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  1. Altruistic Anduin

    Reforged HD Maps

    I know not all of you use the Reforged HD graphics of the game, mostly Classic SD, but I was hoping if you guys could add a Reforged Maps sub-category for the Maps of HIVE. Not all maps... translate well when converted or viewed in HD, mostly the terrain's formation and doodads. This sub could...
  2. impulse

    Name our TD!

    Hey! So as the title says i need a name for our TD, for the moment we have it named Season TD but feel like thats not a fitting name. Concept of TD - Maze - 4 different builder Fire,ice,lightning and last race unknown -unit spawn from 4 regions. The name Season TD came from that we wanted...
  3. terrio

    groups/folders inside resources?

    is there way to group/split my models inside 1 resource? like i have variations for every model, but instead of adding for example 2x more models, i could create groups like Variation1 |__Model1.mdx |__Model2.mdx Variation2 |_Model1-alt.mdx |_Model2-alt.mdx And the user could...
  4. cleavinghammer

    Suggestion: Add recommended version to the map info and map listing

    Currently the Recommended Version information is under the Contents header at the very bottom of a map's info section, which has a tendency to be buried underneath the images and walls of text providing information on the map, resulting in people asking which version they need in the thread...
  5. Barorque

    Album options/question

    Greetings, I'd like to know if there is a way to change the accessibility of an Album from member only to public? Would be quite handy, instead of having to re-upload every image to a new one.
  6. deepstrasz

    Diablo IV suggestions & comments

    My main concern is the game being a Diablo II reboot, mostly in terms of gameplay. Classes/Characters We know of the three classes which are basically 3 from Diablo II (+Lord of Destruction): the Sorceress, the Barbarian and the Druid. They said the Druid doesn't have fire spells anymore...
  7. BrazilEmperor

    Ability Icon Suggestions

    I need some icons for my caster's abilities. the Thematic is Scarlet Crusade. im using than in my Custom Melee Map about Scarlet Crusade and Forsaken. He is a normal unit, named Scarlet Inquisitor, a offensive spellcaster. Abilities: Smite - based on Holy Light. do not can be used on allies...
  8. BrazilEmperor

    Unit Techtree Ideas

    Hi folks! About my map - it's a custom melee map. I need ideas and suggestions about the units, whoever can light a lamp for me, I'm grateful. it is a human race (it also includes elves and dwarves). i have already three basic units: Legionary - Versatile melee unit. useful for fighting on the...
  9. Eye

    Map protection

    Nobody seems to ask or care about it now. Would be nice if one could do it without hacky methods, which not exactly protect, but delay the inevitable. EDIT: It is a suggestion thread.
  10. BrazilEmperor

    Help! i need suggestions!

    Hi Folks! i'm working in a one of my maps. is about a personal version of me of the human race in a fantastic Tolkienian universe. the problem is that I did not decide on what I would designate a unit that I created, called "Templar" (based on the Paladin). this unit would have 4 abilities (one...
  11. BrazilEmperor

    My Map - Suggestions

    I'm creating a map based on the traditional style (Melee), however, on my map it will have only two factions, and I wonder if a map with 4 heroes on each side and an average of 3 units per building could impress players ... however, I need some suggestions about this ... for example: 6 heroes...
  12. Diegoit

    Kobold reborn (help and ideas)

    I was making some kobold buildings but i had problems with the birth effect, i dont know how to paste it the orc building effect (birth). Im requesting someone that help me with it (birth) and with teamcolor :). Also requesting ideas. Remember Kobold live underground. - Also requesting...
  13. Diegoit

    Replacing CryptLord and CryptFiend (suggestions pls)

    Hey all im making a melee map which has Undeads and Nerubians as differents races, so decided to just change these units models to no change the Undead gameplay style. ill just change their models (CryptLord and CryptFiend). Can you suggest me some model to do it (just bring me links (Hive...
  14. stonneash

    Hive Friends and Hive Browser App, a suggestion.

    Suggestion: 1. Hive Friends: A chat app that has the following features: -Allows you to chat with members -Allows you to follow and unfollow memebers -Send notifications for PM/VM's 2.Hive Broswer App with the following features: -Browse resources and forums -Comment and edit posts -preview...
  15. stonneash

    The Arena contests suggestion

    Proposal: Main contests would be put back to back in a rotation with a week in between. Mini contests would be available for all topics back to back with no space in between. Pros: -Having the main contests 1 at a time will allow members who wish to participate in all main contests but have...
  16. Mister_Haudrauf

    [Altered Melee] Altered Melee map with Neutral factions

    I have thought about it for quite some time and i have come to the conclusion that it would be interresting to have several maps where you could ally yourself with native factions. For example: Outland themed map: Neutral factions would be fel orc clans with random names like "Battleaxe-Clan"...
  17. Lord_Earthfire

    [Suggestion] Linking Medals to Contests

    Hello Hive, While browsing our sites and seeing some profiles of our members, i was wondering which recource they made that they came won a contest against other ones (mainly because of curiosity, to be honest. and some recources on contests don't fall into the recource section). So everytime i...
  18. SlenderZed

    Suggestions on Weapons, Classes, Skills and much more.

    Hi So i'm back at it again, this time I wanna suggest a Sword or 2-Handed weapon. you guys can also use this thread to post your own suggestions Bloodmourne Weapon - 50 Type: Two-handed Weapon HP:35 AP:50 Str:8 Agi:6 Crit:5% Aspd: -10% Splash: 50% / 70 -On kills gives the player 50% chance to...
  19. deepstrasz

    Contest (+polls) announcements flagrantly visible plus notification?

    Please? :D If it's possible for them to be bigger or something, that would be neat.
  20. Mr. Gameplay Knowledge

    the ability to use History

    I suggest to give every member of The Hive Workshop, the ability to see their own history of things he/her visited in Hive like resource,posts and other stuff. So i got some questions for @Ralle : Can u give the members of hive the ability to see their own History? Will u give the members of...