1. HerrDave

    What is this error?

    Howdy folks, Davey-boy here with a question about the World Editor As of a patch or two ago, I've been seeing this when I open my map: What is causing this? A loooong time ago I had to do something to the game (Can't recall exactly what, but it included the MiscData.txt file) to allow for...
  2. unknown.png


    Remastering classic dirtrough. Also making some grass too https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/almost-doodadless.333954/#post-3496856
  3. pathfinish.png


    HD update for grand stone path
  4. Marnin The Shaper

    Need Help With The Texture Import - Warcraft 3 Reforged

    Hello. Recently I attempted to replace reforged tiles existing on the dungeon terrain for my map (I've basically took brick, darkrocks and greystones textures and made them gray in gimp). However, I've encountered numerous issues when I tried to import them to Wc3 Reforged. I have read tutorials...
  5. Stormgoddd

    How do I make custom Tilesets?

    I've been looking everywhere, but there are no tutorials on how to create tilesets in Warcraft 3. I managed to create custom ones myself by a lot of trial and error and using other tileset.blp files as templates. However I have one big problem, and that is overlapping. I don't know how I can...
  6. Stormgoddd

    [Import] Import custom tilesets in reforged world editor

    I'am suprised noone else has asked this yet. How do I import custom tilsets in reforged? When I import a custom sand tileset and change the path of lets say ashen_dirt_diffuse.dds, ashen_dirt_normal.dds and ashen_dirt_orm.dds the result is (see below). I also tried to just change them one by...
  7. douteigami

    Help on extracting war3map.w3e?

    I can find all sorts of info on the structure within the w3e for tileset information, but I can't find anything on how to extract the w3e file itself. Is there a tool for this? I'm wanting to convert some wc3 maps into something that i can use for age of empires 2, and also possibly i'll...
  8. FSK

    Custom tilesets not working in Reforged (1.32) Editor?

    None of my custom tilesets work. Tried numerous other ones in my map and they dont work either. Anyone else having this issue? Can't get any custom tilesets to work. For example, I am importing tileset (.blp) model DesertTile.blp and then replacing the filename with...
  9. cleavinghammer

    Tileset-dependent Water Elemental

    is there a way to set the Water Elemental to automatically use the same color (well, game texture) as the water of the map's tileset (similar to the normal/polar/underground Beastmaster summons, but for each tileset), or does it require creating one model per tileset and assigning textures by hand?
  10. Epic Producer

    A Scary Tileset?

    Greetings, I was wondering if I could perhaps find a grass(tile) that would probably set the mood to eerie. The setting is a forest. If there isn't one, then can I request a grass that gives eerie vibes-? I'd accept any help, I would be overjoyed if someone would likely help me.
  11. Woodenplank

    Fall Grass/leaves Tiles

    I'd greatly appreciate if anyone could help me make some tiles for my map/campaign. While the Skins section has several nice grass/dirt tiles, I haven't been able to find anything in the red/orange scope of grass, to go with autum/fall terrain. (And the basic ones in Warcraft 3 aren't too...
  12. Wayshan

    [Solved] Tiles and their weird edges (alpha channel problem)

    Hey, I have a strange problem with my tiles: Pasteboard - Uploaded Image I am really getting desperate. I followed some tutorials and played with it in Photoshop, but to no avail. I can edit them via PS, but I am not familiar with how this alpha tile and transparency works. Can someone help me...
  13. Yusuf123

    [Import] Importing custom tilesets? Tilesets not showing?

    So i found these tutorials on how to import custom tilesets and i did what they said but when i go to advance>modify tileset the tiles don't appear.. So here's a screenshot of my import paths; can someone tell me why its not showing or am i missing something? I'm downloaded a ton of tilesets and...
  14. OnyxTheDark

    [Request/Link?] HQ Blight

    Hello everyone I might not be on the right part of the forum If not please move it to the right section I was wondering if someone had ever made a High quality of the Blight tile If so could someone send me the link ? If not could someone do it and explain me how to add it into the editor...
  15. Woodenplank

    Bypassing Tileset Limit - Which Tool?

    So I want to bypass the "13" tileset limit in my map. However, my ferociously defensive computer refuses to download World Editor Unlimited, and I haven't been able to make Newgen/JNGP work since 1.26. I normally use Sharpcraft, but it doesn't have a feature to extend tilesets. Any advice?
  16. DanTDMzikri

    [Solved] How to edit Tileset File

    How i can get a tileset file? I want edit it with Ulead Photo Impact to make a Minecraft tileset for my RPG map. Please help :) Regards DanTDMzikri