1. secondpink

    [SD/Modeling] Model Request - Mirkwood Elves (LotR)

    Hi, credit to Fingolfin, we have High Elves from Rivendell, Galadhrim Elves from Lothlorien, and while I have assets for Mirkwood Elves from the Hobbit movies, I do not know the original source of these assets. I was wondering if anyone might have what I'm looking for/know what map these assets...
  2. Alpha-G

    [HD/Texturing] Can someone edit these orbital tiles for me?

    I really like these Orbit Tiles but the problem is that I want the black outlines to be removed. Can someone help me out?
  3. Dord96

    [SD/Modeling] high elven verstion of some custom assets

    hello in need some high elven verstion of some of the custom asstes there are for the blood elf in order to make my own verstion of the Scorge invation to Quel'thalas , the blood elven buildins and its icons , blood elven arcane guardian and icons , blood elven ballista and icons , blood elf...
  4. Gojiras

    [Trigger] Request - Check triggers for leaks?

    Hey ya'll. I've recently been updating a semi-popular version of Warchasers called WarchasersNightmarev27. This particular version is notorious for crashing 1-3 hours into the game (sometimes individual player crashes, sometimes game wide) and I'm assuming it's caused by memory leaks in the...
  5. Blahblah_Blagar

    Could someone crop the loading screen borders?

    I don't know whether to ask this here or in the Request section, but since this is an art issue and I suppose you're skilled with image-editing softwares or possibly have even solved this issue before, I'm going to ask you here Could someone crop the metal borders used in the loading screens...
  6. Grish

    [SD/Misc] Northrend Terrain Template

    Looking for someone who may be able to do a basic terrain layout of Northrend. I'm looking to do an altered-melee map that can allow 12 or more players, with space for around 2-3 bases + creep areas in each zone of the map. You don't have to go overboard with doodads/props, I can do that part. I...
  7. Ciandehx

    [Solved] Gargoyle Spire with human birth animation

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if you could help me, can someone add a human birth animation for the gargoyle spire? thanks 🙂
  8. Holy Fool Sehrael

    [HD/Modeling] [Request] Human/High Elf Hero with Spear (Ranged)

    Hi there, I'm currently getting into mapping and doing my first campaign in Reforged, but for my protagonist I couldn't find a model because what I want is rather unique and special. Basically I want to create a male, human or high elf STR ranged Spear hero whose colour scheme would be...
  9. VulaC

    [HD/Modeling] Fel Shrine (Demonic Building)

    Hi guys, could someone change all red flames and textures to a green/fel fire version? This would be a nice alternative for a Burning Legion themed map. :infl_thumbs_up: Big thanks in advance! ~ Vulac
  10. Patisaur

    [SD/Modeling] Master Yi Model Request

    Need a model of Master Yi (from league of legends) need it based on the blademaster model, need it to be wc3 style, the models ripped from the game doesn't fit the style of my map. Here is a reference image:
  11. Homor

    [SD/Modeling] Butcher to regular Overlord edit

    Hey, I need some help with a project I'm working on. Dionesiist, back in the day, made an awesome Butcher model. Now I need a regular Overlord (from Diablo 1) and this model would be perfect if someone could edit off the apron, chains and cleaver. Can someone help? Resources below:
  12. Syczewski

    [SD/Texturing] Need some human heads.

    I making soldiers models of WW I-II. A can make a little torso textures but i can't make faces. would be very grateful to someone who will make textures for at least 4-5 faces (but it will be even better if you decide to make a head model).
  13. Thiiago

    [SD/Texturing] [ texture ] Just an colone texture for Human Peasant texture model

    I'm working on a futuristic and space project, Sci-Fi... I just need an skin for Human Peasant unit, based in this image: Note¹: Dont need matter with head, with the "body" Note²: if it's a lot of work, you don't have to!! But if the "green" parts of the outfit could be TeamColor, that would...
  14. carlmb1

    [SD/Modeling] Ogre and tauren Model request

    Hello guys! I am in need of the following models for my campaign: Ogre direhorn rider Ogre dragon rider Female ogre magi unit Female ogre magi hero Tauren kodo rider Tauren wyvern rider Will give rep or willing to donate via paypal. Thank you in advance.
  15. jj84

    [SD/Modeling] Rename dota allstars files

    Hi friends I have all dota allstars files, I want to help me to write their names.
  16. jj84

    [HD/Texturing] Reforged skins

    Hi friends Request: Please send me these skins in warcraft 3 reforged. 1. Peon 2.blood elf worker 3.high elf worker 4. Fel orc peon. Thanks everyone.
  17. 84chrome

    [HD/Texturing] Reforged Peon

    Hi friends. Can anyone send the original peon skin from the reforged game?
  18. Vidar

    [SD/Modeling] Queen Azshara

    Hey! So, I need a model for Queen Azshara before she became a Naga. I found one that worked, but it stopped working for some reason. If anyone can create a of Highborne Azshara, I would appreciate it loads! Plus, I think this is just something that would be really useful for anyone making maps...
  19. Zedacus

    [HD/Modeling] Model Request from Ocarina of Time

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a unique model but can't seem to find it anywhere. If any Zelda fan modelers are still around, I'm sure this would be a fun project. And I feel like a lot of people would love to have this crazy mini boss in their maps as well. If I'm just blind, please direct me to...
  20. deepstrasz

    [SD/Texturing] Need some scars on a WoW texture (please)

    Hey, so basically I require scars on various places of the body, one on the right cheek reaching the lower part of his right eye. The texture shouldn't be full of scars, just around 3-4 including the one on the cheek. The character is a war veteran, now between 40-50 of age. The war ended...
  21. Grish

    [SD/Modeling] Looking For Unarmed Character Models (Male & Female)

    I'm looking for a number of unarmed character models for RPG purposes, a variety of races, male and female. I found a bundle of player models ported from WoW that have the idea I'm looking for, but some of their file sizes are large, and it doesn't include any female characters. I've only been...
  22. TheRedneckRebel

    Terrain Request: GM Island!

    Hello I have a request for a template/terrain map of GM Island from WoW here are some of my personal requests below Map Size: 480x480 Water Color: Similar to WoW? Tile Below Ocean: Sand (NO I AM NOT ASKING FOR ANOTHER SUNKEN RUINS BASED MAP) Weather Cycles: Just Rain and some fog Lighting...
  23. Plutan

    [HD/Modeling] WoW Druid Bear Forms Port Request

    Greetings Warcraft III Hive community. I was wondering if anyone with the technical know-how would be willing to port the druid bear form models from WoW to Warcraft III, rather like Tier10Trash has done here with the cat forms (
  24. Vidar

    Jinyu models

    Hello! So, I've been looking around, and I can't find any Jinyu models anywhere on the Hive. I've searched everywhere I can think to, but all I can find is doodads for them. Can anyone make/rip one, or tell me where I can find any? If not, I'm afraid I'll have to use a zora model... *Shudders*
  25. The_Warchief

    A Few Dissipates

    So I'm still a bit of a noob when it comes to Retera's, particularly when working with Reforged models. While I know how to rig a simple dissipate anim in Magos with classic models, I can't seem to figure out a similar method for Reforged. If someone who is a little more savvy with these...
  26. ravellani

    Looking for an Item modeler

    I am creating a zombie survival arcade game, and I would like to replace all the chest item pick ups with models of the item icon. After scouring the model section of this forum, I still need models. I plan to add more models in the future so I am looking for a modeler that would take my...
  27. Altruistic Anduin

    [HD/Modeling] [Model Help] Anduin Wrynn (Reforged)

    I kindly request assistance with this Anduin model I'm working on. I have his M3 model file as well as his DDS texture--enhanced by me. I also have his M3A animation file, and I don't know how to attach it to his model. I can use either Blender or 3ds Max with the right add-on/plugin to import...
  28. jj84

    Reforged skins

    Hi friends Request: Please send me the specified skins in png format, skins in warcraft 3 reforged. 1. Peon 2.blood elf worker 3.high elf worker 4. Fel orc peon
  29. Mathayis

    Un armed human model *Request*

    Hey there! Just working on a cinematic and I'm in need two character models. One that represents an un- armed, scruffy, drunk old man...and also one where he's normal, healthy and happy.... He's the father of one of my main characters, but after a tragic event he becomes a drunkard XD...... I...
  30. Mathayis

    Wooden walls?

    Hey there! Two requests in one day it seems XD I just realized I'm in need of some good quality wooden interior walls for housing, hotels and shops in my Map. While there are some good ones already here on this site, just looking for something a little more high quality XD If anyone knows...
  31. Mathayis

    *Solved* Signs for Inn, shops request

    Howdy there! Just wondering if anyone knew where I could find some sign models? I'm looking for something simple, perhaps a sign made out of wood that says "Inn" or " Weapon, armor shop" "Materials" Thanks! :D
  32. DarknessFalls003


    Just want to ask if someone can do me a simple reskin. In Icecrown terrain I need the Natural Cliff to have the texture of Remains Scorched. Along with the "Snow" Tile. So the result would be a wall of bodies and a floor of bodies.
  33. Mathayis

    Location indicator request *solved*

    Hey there! Just looking for a simple Location indicator model, similar to the one in Rexxar campaign. If anyone knows where I could find something like that. It could be just a simple glowing line, or a row of small glowing orbs XD I'm currently using a stretched out spell effect, just wanting...
  34. deepstrasz

    (~SOLVED) Troll on spider model fuse/merge request

    Hey, if anyone could help me do this I'm a real noob at synchronizing animations. I need this for Kyrbi0's altered melee map: (6)Jungle Troll Fever - Jungle Trolls v0.2 (Classic) The idea is for the troll to stay on top of the spider. The spider doesn't attack only moves. The troll does the...
  35. Esteban405

    Need an older version of a map

    I need the 1.8b version of battle stadium D.O.N
  36. Mathayis

    Young hero request! :)

    Hey there! I'm looking for a young hero model to represent one of the main characters from a project that i'm working on~ His name is Finn, and has the ability to control the wind.... What i'm looking for is just a young guy, basic clothing, maybe longish hair~ Right now I'm using Male...
  37. Ikarus

    FInal Fantasy Models

    Do we have Model from Final Fantasy ? I need Cloud, Tifa , Sephiroth, Tidus, Yuna, Wakka, Squall, Noctius, Gladius, Prompt, Ignile Would be awesome if there alrdy exist and i just dont find them xD maybe as adds FFVII all weapon bosses and maybe jenova ? ;/
  38. Urain

    Animation visibility with mdl

    Hey, so i'm looking to add a shooting anim in a little model i made. Problem is that i am using reteras studio and there isn't any animation visibility options as of yet. The base of the animation is done i just can't figure out the ways of the mdl in order to make geos appear and dissapear...
  39. ravellani

    Hero Inventory Modification Request

    I found this Video and I wanted to implement the interface with the 9 inventory slots, but I cant find a download or anything. Is this video for showing off and not for a resource? Does anybody know if this resource exists anywhere? Thank you to anyone who answers
  40. master Gul'dan


    Request: Please open my maps one by one and 1.go to object Editor and export all object data each of maps 2.go to tigger editor and export tiggers each of maps. I can't do this my self beacuse i don't have access to new patch. maps are made in patch 1.31.
  41. Xaidin


    Greetings, I am working on a massive map based on WC lore in the past. I have located (and given credits to) every skin/model I need for the map, but have found ZERO Mogu models. Surprising to me, to say the least. I tried to download a model editor and work on it myself, but with zero...
  42. Mathayis

    Carpets and floors :D

    Howdey there! I'm trying to do some interior design on my Rpg map. I'm looking for some good quality floor and carpet models... I'm currently trying to make the captains quarters on a ship, any help with finding some doodads would be much appreciated :) There's a picture showing how it looks...
  43. Makedonija

    Model request

    Could anyone do a model like this with a sword od an axe? I think there is a lack of good realistic medieval and byzantine units.
  44. ravellani

    Hero Siege map request

    My Warcraft 3 terraining is much to be desired and the project I am working on needs a map. Some simple requirements are: The map must be 320 by 320 The middle should be the 4 line area for the hero siege with walls. The space should be pretty big. The ends of the lanes should open up into a...
  45. Rykon-V73

    Nerubian race/faction picture

    You know there are other custom race/faction pictures that can be used. Well, I want something like this, but only for the Nerubian race. Thanks.
  46. Mathayis

    (Model request) Npc's

    Hey there! I seem to be having a bit of a difficult time finding unique looking npc/ villager models....In the game i'm working on I was kinda hoping to have a world filled with characters you meet along the way that don't all look all the same :p It's not a big deal I guess... Anyhow, What i'm...
  47. deepstrasz

    (SOLVED) Two headed unit (=+1 head import) and water doodad animation slow - please

    So I tried to import and fuse a head from one WoW model to another with little success. I need the imported head to act somewhat in tandem with the original one like how the two headed ogres act. The issue is it looks weird and the head acts as if it weren't attached because of its animations...
  48. TheAyalalalalon


    Hello there, I was searching for it but it seems I could not find it I am needing a simple SLOTMACHINE model for map which has a minigame where when get eliminated you are given the option to bet on who one thinks will win The model does not need any animation, it just works as a "shop"...
  49. Khush352

    [Model Request] Human Warden

    Heps! I am in need of an hero which has following requirements:- 1) Must be a female Warden. 2) Must be a Human. I repeat, by human I also mean, non-dwarven and non-eleven, human only. At least, those pointy ears must be "hidden". 3) For reference, Hero...
  50. richardkeller

    Kiki Model Request (Saint Seiya)

    I'm doing a map to play with my friends, and i really need a model for Kiki, i didn't find it anywhere..