1. tytarjunior20

    [General] How to Make Dynamic Weather

    Hey everyone, It's TytarJunior again. I'm back with another video from my new video series called, "Let's Make a Game". This video highlights a feature I'm adding to my project, "Hero Quest" (working title). I figured I show you all how to make it while I'm at it. I searched the internet for...
  2. Cheshire

    looking for good tutorials for Adobe PS and AI

    hey there, I would be really greatful for someone to point me towards some good starter tutorials for the above. I'm just getting started and the adobe tutorials I have seen do far were not so great. thanks!
  3. Maks Lion Of Orcs

    HELP :(

    By any chance could someone possibly work with me collab or just give me a couple of pointers on making like a rpg map with triggers and making enterable houses,dungeons,caves guard AI balanced leveling and xp system the whole general idea behind it is that all the franchise characters from...
  4. tolist85

    tolist's Video Series

    Hi there, ı have tutorial videos about War Craft 3. I hope you like my tutorials. How to make waterfalls: How to make UI (User Interface): Fade Filter Tutorial: Custom Sky Tutorial: Custom Icon Tutorials: New tutorial is Teleport, Gates Tutorials. New tutorial is Elevator Tutorials.
  5. UlithiumDragon

    [3D Art] Removing Hero Glow - The Easy Way

    Removing Hero Glow - The Easy Way By Ulithium_Dragon Overview Difficulty 2/10 Easy difficulty Tools Needed GIMP (Get the Latest Version) Or Photoshop, but this tutorial uses GIMP because it's free Warcraft 3 Viewer War3 Model Editor World Editor What You're Expected To Already Know How...
  6. BeatMySkill

    [Mapping] WarCraft III World Editor Tutorials on YouTube!

    The Snowman Productions has released a big project that will teach all of the new, and old map makers. They have made the Warcraft World Editor Tutorials on YouTube and the tutorials will be in episodes! The episodes will go every week, Monday, so if you don't want to miss any of the episodes...
  7. Maker1209

    [Mapping] Tower Defense For Beginners

    Tower Defense for Beginners. This is the simplest way of how to create a TD (Tower defense) in Warcraft III world editor. Requirements: Basic understanding of the world editor. Terrain Difficulty: :eekani: First start up Warcraft world editor. Then, select Your preferable map size. 96 x 96...
  8. Chaosy

    [GUI] Make a quest tutorial

    Creating many kind of quests IntroductionSo I want to make this thread to help those who are new with the WE (worldeditor) so first this will show you how to make the quests and how to make them look better nothing else. Things needed Worldeditor Low Knowage of variables and triggers A quest...
  9. RazorHedgeFan

    Opening/Closing Gates

    Opening/Closing Gates -By RazorHedgeFan Description: In this tutorial, I will show you how to open and close gates in the editor using 3 different methods. Gates are means of entrances and exits which can open or close. In Warcraft III, gates are classified as destructibles, which means...
  10. Zacuge

    Looking for a JASS editor!

    I can't seem to find a jass editor anywhere online. I was wondering if anyone can help me out by directing me to an editor and possibly a tutorial.
  11. Gamecrafter_DK

    Everything about tags

    Content: Prelude Dissecting the good tag Starting up making your own tag Expanding Systems So now what? Keeping on going Polishing your map Epilogue Prelude Prelude: Tags! I have never met any (not newbie - ) Warcraft-player, that haven't played one of these. Yet, the...
  12. Kiris TCial

    Help with model editing

    Hey I'm Kiris and i was just wondering... can anyone show me how to use War3ModelEditor (I have the program already). Thanks! :thumbs_up:
  13. RoboHippo

    How to Make Easy Waterfalls

    Easy Waterfalls Do you like waterfalls? I sure do, but Warcraft 3's terrain doesn't allow a great deal of complexity. So, we must resort to trickery. You may now be thinking: "omg haxx lol". There will be none of that. This is a quick, easy way of making a waterfall, that won't involve anything...
  14. Mcasdf

    How to improve your Tower Defense

    topHow to improve your Tower Defense 1. Towers 2. Builders 3. Terrain 4. Creeps and spawn 5. Tower defense types 6. Life/point system 7. Abilities 8. Text 9. Balance/difficulty 10. Tips/final words towers1. TowersGo to Top The biggest difference between a good...
  15. Pyritie

    New "Off-site Tutorials" stickies

    Thought I'd post this here so people would notice. I put up some new stickies in each of the tutorial forums. These stickies are to be used to share any tutorials you find that aren't on the hive -- just post a link to the tutorial and I'll take a look. If it's good then I'll add it to the...