1. When_Ogres_Cook_Warcraft_First_War_Memorium_Warhammer_Butcher


    Model for Ogre Cooking Pot. Base model is 'FirePitCauldron20' ('Cauldron over the Fire') by MiniMage. Replaced the pot with the pot from Dionesiist's 'OgreBtucher'. Added birth animation of Healing Totem and death anim of Medivh's Spellbook (using MatrixEater). Made for 'First War Memorium' addon.
  2. Ogre_Icon_Buttons_Unit_Roster_Tech (First_War_Memorium_WarCraft_3)

    Ogre_Icon_Buttons_Unit_Roster_Tech (First_War_Memorium_WarCraft_3)

    Some icons. The centaur icon is actually used for an Ogre unit that has a similar face and helmet. The top left & top right icons are made by me. Bottom left is an edit of Dionesiist's 'BTNButcher'. 2nd icon 2nd row by Scias, bottom right by takakenji. WIP of Ogre Faction for "First War Memorium".
  3. biridius

    [Altered Melee] W40k Vanguard Strike

    An Altered Melee map inspired by Warhammer 40'000, particularly the Dawn of War series. Vanguard Strike Screenshots: Features: The map has multiple scripted systems altering the way Warcraft 3 is played. Working AI - the map is playable in both multiplayer and single player. Mods...
  4. T


    Trying to find frog wizard models for my scaly bois army. I tried to work special effects but it's not quite working out for me unless someone has tips.
  5. I

    [Tower Defense] Warhammer Medieval TD

    Warhammer TD Map Details Up to 9 Players: 8 base defenders, 1 final defender (Grey temporarily disabled due to desync issues) 35 Waves: 5 air, 4 mech, 5 boss 10 playable races, with each having around 17-19 towers (~94 different towers) Interest and Tower Relocation systems Tower Synergies...
  6. Gorgrond

    [Request] Some model edits please.

    Hello! I'm kind of new here, I used to visit HIVE long time ago and soon has I returned I noticed some of the Threads that I used to ask for getting help don't allow me to post anymore (Doodad Creators Thread and Simple Model Workshop Thread) sadly, so I saw myself forced to create this thread...
  7. BrothForMyPeople

    Bald Hammerer/Warrior Priest

    I need paladin-like guy with hammer and - important - he must be bald. I remember there was model like this in Hiveworkshop, but I can't find it now.
  8. ExMortis

    Are there any good Warhammer maps around?

    I only saw substandard maps.
  9. ExMortis

    [Strategy / Risk] Warhammer: Far East

    Warhammer: Far East is a new project of mine. It's a free for all Melee map that includes 6 unique factions of the Far East lands from the Warhammer universe. I'm planning to create new maps with added unique factions and Lords/Heroes. The playable factions Chaos Dwarves They are an...
  10. Marcraft22

    [Shooting / FPS] WH40K: Dark Millennium Battlegrounds

    Stay awhile and listen, a long long time ago back into the olden days of Hive (like 10 years or so) a user named xXx-Tricky-xXx surprised the whole community by releasing his renowned map Sharpshooter Online, a masterpiece of Warcraft III GUI triggering that literally converted the game...
  11. Empire - Free Company Regiment

    Empire - Free Company Regiment

    Credits to HerrDave for the awesome witch hunter hero model he designed.
  12. Free company militia wip 2

    Free company militia wip 2

  13. Empire - Free Company Militia

    Empire - Free Company Militia

    Early WIP: features a hat made by HappyCockroach and super TC plumes made by HerrDave.
  14. FeruEnzeruJKun

    Who's or What's your favorite Orcs in Non-Warcraft Fantasies and Fiction (Includes Charas-Races)

    THE ORCS. Please read or look around at this list of cool looking Orcs from other fantasies and fiction that are not Warcraft along with Goblins, Cyclopses, Ogres, Trolls and others. Heres the list of who or what favorite orcs you like. Number 1: Grimgor Ironhide from Warhammer Fantasy...
  15. Anknaton

    About a lost model... Model request

    Hello there... Once again I'm looking for an old model... This time the Chaos Defiler there was once on the resources section... Someone has it? I'm trying to have a old resources backup for my upcoming custom campaign... If someone has it, please can send it to me or upload here in this post...