1. Stoned spider... thing

    Stoned spider... thing

  2. deepstrasz

    (~SOLVED) Troll on spider model fuse/merge request

    Hey, if anyone could help me do this I'm a real noob at synchronizing animations. I need this for Kyrbi0's altered melee map: (6)Jungle Troll Fever - Jungle Trolls v0.2 (Classic) The idea is for the troll to stay on top of the spider. The spider doesn't attack only moves. The troll does the...
  3. Draktar

    [Altered Melee] Draktars custom nerubian race (WIP)

    Chapter I: Introduction and lore In this thread we're planning on outlining nerubian culture, it's possible manifestations in game and with time create a playable demo. This work will be part of a bachelor thesis striving to do just that and more... Lets begin! Nerubians are descendants of...
  4. Celso Luis

    Cannibalize based Spell(GUI)

    Hi, this is the first Spell that made using Triggers, and after a lot of trial and error, here we are... Hope you like of Base Idea of This Spell and Please, if have any way to make this spell simple using GUI, i'm realy interested, help-me to make a very optimized and leak free spell. Spell...
  5. Celso Luis

    Spider Hero Idea!!!

    This was an idea that came up as I read the lightnovel "Kumo desu ga nani ka ?!", so I decided to do a hero type pesonagem with some basic skills based on heroin. feel free to use, comment or give ideas.;) A special Thanks to Pyrogasm that helped me with a web spell Trigger
  6. Celso Luis

    Need help with a spell!!!

    I don't know if this topic are in the right place, but i really need a help with this spell that i'm trying to create. I want to combine "Web" (activated undead ability) with slow poison, the idea are that every unit affected by Web loses hit point over time. This will be an Hero ability of a...
  7. Rykon-V73

    Requesting 2 icons(for real this time)

    Hey there. I've been trying to find icons for the 2 models below: Chaos Spider: CryptFiend Hero Abomination: HeroAbomination Initially, I've been trying to find those icons myself, but no result. It would have been really nice if someone did this job. Optional: Can somebody tell me the name of...
  8. HerrDave

    War of the Ring - Mirkwood Spider

    It is I, HerrDave and I am 100000% out of-- just-- *angry sounds* I cannot for the life of me animate this model. I need to have it's legs spread out in all animations but the standing animation, and I am being completely screwed by MdlVis. If anyone would be willing to -suffer- through...
  9. atab

    Spider Models

    Hi everyone ! I'd like to create a spider related race, but with my (very) bad skills in modelling, i came here :) So, I'd like: A spider "nest"; a building with 2 standing animation. One "empty", and the other with a "spiderQueen" on it the spiderQueen an be a resized original WC3 "creep...