2: Design Approach
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