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  1. BigDatesNew

    Newest Editor bug with custom tree models

    Hello, let me preface this by saying the bug occurs on every map file I now open, from brand new ones dating back to years ago, with every version that WAS previously working over the years is now also broken. There appears to be a bug in the current version of world editor, where trees with a...
  2. AtivEnergy

    [SD/Modeling] Can someone Fix Oak tree?

    Greetings!:peasant-waving: Can someone help me to fix 2 aspects of a custom tree which i found on hive? 1. I saw that this tree don't have an Origin attachment point and i don't know how to put one.. (and i need that for a spell):peasant-sad: Bone 2 - "bone_new4" There are no vertices attached...
  3. HeheSylvanas

    Sentinel on a Tree

    Where can I find the option to create a "Sentinel" on a destructible tree through triggers? Sentinel being the owls that give you vision, the ones the Huntresses can cast. I don't want to order a unit to cast it. I simply want the Sentinel to already be on the tree as the game starts.
  4. Cheshire

    [Spell] Detect attack ground/tree

    hey there, is there a way to detect when the ground/trees are attacked? I mean when the missile hits, not when they are targeted... I can't find any way to even detect when a generic tree dies, and couldn't figure out how to do any of this with bribe's damage engine. would be glad for any...
  5. Cheshire

    [General] using a tree model for a building

    hey there, I'm trying to make a building with a tree model. should be super simple, but for some reason most of the tree models in the editor appear skinless. I found this thread that addresses this exact problem, and suggests the only solution is working around this by using an imported tree...
  6. Dispatcher

    Tree Doodad Variations

    Hello guys i have created a custom Tree well not clearly made but edited a tree i downloaded here in hiveworkshop but sadly it only has 1 Variation which is quite boring to watch the same tree in your map so my question is how do i create tree variations and what kind of tool should i use to do it?
  7. Dispatcher

    Help With Tree Animation

    Can anyone pls fix this tree Crannies Snow/y and Winter And this tree Crannies Summer and Fall To be just a normal tree I don't want the rock part behind those trees i just want the trees so can anyone pls edit that and i also want the trees to have a proper animation of a normal tree as in the...
  8. Schmiki

    Warcraft 3 Reforged - Changing Tree texture

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if it is possible to change Reforged tree skins? What I want to do is to lower cityscape summer tree saturation and make it a bit darker. Using casc viewer I've extracted the _hd.w3mod cityscape tree dds files. I've extracted both...
  9. InsaneMonster

    [General] Tree animation missing in-game

    Hi everyone, I was playing around in the World Editor and noticed trees animations are actually there and showed up both inside model preview and when placed on the terrain itself. However, there is no way that I've found to make them play such animations in game. I am dumb or it's somehow bugged?
  10. Peach Schnapps

    Add animations to tree request (please!)

    I tried myself and I somehow just ended up changing the model to the other tree as well? o.O This tree is breathtaking and I think everyone on Hive could benefit from this as well! Not sure if you need and MDL or MDX so here's both lol!
  11. Kurnelia'zooz

    Can you build a 'tree?"

    In my custom map, I want to make a buidable structure, which allow worker to haverst lumber from it. Is there any way to make that? Because player will likely build a lot of it, I prefer a way to use less trigger. In addition, if I make all tree in the map invincible, will it prevent worker from...
  12. KmLocco1666

    [Trigger] Tree/Selectable in Game Function Via Trigger

    I'm working on a item based skill that allows the player to gather wood, but i want to be able to hide the the Art - SelectAble In Game Feature when the player isn't holding the Item(Axe) And I was wondering if you need to make it a custom script or vJass for this, or even a means to change...
  13. PrinceYaser


    Nature... , Killing the time... I love terraining however! Tell me your opinions guys, they are very welcome! :)
  14. Azsure

    [Solved] Loop not working, has diminishing return results

    Hi, I'm having a strange problem with a loop trigger I made recently, the idea is as follows: 10 trees are spawned randomly across the map at initialization, those 10 trees will spawn another 100 trees each, one after the one, forming a chain to simulate a randomly generated forest. To do this...
  15. atab

    Spider Models

    Hi everyone ! I'd like to create a spider related race, but with my (very) bad skills in modelling, i came here :) So, I'd like: A spider "nest"; a building with 2 standing animation. One "empty", and the other with a "spiderQueen" on it the spiderQueen an be a resized original WC3 "creep...
  16. Azsure

    [JASS] Dead Trees - Destructibles Recycled/Replaced with Static Effects

    Hello, I thought this might be an interesting idea to bring up here. As most of you know, destructibles cause an addition into the game's lag performance, the more destructibles are added, the more the game is forced to send updates every second to check wheter these destructibles are dead or...
  17. InfernalTater

    How To Change Textures on a Tree or other Doodad (Without importing several models)

    How to Change Textures on a Destructible For The Impatient: For those of you who are experienced or impatient, you don't need to read through all of this talking. Text that is italicized will usually be either discussion, or details. Main points will not be italicized, so impatient users can...