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(4)Icicles Isles

Submitted by Zucth
This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
(4)Icicles Isles V1.0
Player Suggest: 2v2, 1v1
Theme: Light Underground, 2v2 with 1v1 popular neutral spot
Map Creator: Zucth

Map preview

Map Description:
Icicle Isles form as plain claim by the frozen stone. The old ruins from below moan in pain. even the snow can't fall here, its cold pressure who called the traveler to died in pain.

Neutral Building:
8 All Goldmines (All-12500)
1 Tavern
2 Goblin Merchant
4 Goblin Lab

Creep Camp:

8 Green
14 Orange (-4 base)
4 Red

-base near enemy than friend.
-map size 115x116
-player spawn are balance but not at the same time, up to the side open of the camp.
-item drop maximum at lv.4[charge/permanent] even the red spot
-one extra safe expansion but hard camp. in the middle between teammate on ramp
-underground tile set but lighter with L. winter light.
-red camp drop lv.4 permanent
-main layout use an idea of 1v1 popular neutral building position, you can see it from the minimap.
-one player will had a harder time to expo need friend to help creep the up cliff mines else go toward, but to spawn as well.

++There's a WIP down in the photo down there in case you wanna asked of it.
WIP picture
v1.0 release to hive
-1.01 remove 2 expo in front of base followed the old plan with unbalanced spawn in term of player but balance in term of team.

Creator Note:

-what I trying to do here is to use underground as base tile set but light it color up.
-I also didn't sure about the balance of players as well. Its more like up to the player spawn spot but not really, well you should decide that then :/

(4)Icicles Isles (Map)