1. AkosiK3N

    Project Piece of Peace (PPP): Tests and Feedbacks

    Hello! Ako si K3N (My name is K3N). I'm currently working on my very first project and I need someone to test and maybe help me with campaign creating. I am good at creating a story. And somehow know how to create a map. If you are interested, you can send me a private message. Thanks!
  2. FTFD Release Screenshot

    FTFD Release Screenshot

    Test map available here: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/fallout-tactics-feral-despair-ftfd-test-version-release.321841/#post-3397642
  3. ravellani

    Region Help

    Can somebody explain why these triggers wont work? The first one creates the point and moves the regions but it wont add the units to the unit group when they enter/leave the regions. Acid Rain Events Player - Player 1 (Red) types a chat message containing -test as An exact match...
  4. Blikunman

    LF Beta Testers - Castle Tactics

    Hey its Blikun, im presenting a nice auto-army tactical game [photo showcase soon] This map is based in an old Browser Flash Game called Miragine Wars (also in android) : Original game's video click here. Play the original game click here. If you want to help me test this map playing it...
  5. Mordeltho

    Project: Winter's Touch Beta Request and Desync problem

    My first post here; I've long used Hive and I'm thankful for all the wonderful tools and quality feedback. My map is a Zombie Hero Defense that I will have played through like a basic campaign with different stages; my first stage is complete. I've tested this solo several times for bugs and...
  6. Trokkin

    LUA tests and benchmarks

    I've been asked to check several statements about LUA, so here's a bunch of tests and benchmarks from me. This compilation might be supplemented should any questions appear. Ask any! I'm using Trokkin/CeresStdLib for utility. [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER]
  7. pyf

    The Browser hardware acceleration screen test

    Opera 12.18 6 fps 8 fps FS (but the screen is black) New Moon 27.9.4 (build 2018-12-14 by Roytam1) 5 fps 5 fps FS Serpent/Basilisk 52 (build 2018.12.15 by Roytam1) 7 fps 7 fps FS Firefox 52.9.0 ESR 6 fps 5 fps FS Google Chrome 49.0.2623.112 34 fps 32 fps FS Maxthon 5 fps 4...
  8. LovG

    [Solved] Test Map and W3 path bugged?

    Hello all, Today I wanted to try some stuff in World Editor but when I pressed test map button a window popped. Somehow it stop working. At first it said: "Can't find the C:\Program Files(x86)\Warcraft III\Warcraft III.exe". Open the Preferences tab and change it." I went to Archives >...
  9. posthumousturbo

    [Role Playing Game] My Map

    I'm sorry I gave up the map. Unfortunately, I do not have time. The Polish version of the editor is poorly translated. I will not make maps, because I do not want to do it, unless someone knows how to switch to English editor maybe someday. Please, close this topic by moderators hiveworkshop.com.
  10. troylowyee

    [Defense / Survival] Kodo Defence Alpha Bug Test

    Hello, this game is a Kodo Tag Modification. It's basically became something like island defence+kodo tag. Kodo Defence game where you have to run away from kodos and build a base. Survive for up to 30 minutes to win the game. Rescue other runners that are caught by kodos to ensure the survival...
  11. babied

    How can i unlock "document test" or anyway to test my map?

    Hello! I just tried abit to overlooking to Galaxy editor: I seen a notify that said "I must purchase any content of S2 to use document test". Then i buy a co-op, but it still haven't unlock. So, my question on the title! Pls :) Sorry for my English :D
  12. Kazeon

    EmberCraft Alpha Testing

    Hello everyone! I'm glad to announce that EmberCraft is very close to completion. I'll start to look for some folks to alpha test the map. This is a closed group testing. I'll reward exclusive in-game items for alpha testers that will always be valid for any further map versions. Surely it's an...
  13. Fruit Forest

    Need some tester.

    I need somebody to test the map and give suggestion about it. This campaign contains 1 intro, 1 chapter and 1 loading map (to restore the progress after a new patch)'][This campaign contains 1 intro, 1 chapter and 1 loading map (to restore the progress after a new patch. [Campaign] -...
  14. The Witch King

    need someone to test my campaign

    i need someone to test my campaign and tell me bugs or grammer mistakes and rate it. its a melee campaign map and a new race and a hero. also need someone to help me create good AI . pm on my profile page if you are going to help me. download link : http://uploadboy.me/25jwuiz1cw5a/Three...
  15. AquaFire

    [Crash] Map does not work for anyone other than the Host?

    Hello Everyone, I am working on a 3v3v3 Dungeon RPG and I have been unable to test it because of 6112 ports I am unable to open. Up to this point, I have been testing my map solo with users being replaced by Computer players (1 User + 2 Computers vs 3 Computers vs 3 Computers vs 1 Computer) and...
  16. Rubellu Sidus

    [Campaign] Castle's Graveyard

    Hello, I am planning to make a Campaign based on a game I played. The Mission about is the sixth (the only one I made so far). I was wondering if anyone can check (play) the map and tell me if the enviroment is good, the cinematics, the doodads and stuff. And tell me what I need to improve...
  17. behema

    Help Wanted! (+ Introduction)

    Hey, so my name's Ben, most people call me by my username which is Behema. I have just made an account on here because i have recently started playing Warcraft, after remembering the fun i had playing it 4 years ago. All i want to do is have fun and learn how to make fun maps for me and friends...