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[vJASS] Accessing custom save games from different maps without a campaign

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Level 26
Feb 2, 2006
for the single player mode of my map I would like to add the functionality from the Bonus Campaign to change the level to another map and change it back to the original map.
It seems that functions like SaveGame() create the custom save game in a subfolder with the map's name. Even with CopySaveGame() it is not possible to copy the save game to the subfolder of another map (maybe I am doing something wrong here).

Is it only possible to change a map to another and saving the current map and then loading the savegame again when I use a campaign since all maps would use the campaign's subfolder for savegames then?

If this is the case I would have to release a campaign as well where I import my maps for a singleplayer mode.
Not open for further replies.