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(4)Sorrel Autumn

Submitted by Zucth
This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
(4)Sorrel Autumn V1.02
Player Suggest: 2v2, FFA
Theme: Brown Sunken ruins + Asvenhale and Felwood = Fantasy
Map Creator: Zucth


Map Description:

A mystical being isles where the outcast unite. This island had a sorrel color and always autumn in every season. A lovely elvish stand out home make the traveler amaze.

Neutral Building:

16 Goldmines (Main-11000, lv17-11500, lv23-9000, mid expo lv13-15500)
1 Tavern
4 Goblin Merchant
4 Mercenary camp -Felwood
2 Goblin Lab
2 Marketplace

Creep Camp:

12 Green
24 Orange
8 Red (+4 base)

-size 136x136
-brown barren + sunken ruins tile set
-many possible way to creep to lv.3 followed the preview picture
-rune of rebirth available, give a chance to play makura deeper[lab camp] and dragon lv.6[base protector]
-high ground base and expo open
-red expo near base behind tree wall
-3 expo per player which is pretty much for a 4 players map
-base to base with militia run is around 45 sec

++There's a WIP down in the photo down there in case you wanna asked of it.
1.0 release on Hive
1.01 change from murloc'heal' to Ancient Sasqauch lv.9 [makura camp]
1.02 rebirth only drop from makura in lab camp with p4 and pw1, while market camp drop per5 and pw2. +replace all the critter

Creator Note:
-Maybe soon have a change of creep and drop. [not really sure about makura deeper camp item balance yet.]
-minimap is a bit mess up.

(4)Sorrel Autumn (Map)