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trigger editor

  1. MrGsqrd

    Make AI utilize Zeppelin/SkyBarge/Transport

    Hey all, Maybe it is just me (It usually is) but I cannot find any threads or forum on getting Zeppelins or other transports to work dynamically with the AI. I know how to statically make a zeppelin load a unit an unload it in another region, but I am looking for something a bit more...
  2. GamesofFreak

    [Spell] Change Spell Hit Points Gained Value through Trigger

    I want to replicate the Racial Trait "Gift of the Naaru" from World of Warcraft in Warcraft 3. To gain the 20% of the Total Health Healing I want to change the Value "Data - Hit Points Gained" through Trigger. I know that the Value is an integer and if I try to change the Field with the "Set...
  3. Dord96

    [Spell] victory stand spell

    hello i want to use the victory stand animation for some spells but when i do it after the spell is dun the unit countinu to loop the victory stand is there some thing in the trigers to help with this ?
  4. jayjayduque

    Help for random sounds played when using spells.

    Hello, I wanted to create a spell that makes random sound quotes when it's being cast, but I don't know how to setup the trigger or the variables. I know a little about building triggers but when it comes to the variables, I'm kind of a newb.
  5. Cheshire

    [General] jass - baby steps

    hey there, I'm starting to learn jass and just had a small question (couldn't find the answer with searching or in the tutorials...) - In terms of calling functions - what is the relationship between the different tabs in the trigger editor? is it accurate that it's all like one long document...
  6. Superfrycook

    Creating bosses in Reforged

    Hello, I was thinking I could create the main boss or mini boss. The only problem is, if the boss takes damage, he or she summons enemies, traps or both. So how can I make a trigger when the boss takes damage, let’s just say if the boss’ health dips below 80% or 50%, can summon units or traps...
  7. TheFireMage

    [General] Localize an array in GUI

    Hello everyone, Like the title said, I want to localize an array variable in order to avoid too many variables because it's getting messed up. Thank you.
  8. Kapharna

    Count Mercenary Upkeep

    Hi guys, I am still working on my map, where players can buy strong units at the cost of an additional upkeep paid in gold. I am using an integer variable to count the total "Mercenary_Upkeep". The upkeep is calculated by the following action: Player Group - Pick every player in (All...
  9. Meetius

    Trigger Problem: Spell does not work.

    Hi guys, i have a problem with this two triggers but i dont know what the problem actually is since i think they are well done (other trigger that i have done with the same approach works fine) but, clearly it's not. Can someone help me find what's wrong? : D P.S. The first ability (Divine...
  10. CAAentertainment

    Reducing World Editor Lag (Trigger Editor GUI)

    Hello, I'm currently working on the classic World Editor for 1.30.1 Warcraft 3. I do not wish to switch to the Reforged Editor at the time. My map is quite large, I've been working on it for close to ten years now. As it has grown, the editor has become slower and slower to work with that it has...
  11. Vraeth

    [Crash] Trigger Editor insane laggs what can lead to Crashes.

    Hello everyone! It's been a year since i posted last time ago. I am a random guy who's trying to remake the oldschool Warchasers map into a more action packed full of bosses map with a lot of events and extra story spiced with anime style. I'm working on the map for a very long time now, with...
  12. tytarjunior20

    [General] How-To Series on YouTube

    Hey all, My name is TytarJunior and I've been a map maker for 13 years. My maps are very advanced and with reforged out now, I'm going to start posting about it and sharing what I know. For starters, I want to help the map making community, so I started making a how to series and would love...
  13. Meetius

    Ability damage equal to number of units

    Hi all, i was wondering if there is any way to set the damage done by an ability to be based on the number of units controlled (for example: 10 x number of unit). i've been trying since two days but i still cant find a solution (if any)
  14. Moonbreakzor

    How to trigger income for specific units in a specific region?

    Hi there, This is my first post and I hope it's not a silly question. I've spent many hours trying to solve this trigger system. I've tried countless variations, which work more or less. But none like I want it to. I am trying to add a small income every 2 seconds for the player for each...
  15. A Rather Wily Beaver

    [Trigger] Creating a GUI-friendly damage shield?

    Hello again everyone, Today I'm working on a spell that, when cast on a unit, absorbs the next incoming X damage that occurs within a set time range. I have it working for 1 unit at a time, but I'm struggling to get it to work for multiple instances at the same time. Here are my triggers...
  16. BradPittlord

    [Solved] Visual Studio, pasting code to Trigger editor

    For some reason sometimes when I copy/paste Lua code from visual studio to the trigger editor it pastes these random symbols instead 鿐ϴ 昰Ϯ I thought it was VS causing the problem at first but I'm pretty sure maximizing and minimizing world editor copies those symbols to the clipboard anyone...
  17. Koko Kwikwak

    [General] Does someone here available to make me a trigger????? PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

    if you are available, please do me a favor, would you make me a trigger; in a melee map, a trigger that makes my allied team into an enemy team. PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE i'm an ignorant peasant!!!
  18. jaspergeli

    [Spell] How to stack Barrage and Searing Arrow?

    It's better if you can help me how to put Searing Arrow to the Barrage targets. Does this require complex triggers? Thanks in advance.
  19. InSaNe_97

    Wait action wont work!

    Wait action wont work!
  20. InSaNe_97

    [General] Spawn unit goes into random region.

    Greetings! I have two little, easy-to-solve, problem and I'm asking asking for help. I'm pretty sure that pure title explained it. I make trigger that unit spawn in region "1", and then second trigger when that same unit enters in that region attack-move to another but unit spawn and don't going...
  21. Hevusrul

    [Trigger] Multi unit kill counter

    Hello, I am new to this site, please bare with me. You know how in Starcraft you can see each individual units killing blows? Each unit in the game keeps track of their own personal kills. I would like to create a system that would replicate this and take it a step further in Warcraft 3. When...
  22. necro-mage14

    Problem with AI

    Hello Hivers, I need help with AI,I create AI with AI editor, when the computer start attacking he collect attacking units from the base but I want him to train the units for the attack, I mean how to create an AI works like warcraft III original campaigns AIs????
  23. bojanpet55

    Mapmaker looking for a Trigger editor

    HI, im looking for a good world editor trigger maker PERSON ( someone to make the triggers ) for a map that i already made ( triggers only not made yet ) msg me on Skype bojan.petrusevski55 or on [email protected] <3 About the map , dont wana give out to much lets just say its a form of...
  24. DarkRanger2

    [Solved] Trigger professional Needed - Campaign work.

    Hello ! We need a good trigger Editor for a Night elven Campaign, if Interested please send me a privet message. However what you'll have to do is simple, it's just complicated for those who never touched triggers before, or are not enough familiar. We need you !
  25. InSaNe_97

    Trigger desired unit

    Ye' that's my problem today, I need somehow to trigger desired unit, I don't know to do this, can it be done?
  26. InSaNe_97

    Building destroyed after reviving a hero.

    Now is time to help me. I want make trigger that my building (Post Lantern) destroy after finishing reviving a hero. But something in second trigger don't working, please help me. Thank you.
  27. Nowow

    Map header code bug

    Hi, I think there's a bug in WEX trigger editor: whenever enabling a disabled trigger in a map which has header code, the following compile error pops up: commenting the custom script lines allows enabling the disabled trigger, then uncommenting the custom script lines works as well, but this...
  28. InSaNe_97

    Unit train unit

    Ok folks, I need help. I need to make unit can train other units. I know how to make ability cost resources, but if I do this with ability I will not have normal training time, so please help. Not important: I try to make this, but nothing what I try works, then I try to find on internet, but I...
  29. burnie

    [Mapping] Making a map with 4+ race

    How to make extra races work Hi guys, at first im going to say thad this, what is often here called is impossible, isnt impossible. It took me a lot of work to get extra races work with out replacing any normal race, but there are still some little things to fix like a the win/defeat condition...
  30. Thiiago

    [Trigger Spell] I need help for runs my spell

    The complete is: When an "X" unit takes more than 15% of its max life of damage in less than 1 second of the actions "Y". X = My Mage Y = The Actions thats i can want put in the trigger, this i know. But how triggers is actived i dont know how do :/ Example: My mage has 400 of total life.. 15%...