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  1. Testing Side Quests in "Fourberie: Westfall Story"

    Testing Side Quests in "Fourberie: Westfall Story"

    Testing gameplay (side quests) in current dev version of current WC3:Reforged project - "Fourberie: Westfall Story".
  2. deepstrasz

    (SOLVED) Flickering model textures glitch

    So, I am trying to create this out of this While the cluster one looks good in Magos' and Retera's, ingame and in the editor it's like in the attached video or even worse.
  3. W

    Question: The video makers cum streamers of WarCraft 3: Reforged

    Any reliable and loyal WC3R video maker or streamer w/ the acumen who the people can watch? Extra: Prolly SC2's video creator as well.
  4. GarbageMan

    Warcraft 3 Parody

  5. [GMV]     - All The Kings Men

    [GMV] - All The Kings Men

    One of the GMVs I have made last year. It does have a few Warcraft clips in it. I hope you enjoy
  6. SoooK

    Check for players screen resolution/aspect ratio

    Is it possible to get the screen resolution or aspect ratio of a player via GUI or jass? I want to assign different cameras to players, based on their screen resolution/aspect ratio. Some video settings cut off vital parts of the screen, if all player are using the same camera. Or is there...
  7. BrazilEmperor

    A Little and Simple Favor

    Someone can please download the named video "Chasing the Dawn Part Two Trailer" from this channel: Micha Haas and send me from this endress [email protected] because this video is restricted to my country (Brazil).
  8. pyf

    YouTube age restrictions can be bypassed?

    On MyPal / New Moon 27.8.1, age-restricted YouTube videos can be viewed nonetheless, when they are embedded inside a post. Is it a bug, or is it a feature? Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gry51PjxQOE https://www.hiveworkshop.com/posts/3247310/
  9. Wardota2 Gamer

    Hosting your voted Bundle's to Youtube!

    I am Working on a Video/Trailer to be hosted in my channel. But I need your help to vote a resource for me. 2 Trailer's / 3 Top 5 You must vote for a fitting Resource so that I can start in creating the Video/Trailer of the Resource. I will make 2 videos in the trailer and 3 videos for the top...
  10. oGre_

    My lessons video

  11. hypsandar

    [ Video] Melee Map Made in Due 11m!

    Map download & Discord server invite can be found in the video's description.
  12. pyf

    End of NVIDIA Driver Support for 32-bit OSes

    After Release 390, NVIDIA will no longer release drivers for 32-bit operating systems (*) for any GPU architecture. Later driver release versions will not operate, nor install, on 32-bit operating systems. Driver enhancements, driver optimizations, and operating system features in driver...
  13. Abelhawk

    Desktop/editor recording program?

    Does anyone know of an easy-to-find (preferably free) video recording program online that can film your desktop and the World Editor? I use FRAPS for videos about the game, but I've been unable to actually record things inside the World Editor without weird glitches. It'd be nice to find a...
  14. hypsandar

    Wizard & The Beast [Warcraft Scenario Movie]

    Heyy Hivers, me, my brother & my sister made our first legit Warcraft scenario together. What do you think? Have any feedback?
  15. Mr.Goblin

    Livestreaming recording software?

    Hey there! I'm looking for some free programs that I could use while doing my livestreaming events. What I need is simple: -Record my desktop while I work in photoshop -Record my voice -Runs smoothly when I'm on google hangout doing the livestreaming event. any suggestions?
  16. pyf

    Warcraft 3: Complete Story

    Re-experience Warcraft 3's full story, with Warcraft 3: Complete Story Earlier this year, Plamen Asenov (aka xLetalis) made a story-driven walkthrough for Reign of Chaos, as well as for The Frozen Throne The walkthrough is focusing on the cutscenes, and on the story as told in the campaigns...
  17. deepstrasz

    deepstrasz' music

    Hey people. If you like music check my youtube channel out and maybe you'll find something that comforts your ears. deepstrasz [/spoiler] :goblin_yeah: Hope you'll enjoy.