1. HerlySQR

    Select reviving hero only if...

    I have these 3 triggers to select a reviving hero (and another things) only if the player doesn't have selected a controllable unit, but they doesn't work fine because it happens even without complying with this rule, what's wrong? When you select a unit: function...
  2. Tom_Almighty1

    Question regarding heroes and leaks.

    I am using version 1.31, I understand that creating units make a permanent leak, so I have some questions that hopefully have an answer. I am making a large open world RPG so this might be crucial to the game. 1. Instead of using units for npc mobs, I created heroes and made them look like...
  3. Harold Grey

    [General] Neutral Altar -- Build Heroes

    Hey y'all, I was looking to see if anyone knew how to create a neutral building that revives heroes like an altar does rather than instantly like a tavern. I've tried what abilities I could find, and tried searching other threads to no avail. Ideally I want to keep it simple, of course. If I...
  4. bruunk

    [General] Tavern Revive Hero costing no gold?

    I'm trying to make it so you can buy your hero back when they die from a tavern, but for whatever reason it does not cost the player anything. I've looked at the gameplay constants and there's nothing set to zero that says "Hero Revive Cost" or anything like that (Except for lumber, but I don't...
  5. HeheSylvanas

    How to make an Altar revive a Hero through triggers?

    I have been attempting to make an Altar in an AI base revive their hero through triggers, but it doesn't seem to work. Could anyone help? Thanks in advance!
  6. Vraeth

    [Trigger] Making a Boss that revives heros.

    Hello everyone! I'm a newcomer here :D I'm making myself an enchanced Warchasers map. You know the old school 4 man map where you basically fight through a city of monsters. The map made by blizzard, and originally have 3 bosses. I made a bunch, with custom models etc etc. I came up with an...
  7. Darklycan51

    [Trigger] Trigger to remove from the game a hero who dies

    The trick part is that some heroes have abilities based on tauren chieftain's revive, so I can't just remove a hero once he dies, he needs to be "revivable" (meaning that when he died he wasn't on CD) I tried doing this But it doesn't work, the hero is still revivable. Anyone knows how to...
  8. Darklycan51

    [General] Trigger to revive only trees on the map (globally)

    I need a very specific trigger, I found examples in both GUI and Jass which revives trees in the map every X seconds (however most use wait and I believe that wait isn't recommended, right?) Alright so: The trigger consists on reviving every single tree on the map that has been destroyed every...
  9. Voxelvoid

    How to "Remove Reviving"

    How do I remove reviving? In many custom maps that I have played you can often choose a hero/character from a set of characters. If your character dies you cannot revive it. Originally I thought that this would stop people from training new heroes and reviving them. But as it says, it only...
  10. RayzerCalitri

    [Spell] Chance to Revive (reincarnation) spell

    I'm trying to make an ability that triggers a non-assured revive to a hero when it dies, used with a percentage (integer). When I try to test it without the ability requirement it works, but when i try to add the ability condition it doesnt work. The ability that I want to add the chance to...
  11. DarkRanger2

    [Trigger] Ghost posses dead unit.

    Hello. I am making a new map with Forsaken units, what I want here is the unit to be able to resurrect herself. Only that it doesn't work here. What should I do ? First Trigger - Secon trigger -
  12. InSaNe_97

    Building destroyed after reviving a hero.

    Now is time to help me. I want make trigger that my building (Post Lantern) destroy after finishing reviving a hero. But something in second trigger don't working, please help me. Thank you.
  13. MantisHair

    [Misc] A One-Trigger Revive System.

    Player-Number Based Hero Revive Basic Description It's JASS-free. It's scriptless. It's codeless. This is a hero revival system, that, believe it or not, only uses a single trigger. When a hero dies, the trigger uses the player number of the player who owns that hero to keep each hero separate...
  14. mescallw

    [Trigger] Hero Ressurrection Help?

    Hi guys. I'm not trying to get anyone to write my trigger for me, but I've been killing myself trying to make this one work. It seems like it should be very simple. I made a trigger so that when a hero dies, an immobile structure is created in its place (representing the hero's corpse)...