(4)GlideerBay v1.1

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Player Suggest: FFA, 2v2
Idea: BootyBay rework
Map Creator: Zucth // Original BB was by Blizzard Ent.


Map Description:
Original extend from a 2 players map "Booty Bay".

Neutral Building:
14 Goldmines (On land - 15000, Isles - 8000)
2 Tavern
4 Goblin Merchant
1 Dragon Roost - mid

Creep Camp:
12 Green
30 Orange
5 Red (+4 Base)

-playable map size 160x132
-rune of watcher at the mid shop.
-c6 drop from dragon roost.

1.0 upload to Hive.
1.1 -hotfix a few bug

Creator Rework Note:
-shorten the main base high ground path.
-better balance left and right but kept the difference on visual.
-make path to the easy expo shorter.
-lower the island gold make 'Tower Defend' strategy weaker in a long game.
-more reward itemdrop at the Isles(make it worth to explore island). +shop mid make this work for left vs right.
-add more creep on the way
-instead of making middle like 'Turtle Rock' I use border to kept space for ground right instead of completely dominate with air army.

-If this is violate the Hive rule please turn it down.

GlideerBay v1.1 (Map)

Level 6
Mar 17, 2019
booty bay always looked very WC2, too bad it was 2p only, not a fan of boundary in middle of the map so I just made mountains in the middle and spammed pathing blocker to avoid having units stuck there, also moved a little the merchant goblins stuck on the walls.
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