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Day, Night, Wild, and Space-themed Spells

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Level 28
Apr 6, 2010
Need spells with a day/sun/light, night/moon/darkness (but not in the evil sense), wilderness/beasts, and space (not sci-fi)/emptiness-elemental theme, for both hero and unit spells. Standard spells with different models and icons are fine if you can make them fit the theme.

If you know of good models or icons for the spells, feel free to link them as well.

Also welcome are comments, balance suggestions or numbers to replace [X seconds], [very high damage], etc.

Here's some initial ones:


Sanctuary (Active, Summon): The caster creates solid walls of light around himself.
* Ethereal walls of light surround the caster in an octagon, preventing passage in or out. All units in the Sanctuary gain resistance to Piercing attacks while the Sanctuary lasts. This resistance buff is lost if any of the walls are destroyed.
* Walls can be canceled individually before their timer runs out.

Sunlight (Active, Autocast): The sun's light brings cheer and warmth to the caster's allies.
* Heals all friendly units around the caster. Manacost doubles at night.

Blind (Active, Debuff): The caster channels the sun's glory to blind his enemies.
* Targets an area. Enemy units in the area have reduced accuracy.

Bright Eyes (Active, Buff): The caster fills an ally's eyes with the sun's radiance, driving back the darkness.
* Targets a unit. A unit with Bright Eyes has Ultravision, and immediately cancels accuracy-reducing spells and invisibility spells cast on the target.

Magnify (Channeling, Summon, Daytime Only): The caster creates an immense focusing lens to concentrate sunlight on a very small area.
* Targets a point. Creates a flying, immobile, ethereal lens of magic that concentrates the sun's light on the area below it for constant damage depending on game time. Damage is highest between 1100-1300 hours.
* The lens can switch from high damage and low target area to lower damage and wider target area.
* Spells ends at nightfall.

Wakefulness (Active, Buff): The caster forces a target's body to forgo sleep at the expense of its mind.
* Target unit has increased move and attack speed but takes regular damage. Sleeping spells cast on the unit are cancelled but end the effect.

Cage of Light (Channeling): The caster summons bars of light that close in and compress a target.
* Targets a unit. Target unit cannot move or attack and takes damage.

Equinox (Active, Nighttime Only): The caster commands the sun to return earlier than expected.
* Forces the game clock to 0600 hours (48 game-hour cooldown for all units with the spell).


Blessed Sleep (Active, Buff, Nighttime Only): Through the caster, the gods of night bless the target with healing sleep.
* Targets a unit. Target unit has Sleep and greatly increased HP and mana regen. Spell ends at daybreak.

Insomnia (Active, Debuff): The caster curses the target with sleeplessness, eroding their mind and willpower.
* Targets a unit. Target unit has negative mana regen at night until dispelled. Debuff is cancelled if a sleeping spell is cast on the unit.

Child of the Night (Passive): The caster is able to hide in the shadows even while moving.
* Caster is invisible at night except when attacking or casting.

Darkness Descends (Active, Debuff): The caster obscures his enemies' eyes with the night's power.
* Targets an area. Enemy units in the area have greatly reduced sight and attack range.

Lycanthropy (Active, Debuff): The werewolf's curse lies dormant in daylight, only to burst forth at the first sight of the moon.
* Targets a unit at melee range. If debuff is not dispelled before nightfall or spell is cast at night, unit is replaced with a NH Dire Wolf.

Lunacy (Active, Debuff): The caster invokes the strange effects the moon has on lesser minds.
* Targets an area. All enemy units within the area have increased attack speed, but take damage whenever they attack.

Eclipse (Active): The caster implores the Moon to hide the hot rays of the Sun.
* Creates an artificial eclipse.


Overgrow (Active, Channeling): The caster calls for the wilds to reclaim what once belonged to it.
* Targets a building. Roots appear around the building and deal high periodic damage to it.

Cycle of Life (Active): The caster greatly accelerates the life of a tree to crush his enemies.
* Creates a tree at the target point with 1 HP and rapidly increasing HP. Once the tree reaches maximum life, it falls over (facing away from the caster), dealing very high damage to units under it and exploding dead units and corpses.

Reforest (Active): Planting a specially-prepared seed in the ground, the caster forces magic to grow trees in the blink of an eye at his command.
* Targets a point at melee range. Creates an invisible seed ward at the target point that can be activated to create up to 7 trees around the ward. Units near the point are Impaled and moved to the side.

Track (Active, Debuff): The caster memorizes the scent of a target enemy.
* Target unit becomes visible in FoW to the caster.

Go To Ground (Passive): The caster hides away to lick its wounds.
* Target unit becomes invisible and has increased HP and mana regen as long as it does not move or is approached by an enemy. Disabled if an enemy is within X range of the caster.

Spirit of the Beast (Active, Buff): The caster imbues the target with an aspect of a mighty beast.
* Bear: Target has Frenzy and an Anti-Magic Shell.
* Wolf: Target has Frenzy and increased damage.
* Boar: Target has Frenzy and increased armor.
* Auroch: Target has Frenzy and increased movespeed.
* Stag: Target has Spirit Link with the caster and increased movespeed.


Wormhole (Active, Summon): The caster creates a gap between dimensions that follows him around, neutralizing attacks by interposing itself before weapons and relocating projectiles elsewhere in the universe.
* Creates a flying Wormhole with 100% Evasion at the caster's location that automatically follows and moves around the caster. Units within X range of the Wormhole passively gain 30% Evasion.
* If a Wormhole is in the target area of a Hard Vacuum spell, the spell is cancelled and the Wormhole is destroyed.

Hard Vacuum (Active): The caster calls on the essence of the interstellar void to slowly remove the very air from a target location.
* Targets an area. All non-undead, non-mechanical units in the area are Crippled after X seconds and killed after Y seconds, X and Y being proportional to their current health.
* Spell is cancelled if a Wormhole is in the target area, destroying the Wormhole.

Fold Space (Active): The caster brings two separate points in space together for instant transportation, although the mind needs time to adjust.
* Targets a point. Caster and all surrounding units are instantly transported in X range of target point and have Dizziness.

Gravitic Singularity (Channeling): The caster focuses the gravitic pull of a planet on a single location, weakening it elsewhere.
* Targets an area. All units within the area are stunned, gain 50% Evasion and are pulled towards the target point. Units in twice the spell's area move 50% faster (air units 100%) and deal half damage.

Meteor (Channeling): The caster calls upon an object in the upper ether and brings it to earth with immense force.
* Targets an area. Summons a meteor do deal enormous damage to all units in the target area, turning targeted terrain to rock and stunning all units on the map. If caster is interrupted, the meteor falls on the caster instead of the target point.

Black Hole (Active): The caster generates a mysterious gravitic effect that sends units to the void.
* Targets an area. Units within the area are removed.
** After casting, spell is replaced with White Fountain. If White Fountain is not cast within X seconds of Black Hole, the spell is automatically cast at the caster's current location.

White Fountain (Active): The void returns the units it consumed, their minds still unstable from the journey.
* Targets an area. Units removed by Black Hole reappear with a Dizziness debuff.
** After casting, spell is replaced with Black Hole. If White Fountain is not cast within X seconds of Black Hole, the spell is automatically cast at the caster's current location.

Thunderbolt Iron (Passive): Weapons forged from a falling star are anathema to beings of magic.
* Attacks deal greatly increased damage to summoned units and cause Feedback.

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Level 40
Feb 27, 2007
For... what kind of a map?

It could be interesting to pair some of your day/night manipulation spells with autocastable abilities to set time forward/backwards. Say they cost a relatively small amount of mana, have a small-ish cooldown, and move the time forward or backward by a small amount when cast. Basically allowing you to drain mana over time to speed up the cycle you don't like and elongate the cycle that does benefit you.
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Level 40
Feb 27, 2007
Space - Phase Armor - Toggled Passive - While active, ranged attacks directed at the caster fizzle on impact dealing no (or highly reduced) damage. Each fizzled attack drains mana. (This can be accomplished with Defend, afaik.)

Space - Moonerang - Modular Mouse Spells v1.2

Day/Space - Stellar Evolution - Ground Target - Spawn a baby star at target location that deals damage and slows enemies in a medium area around it. It rapidly undergoes a full stellar life cycle, during which the size and strength of these effects change as the star gains mass. Damage dealt by the star increases its mass. (Refer to a simplified chart like this to see how to get to a variety of middle/end states based on mass transfer.)

Space - Gamma Burst - Non-Targeted Activatable - For X seconds project two narrow cones of energy, one in the direction this unit is facing and one 180* opposite that. Enemy units affected by either beam are weakened, reducing their [stat(s) of your choice] by up to Y depending on how long they spend in the beam. (Ignore that this is a Corki spell in LoL... I honestly didn't even think about it until I finished writing this.)

Space - Neutrino Dash - Unit Target (allies or enemies) - Dash a moderate distance in the target direction (further than the cast range), which can cross terrain. If the end of the dash is in water, send a bolt of light back along the dash path debuffing (blinding?) enemy units. (Neutrinos are detected by using tanks of heavy water that produce electron/positron pairs when neutrinos hit them and a scintillation detector that sees the photons that result from the pair annihilation process.)

Day - Charge Beam - Unit Target - Take in sunlight to boost an ally's [stat(s) of your choice] by X over Y seconds while channeling. If the channel is completed the bonus stats are retained for Z seconds. Targeting an ally that is also casting Charge Beam adds its affects to the final target and refreshes the duration for all casters in the chain (chains are one-way). Cannot be cast at night and channeling is immediately interrupted when night falls though the buff is retained.

Night - Lunar Boost - Unit Target - Same as above but working at night only.

Day - Battery - Toggled Channel - Charge up by channeling during the day for any duration up to a cap of X seconds (think charging a Samus B in super smash brothers). Channeling may be interrupted and resumed at will. At night or when full this ability can be activated, producing a field of Y radius for a duration equal to the duration channeled. Within this field it is considered daytime for all spell/unit purposes.

Night - Shroud - Same as above but works for night.

Space - Alone, Adrift - Passive - If there are no allied units within X range of this unit it gains increased maximum health (heals the unit when activated, but not more than once every Y seconds). If there are no units at all within that radius it also gains increased movement speed.

Space - Repurpose - Unit Target - Destroy an allied mechanical unit, gaining X% of its current health as scrap. This ability can then be cast on an allied structure, consuming all scrap to heal it and increase its maximum health by Y per point of scrap used. (In space exploration, no object is truly useless until it's destroyed.)
Level 40
Feb 27, 2007
Wilderness/Moon - Surging Waters - Point Target - A rush of water flows from behind the caster through target location. Hostile units are damaged and pushed along with the flow, while allied units are hasted. (Imagine the horse river flow scene from Fellowship of the Ring)

Wilderness - Stampede - Same as above but flavored as a stampede of animals in the target direction instead.

Beasts - Ravenous - Passive - This unit heals for a X% of the maximum health of any unit it scores the killing blow on.

Wilderness - Vine Eruption - AoE Point Target - After a short delay a mass of vines erupts from below target location. The vines knock up ground units on the way up (stunning them) and ensnare flying units on the way down (like raider ensnare).
Level 8
May 21, 2019
Light Themed:

Light Elemental
Summons an elemental of Light whose damage is based on its current hp.
The light elemental has a very large maximum HP pool, but starts at a fraction of its maximum hp. This spell effectively turns healing into damage, lending an offensive tool to healing-heavy teams and heroes. The Light Elementals attack is constantly changed to be based on its current HP using a periodic trigger event, or a healing event using Bribe's heal event engine or similar.

Blessing of Hope
Bless the target, imbuing a random or specific spell of theirs. This spell is instantly refreshed off its cooldown, and costs 0 mana on its next cast.

Wild Themed:

Alpha Roar
Increases the armor and attack damage of all nearby beast type units. The effect of this ability is increased for each beast affected by it.
(Basically a Battle Roar type thing which benefits from having large packs of units)

Restores the targets hp and mana over time. (Rejuvenation can do this out of the box)

Life Bloom
Gives the target a healing over time effect which can be stacked a total of 3 times. Each caster of this spell may only target 1 unit at any one time.
Once the healing effect expires, the target is instantly healed for a large amount, and a portion of the mana cost is returned to the caster. (Ripped straight out of how this ability worked in WoW during the TBC expansion).

The caster becomes permanently linked with the target. The caster loses Symbiosis and gains one of the targets spells instead. The target gains a stat bonus based on the casting unit. The 2 units affected by Symbiosis will periodically transfer HP between them whenever they are within a certain range of eachother, attempting to even out their HP percentages, essentially sharing their HP pool to some degree. Symbioses cannot target units capable of casting Symbiosis, and cannot target units under the effect of Symbiosis already.

Emptiness Themed:

Void Shift (setup for next 2 spells)
Sends a target friendly unit into the void plane. Inside, the target will be invulnerable, but will not be able to cast spells or attack. Cannot target summoned units.

Void Rift
Opens a rift in space at a target location, which units currently in the void plane can use to re-enter the physical plane, returning to their normal state.

Equivalent Exchange
Consume all of your units in the void plane, bringing forth a void elemental to the physical plane, with stats based on the consumed units.

Reality Pearl
Targets an area on the grounding, trapping all units inside for (about 10-15 seconds). All units outside the pearl, will be invulnerable and frozen in time, while units inside the pearl may act as normal, although they too will become invulnerable and frozen in time if they leave the peal. Once the duration runs out, everything outside the pearl returns to normal, while everything inside the peal remains as it unfolded. This ability essentially allows you to either make a safe-space in which your team recovers itself midfight, or isolates a few select enemy units in a completely unfair fight. This ability would be well coupled with a custom trigger AI that tries to escape reality pearls that present little fighting chance for the computer player.
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