rpg map

  1. zimperaman

    does anyone know the name of this orpg map?

    I haven't played in years so I remember very little, I know that the city was kind of in the center of the map in a square format, it had a weather system, for example in a storm you only had half the movement speed and the map itself looked being from the ice and the minimap was made up of...
  2. Plots and Coup detat's

    Plots and Coup detat's

    Deep in Westfall coal mines lurks brotherhood. Will they save those lands or pillage them to ground? You decide.
  3. Spooky Westfall Crypt

    Spooky Westfall Crypt

    "Spooky scare skeletons sent shivers down your spine".
  4. Moonbrook Church Indoor

    Moonbrook Church Indoor

    Kyrie Eleison, here locals pray for better tomorrow and release their sorrow.
  5. Moonbrook Tavern Indoors

    Moonbrook Tavern Indoors

    Want to trial myself to make indoor location, located in Westfall.
  6. OG-Panic

    Require Multiplayer Backpack system

    "Hello guys, I'm looking for a backpack system for my RPG map. I know there are several options out there, and I have already checked out quite a few of them. The problem is that most of the highly recommended systems are too expensive for my taste. I'm not a coding Guy, so JASS and all the...
  7. Horde Camp Near Janglore Mine: New Look

    Horde Camp Near Janglore Mine: New Look

  8. Horde Camp Near Janglore Mine: Old Look

    Horde Camp Near Janglore Mine: Old Look

  9. Boar & Wolf Forest: New Look

    Boar & Wolf Forest: New Look

  10. Boar & Wolf Forest: Old Look

    Boar & Wolf Forest: Old Look

  11. Westfall Crypt: New Look

    Westfall Crypt: New Look

  12. Westfall Crypt: Old Look

    Westfall Crypt: Old Look

  13. Testing Side Quests in "Fourberie: Westfall Story"

    Testing Side Quests in "Fourberie: Westfall Story"

    Testing gameplay (side quests) in current dev version of current WC3:Reforged project - "Fourberie: Westfall Story".
  14. Ace Madonna

    [Role Playing Game] Detached Tales Whispers: Her Lullaby (DISCONTINUED)

    Just a doodle I've been working on these past weekends. Figured that the effort wouldve been put to waste If I were to not post it xD. A little background info: This map remains unfinished (as seen by the horrendous terrain (Im gonna fix that soon)) :L and I hope some day I'll return to...
  15. Adventurer Defeats First Beast

    Adventurer Defeats First Beast

    Small video, showcasing special effect, when player defeats his first animal enemy.And yes - that tweaks their loot table!
  16. 3.png


    DarkLegacy:Warchasers - Dungeon Keeper.
  17. 2.png


    DarkLegacy:Warchasers - demonic assault.
  18. andreanrip

    anyone remember this old map description?

    Hello, sometimes ago i suddenly crave to play warcraft again then i remember an old rpg map i used to play as a kid, here is the description. 1. at first you can choose dozens of heroes, i think most of them are unique heroes and you choose them by going to a circle as a wisp in a high...
  19. The Nightmare Book

    [Role Playing Game] The Circle of Life

    THE CIRCLE OF LIFE "As it always done: whose, who camed to destroy land, will feed it's new saplings…" OVERVIEW A brand new singleplayer RPG centered in Felwood - in past known as Northern Ashenvale, now scar left from demonic invasion to Azeroth. Select 1 of 3 different heroes, relive their...
  20. HOLORN

    I'm looking for people who would be interested in participating in my project "Dark Stone - Custom RPG".

    Hi, I had already made a post in October 2021 and I'm making a new one because I've made a lot of progress on my map and I'm starting to have a more global view of what to do. The concern being that the ambition is great and I find myself limited, not by the work in itself (even if it's a big...
  21. "Twilight Forest"

    "Twilight Forest"

    One of enterance to great "Twilight Forest". Why Twilight? Well, you need to discover it by yourself.
  22. Legashi Sect Camp

    Legashi Sect Camp

    Satyr clan tries to live in local Kaldorei ruins, describing them as their "ancestor home". Does that real or not?
  23. Everbloom Grove

    Everbloom Grove

    Small area, later will be filled with friendly nature wisps and authum spirits. Major place in local Timbermaw lore.
  24. Timbermaw Camp

    Timbermaw Camp

    Almost finished Timebermaw area, later will be filled with furbolgs!
  25. Whole Map-4

    Whole Map-4

    Changes: -Started map decoration; -Slightly changed map terrain
  26. Entire Map-02

    Entire Map-02

    Updated version of entire map screenshot: - Finished terraining south map border; - Changed Loramus Thalipedes Lair, adding new colors & doodads. I'll update entire map screnshoot after major changes.
  27. The Nightmare Book

    [Role Playing Game] Pearl of Azshara

    PEARL OF AZSHARA "Azshara is quiet land: mystical creatures and secrets lies here, forever in eternal slumber…" OVERVIEW A singleplayer RPG map, that tells us a story about young naga sorcerer, who recieved an important quest - find mystical artifact "Pearl of Azshara". Explore Azshara - a...
  28. s[i]n

    Tomb of the Dragon RPG

    An evolution of my other map - RPG Arcade -, Tomb of the Dragon is a fast-paced multiplayer RPG map where teamwork excels. Choose from one of seven Heroes to fight your way through the rounds and make it to the Tomb of the Dragon. I'll update this thread as new versions arrive. Here is a demo...
  29. Sigon

    [Role Playing Game] Aspect of Doom

    -Aspect of Doom- You are revived and find out you have been betrayed, you fight from the bottom of the world tree up to claim your revenge. Choose from seven races with different classes and join others to face the mighty enemies that await you. Revenge! Aspect of doom is a role-playing game...
  30. Still working on it :p

    Still working on it :p

    After being stuck with writers block for over 4 months now i'm finally working on my Good and evil 3 project again XD That's the problem with making a story up as you go along, would have thought I learned my lesion with the other projects XD
  31. tytarjunior20

    Hero Quest (Working Title)

    I am developing a full-fledged single player experience inside Warcraft Reforged World Editor. I post quite regularly on my YouTube channel on development. Videos include updates, new features, work in progress, and how-to's on how things were made. Here is the latest update on my single...
  32. Nain910

    [Role Playing Game] Horm Rpg

    Enjoy the threatened world of Horm. Take one of the many heroes and defeat with 5 more people the oppressive forces of evil. Horm Rpg is an adventure Rpg that focus on develop his own hero with 3 classic classes (Tank, Dps and Support), when strong enough you and your team can try to beat the...
  33. XxGamerxX

    Project : Fugatsu world RPG Reforged

    Map Name : Fugatsu world RPG Reforged Map Creators : Nizumi Map Developers : NELMVN , GAMER Fugatsu World RPG Is An anime warcraft III map where you can find most famous anime characters compiled in one map ,our vision is to make players feel and play anime characters with real sounds and...
  34. Ilexa

    [Solved] Need help with multiple life system

    Hey, I'm working on this RPG map and having a bit of trouble making a multiple life system work. I'm pretty inexperienced and trying to learn as much as possible on my own. Alas I've reached a dead end. I'm almost positive the issue is with the Variable and not the trigger itself, unless I'm...
  35. Yogi-Sothoth

    First WC3 Community-driven Reforged RPG

    With the announcement of the beta of the World Editor for reforged this project can finally start rolling. Here is the official discord for the project where some of the project design has been done server: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers some pics of concepts of maps...
  36. Voljin

    Max Map limit for Campaigns

    Hello all, Apologies if this is not right place to post this, was not sure. I have been building an epic sized campaign with over 100 maps so far in an attempt to build a huge RPG style campaign. Unfortunately, what I long feared when I started this venture about a year ago, I capped the...
  37. Angeles22

    How to make an empty Starting Location

    Im trying to make an RPG map but it always requires a Starting Location. I opened a downloaded RPG map and their Starting Location is empty but i dont know how to do it.