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Ancient Murloc Cannibal

Ancient Murloc Cannibal

I just felt like skinning something, so I decided to make a sort of prehistoric Murloc, most of the concept of the skin is based on the prehistoric fish called Dunkleosteus.

Texture path:

texture is useable on both RoC and TFT Murloc models, though it fits better on the RoC model.

Give credit if you use this in your map

Please do not distribute or modify this resource without permission.

murloc, ancient, cannibal, creep, fish

Ancient Murloc Cannibal (Texture)

THE_END: Awesome idea, I love the model this is based off




THE_END: Awesome idea, I love the model this is based off
I down loaded it, it looks waaaaaay more cool the normal murlocs. blizzards murlocs shoudl look so primitive and savage, thos nasty teeth..
i love murlocs, there the msot interesting speices.. being so aquatic n all..

but im curious, why isisnt this skin capible of being amphibious, i noticed i cant make this skin swim, eny way i can change that?

9/10 (becuz nothigns a 10) but it isisnt amphibous so id say 7.5-8 out of 10 for it.

if it manages to swim, itd be even more epic!
sorry for multi posting, just one more quick thought, perhaps its too much work for your time, but a canabalize animation would make this a 9.99! then it might be my fav naga model. looks so savage as it is.

and i enjoy looking at ur work, its quite good, keep it up!

and not that my map will ever be dun but youl have credit for the uber fish.
OK months and months later, iv figerd it out.

you cant use the path "units\Creeps\Murloc\Murloc.blp" becuz you dont have the amphibious animations.

INSTED!! you swap for a diffrent unit replacment for the skin.

you use "units\Creeps\MurgulBloodGill\MurgulBloodGill.mdl"

that way it has a spell animation but more importantly it actually floats in water insted of ontop it!

it changes nothing about the direct apperance of the skin, and it dosent seem to crash eny thing.
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