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[Trigger] Alliance settings, cant share control

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Level 4
Nov 27, 2012
In my map, there are 2 teams of 5 users, 1 computer. (Players 1-6, 7-12)
I have a "drafting" mode where 2 captains can pick players to be on their team.

So if player 2 picks any player from 7-12, I set picked player to turn Alliance with shared vision on and vice-versa. Everything works fine, except that Player 2 cannot Share Control with picked player from opposing team, and vice versa.

If they go to the Allies Screen (F11) the Share Control box is clickable, but when you click it, it ticks the box and when you close the menu it automatically unticks it.

Attached is an MSPaint diagram. Players from Red Box cannot share control with Green Box, vice versa. Players "wineBOY" and "i.suckc0ck4gold" can share with each other, but nobody else, and nobody else can share with them.

    call SetForceAllianceStateBJ(udg_force_sents,udg_force_sents,bj_ALLIANCE_ALLIED_VISION)
    call SetForceAllianceStateBJ(udg_force_sents,udg_force_scourge,bj_ALLIANCE_UNALLIED) 
    call SetForceAllianceStateBJ(udg_force_scourge,udg_force_scourge,bj_ALLIANCE_ALLIED_VISION)
    call SetForceAllianceStateBJ(udg_force_scourge,udg_force_sents,bj_ALLIANCE_UNALLIED)


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