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Anura Swamp 0.1.4

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
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Features a custom creep, a "toad" with a creepjack mechanic where it grabs a random enemy unit within 500 range and drags it towards itself. Can also be purchased at the mercenary camp.

This is a contest entry for ATR melee map contest for a 2v2/1v1 map. Custom content is allowed.

General Information:
-1v1, 2v2
-160x160 Size

-10 Gold Mines
-2 Mercenary Camps (Custom)
-2 Goblin Shops
-2 Goblin Laboratories
-1 Tavern

-10 Green camps
-18 Orange camps
-6 or 2 Red camps

In the bellows of Ashenvale lies a swamp with murky waters. It is known for it's dangerous creatures that hide beneath the waters and devour fishermen who get careless.

Anura Swamp (Map)

Level 24
Nov 9, 2006
There are modified maps in the wc3c map pool. At what point is a map considered altered melee?
Concealed Hill uses modified fountain values and is not considered a melee map, but has been in battle.net map pool.
These rules seem very tripe when this map plays 1 to 1 like a normal melee map.