American Officer Pack

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"You mean-- I have permission to hit the Captain?"
- Martin Maher

"You have permission to try!"
- Herman J. Koehler, Master of the Sword

This pack uses an Omni-skin, meaning you only have to import the skin once in order to use every model of the American ground-forces.

This pack includes
- WWI Officer
- WWII Officer
- President (still looking for ideas)

Keywords: USA, United, States, America, Of, Officer, Sergeant, General, Lieutenant, Commander, Leader, American, Wrath, The, Kaiser, WWI, WWII, World, War, One, Two

Credit to Irrational Entertainment for the canteen and face texture base.

- WWI Officer's hat now fits
- WWI Officer's sword no longer clips through legs when firing his pistol

WWI Officer (Model)

WWII Officer (Model)

General Frank
A nice comprehensive pack of WW1/2 inspired models.