Amani'shi Guardian

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Da Amani been around forever... and we gonna stay around forever!

Recreation of the Zul'Aman plate set for an elite Amani'shi warrior.

Check out - The Vengeance of Zul'jin Campaign:


Amani'shi Guardian (Model)

Amani'shi Guardian Icon (Icon)

Amani'shi Guardian Portrait (Model)

Level 6
Jul 5, 2021
My god... this Model is really good, Because my favorite race is trolls, i'll just say this deserves a 10/10. its just THAT good in my opinion lol

The Trailer as well... my god, i can already see a good project... Not because it has trolls... (even tho Trolls are LITERALLY my favorite Race) but it looks like so much Effort will be put into it... just like these models!