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  1. UHSFA: The Harbingers

    UHSFA: The Harbingers

  2. cleavinghammer

    Day, Night, Wild, and Space-themed Spells

    Need spells with a day/sun/light, night/moon/darkness (but not in the evil sense), wilderness/beasts, and space (not sci-fi)/emptiness-elemental theme, for both hero and unit spells. Standard spells with different models and icons are fine if you can make them fit the theme. If you know of good...
  3. DaveDave91

    My stunning visual maps, which one should i continue??

    So... terraining, effects, ambient lights, environment in general is what i like the most, and i have spent several hours in my maps, all of them are basically templates and i have histories for all of them... however i do not know wich one of them should i continue! -Elven City Siege-...
  4. Collapse


    Here is the first hint of project. There is a map. Each of the opposing bases are connecting by 3(+2) lanes defended by structures. Forces are Light (Naaru) and Shadow (Void Lords) Background story will be avaible (Keywords: Nozdormu, Thrall, Cycle, Madness, Corrupt, Old Gods, Murozond, Alternative
  5. Lord_Marrowgrath

    [Aeon of Strife] WARCRAFT: Collapse

    By Lord Marrowgrath TOWERS When Void and Light collapse, Towers becomes unstable and out of control. It turns to Broken Keeper and deals damage to nearby units. Forces needs to capture or destroy Broken Keeper. If players destroy Broken Keeper, it will remove...
  6. FeruEnzeruJKun

    Warcraft Canon/Fanon Related Grand Alliance Races/Factions List

    FOR THOSE WHO PLAY AND DON'T PLAY WHAoS MUST READ THIS THREAD IMPORTANTLY (INCLUDING CANON WARCRAFT AND INCLUDING ONES THAT WARCRAFT FANS MADE UP). Grand Alliance of Order and Light Angelic Imperium (@FeruEnzeruJKun) Light Forged (Can be canon) Human Empire and Human Kingdoms Order of...
  7. FeruEnzeruJKun

    Tilesets fitting for Every Halloween (Ideas)

    I liked to inform you guys about something very important for every Halloween. What i like about Warcraft Halloween, is something for us to do. I would liked to make ideas of something involving aberration, chaos, death, orc (goblin, troll and ogre) and void themes. Here's a list: 1...
  8. Tigrick

    Searching Author of "void.mdx" Effect

    Hey guys, (I put this here because it is the most suiting category for it. People here tend to know model repositories...) I am looking for the AUTHOR of this effect: I found the effect in the map "Demon-Wars" by E Aye … sadly, that map has no credit list. In the map, the effect is...