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Tilesets fitting for Every Halloween (Ideas)

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Jun 28, 2017
I liked to inform you guys about something very important for every Halloween.
What i like about Warcraft Halloween, is something for us to do.
Hmm... Seems like a great idea. But i think i'll agree with everyone including me on Hive make Chaos/Demonic, Orcish, Void, Aberration and Undead themed tilesets could nice. :cool:
I would liked to make ideas of something involving aberration, chaos, death, orc (goblin, troll and ogre) and void themes.
Here's a list:
1: Chaos/Demonic Themed Tilesets
I liked fantasy demons and fantasy chaos like Warcraft Chaos (Color is green), Diablo Chaos (Color is red), Warhammer Chaos (Color is pink/purple) and Might and Magic Chaos (Color is red) because i would agree with something fitting for Halloweens is demonic themed ones (including Diablo ones) such as demon/legion worlds (Argus the Eredar Homeworld, Xoroth, Nathreza the Nathrezim Homeworld, Mardum the Shattered Abyss, Niskara, Nihilam the Doom World and other demon/legion worlds), demonic caverns, demonic fortresses (castles, citadels, temples, strongholds, etc.), demonic corrupted terrain (forests, plains, deserts, snow, etc.), green lava and other demonic things for tilesets. I liked it when Demon theme colors in Warcraft can be black and green like WoW: Legion instead of Red and Gold that way it'll be more fitting colors of Warcraft Chaos forces.

2: Undead/Death Themed Tilesets
The undead needs tilesets like deathly ones similar to Blight. Undead forests, bone lands and plagued terrain (Plague of Undeath). What i can do in my own Warcraft 3 stuff, is make plague demons, call the term Demonplague (Demonplagued) and have their own demon god or goddess like Nurgle from Warhammer.

3: Orcish, Goblin, Troll and Ogre Themed Tilesets?
I'm really a big fan of Fantasy Orcs, Goblins, Trolls and Ogres. What i'm thinking of is make Orcish, Goblin, Troll and Ogre themed worlds and tilesets (Fitting for Gronns, Ogrons, Magnarons, Goren and other Orc, Goblin, Ogre and Troll like races). Like Orc/Ogre Plains, Orc/Ogre Forest, Orc/Ogre Swamp(s), Troll/Goblin Islands/Jungles, Orc/Ogre Mountains and others.

4: Void and Aberration Themed Tilesets
Ah yes, the Void. The Void is a dark place full of terrible evils like the Void Lords and the Old Gods. My best part about Void is best for Halloween like make the colors of the Void purple like WoW. What we can do is is make Void and Aberration Themed Tilesets. One of the Old Gods N'Zoth is going to be in the next expansion of WoW probably next year, 2019 or 2020 i guess. I think Whispers of the Old Gods (Hearthstone Expansion) has some cool looking monsters of the Old God's Forces. What i can think of is void and aberration themed tilesets such as the Void (Itself, purple space, tentacles, others), Old Gods themed tilesets (Purple worlds, dungeons, caverns, etc.) and aberration themed tilesets (slime, mouths, flesh, eyes, tentacles, stomachs, etc.).

These are just the four best ideas i made for people to make tilesets for Halloween.

Feel free to read these four ideas i made up best for Halloween.
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