Alliance Dozer

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Alliance Dozer
I made this long time ago for fun, only showed to minimage tho, Decided Upload it

Sorry Minimage, Lazy to add rider, so I stick mirror on it

Peasant Say, Now I can Rest A bit

Fixed some Normal problem, Changed the Window Texture, and Fixed Portrait

Suggested Soundset: HeroMountainKing

build, worker, peasant, human, alliance, dozer, engine, siege, steampunk

Alliance Dozer (Model)

11:59, 3rd Apr 2015 MiniMage: Could be useful.
It would be better if he made the driver, also- It is his option.

It would be a waste of file size to create a whole entire new unit model inside of the driver's seat, as well as an interior, just for a slight improvement that wouldn't really be noticed. Really, it just needs a better glass texture that is less blue.

This is a neat model. 3/5.
Level 13
Aug 19, 2014
Yeah needs a better glass texture, other than that this is a cool vehicle again. I love cartoonish models.