Acclamator Class Assault Ship

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Since Olofmolemans acclamator did not quite fit with the texture style of my Venator, i decided to make my own. The Acclamator was a light multi-role ship mainly used to transport troops into the fray, giving supporting fire with its twelve turbolaser batteries. Unlike the Venator, the Acclamator is capable of landing in order to deploy troops, for which i have added animations where landing gears are extruded. There are also morph animations and a separate death animation for when the ship is in its landed state. It also has a rich variety of particles.

If you intend to use the Crow Form ability for landing the ship, i recommend you set the "Landing Delay Time" to about 0.6-0.8 seconds shorter than the "Altitude Adjustment Duration" - this will cause the morph animations to play with some delay, as i intended them to.

These are some of the object editor values i recommend:

Art - Death Time: 6 seconds
Art - Maximum Pitch/roll: 0
Art - Orientation Interpolation: 10
Art - Propulsion Window: 180 degrees
Movement - Turn Rate: 0.1

A high resolution version of the texture will be found below.

Star Wars, jedi, space, sci-fi, capital ship, transport, republic, cis

Acclamator Class Assault Ship (Model)

22:45, 21st Nov 2014 MiniMage: Wait, why didn't we approve this yet? Approved. For all future space maps that wants it.




22:45, 21st Nov 2014
MiniMage: Wait, why didn't we approve this yet? Approved. For all future space maps that wants it.
@Misha: Well, yes, it has the required animations, so i suppose. The only problem would be wether the land/air transition gets a bit screwed, but you will just have to test.

@Stryderzero: The slightly toony style was actually something i was going for. The color is the same as the Venator, a bright blueish hue which contrasts well with the dark grey details. If you want to make it less toony, i'd rather if you reduced the saturation to make it more grey. I still like this one the best though, but if you want i can send you the .psd file, so that you can edit the different layers individually.

By the way, i suggest you all use magos model editor to preview it, in the hive viewer it really looks like crap and you can't see any of the particles. The dust particles sprouting when the ship lands are my favorite.
Level 9
Feb 16, 2011
I like this one but I feel like the back of the ship should be a bit thicker other wise good job Nicely done alternate stuff, would be cool if the other republic ship had it as well just saying.