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  1. Azureusl

    Preloader not re-preloading same file (only preloading once)

    Hi, This is a repost, because I accidentally posted this in Advanced Programming :ugly::ugly::ugly: I was doing some testing with C# lua hot code reload. I've stumbled upon a bunch of hot code reloaders out there: JHCR, TS-hotcodereload etc. They just use straight forward Preloader(updated...
  2. HerlySQR

    Hero is not loaded with the Codeless Save and Load system

    Hello, I'm colaborating with other guy in a Digimon map and he used the Codeless Save and Load (Multiplayer) - v3.0.1 but the problem is we saved the heros without an error, but when is loaded there is also not an "error" but the hero is not re-created, after checking I see the Unit-type of the...
  3. AlanSpirand

    Save/Loading the game breaks triggers related to specific units

    I discovered this bug pretty late into making my map, since it doesn't appear always, only sometimes, but it's pretty much game-breaking. Basically, triggers that use "specific unit" event (like the one on the screenshot) or triggers that use exact unit comparison in conditions (the one that's...
  4. ProlRayder

    Acehart's help to save/load Spell's with other things

    Hello, how is everything? I would like the help of someone who understands a little about save / load systems. I want to continue using the acehart system because I have over 200 items already stored. But on my map I would like the spells to be purchased. The easiest way I found for this is to...
  5. ravellani

    [Miscellanous / Other] Player Indexing

    I just had an idea that I wanted opinions on. Unit indexing is when each unit is given a custom value, but I had this player indexing idea for RPGs or maps where you control one hero/unit. Basically you create variables that have the same number of arrays as players in the the game and you save...
  6. ScrewTheTrees

    [Lua/Typescript] "Codeless" Saving/Synchronized loading of huge amounts of data.

    Introduction [Edit] Just to be perfectly clear, previously local files could only be saved using a registry flag, this has been changed in previous patches, 1.30 or similar and one can always save files now. Greetings fellow modders, Time for another write-up, and this time with actual...
  7. JohnnyNeff

    World Editor - Line Tower Wars "Online Ranking System" Coding?

    Hello! I was playing Line Tower Wars and noticed they had a cool custom ranking system. This ranking system would save win/loss/score progress and reload it, when playing against other users on Battle.Net, making the game more competitive and seeing where you stack up amongst your peers. I was...
  8. Nazujin

    RPG SAVE / LOAD question

    Hello everyone, Im making a new mmorpg and im a experienced terrainer but not so good trigger, anyway. Guys i want to know, what save load system best fit into a pomemon / monster master like rpg. And what should i change to it work with 6 heroes, instead of 1. something like that: - main hero...
  9. Chirrungaso

    Save files limit on LAN games?

    Hello! I'm new to this forum. I used to download some maps here, but this is my first time posting. Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong section, and also, sorry I can't explain myself very well, English is not my native language. Now, talking about my question. I usually play lan games (RPG)...
  10. S

    [General] Save Load Inventory Abuse

    Hello everyone. Been a while since I posted a thread, to whom remember me. Anyway onto my question: I'm making an online RPG based on game mechanics from another game. One of the things I want to include is a save/load system. For it I've made my items with codes so that it can function. One...
  11. DarkMatterShark

    [JASS] File Writing Problem

    So I have a save code that writes save codes to a text file with preload functions, but the file writes to all players. How can I write it to only the player that typed -save?
  12. apsyll

    Interconecting Maps with save load system

    I had this idea a time ago thinking about not just to use the save load system for saving just the progress of one map but to conect two or many maps of different types and alternate the content. As an example we have a dungeon crawler map (MapA) and a boss fighting map (MapB), now when you...
  13. Jampion

    [General] Bugs after loading saved game

    I am curious about the bugs, that can occure, when loading a saved game. I read about it in this thread: Warcraft 3 patch wish list But since I did not find any more information on it, I ask here. I am especially interested in the first one, because I am thinking of adding periodic timers to...
  14. Fintrik

    Save/Load System

    Hello everyone i need a save/load system that can save 2 numbers that are 4 symbols long and name so it can detect if he copied it from someone else with different name. I tried to make it codeless without using Game Cache but it didnt worked (because i am stupid -_-) so the code will have like...
  15. Fintrik

    Save/Load system

    Hello everyone i need a simple save/load system with generator of random codes to save intengers can someone help me with it?
  16. Deniss


    Hello everyone, Since i havent found an answer by myself, decided to post this question. How to use save feature on this map? I am playing with a friend and after save from warcraft menu my friend cannot join my game in lan. I am missing something? Best regards
  17. Luiz Fernando Soares Jr

    Can't save after 1.27b

    Hi gaias, well after i patched my warcraft to 1.27b, no savecodes are going to my warcraft III directory. If anyone had the same problem and solved please help me. Sorry about my english :B
  18. thegodfather9

    Ability IDs Help

    So I'm trying to save abilities that a unit has that aren't ever learned by the unit except through triggers. Is there a custom script function that can convert the ability into an integer so i can save and then load it through CodeGen?
  19. Shayoo

    [Trigger] Codegen Issues

    Hello guy's i'm new to the hiveworkshop but i play wc3 since it's first day, so i won't go by many ways to tell you my problem here today : I'm currently working on a Orpg map, that requires easy save / load system, and for that i'v choosen the Codegen one, but i encountered one problem only...