1. Tigrick

    Hide the 'build menu' ability button (while retaining functionality)

    Hello! I want the button that opens the build menu to be hidden. I tried 3 methods, but they all failed: Editing "units/CommandFunc.txt" so that the Build Button's Position is 0,-11. The build button's position remained unchanged ingame. I tested the 0,-11 value for other buttons like move...
  2. DexterFstone

    remove dummy unit

    Hi why dummy units is not remove by this 2 trigger? Unit - Add a 2.00 second Generic expiration timer to Fireblast_Dummy Unit - Remove Fireblast_Dummy from the game I add model to my dummy unit and i see it is always stand at created position and never removed, Why???! or it is just graphics...
  3. HerlySQR

    How can I make the model desapear inmediatly when I destroy it?

    I have the model and the Magos editing tool, now I wanna make the model when is destroyed it desapear inmediatly, because removing the death effect is not enough as whe is destroyed the model stays some seconds before desapear.
  4. Ruvven

    [Trigger] Random Spawning Destructibles

    Hello there, this is my first post in here and im hoping for the best! So what im trying to do is have a trigger which on map initialization spawns a bunch of trees in a random position in the Test Region area and then these two triggers are supposed to pick the trees and make it so when one...
  5. Prometheus3375

    Removing items with 0 life is bugged

    If an item has 0 life and then is removed, it is still can be picked with EnumItemsInRect. If the life is not zero, then an item removes properly. This affects both 1.26 and 1.32.9. But there is a difference if one changes the life of an item to some non-zero value after the item is removed...
  6. HerlySQR

    [General] Unit being removed event

    How can I action a trigger when a unit its removed? I tried with "Unit leaves Playable Map Area" and "Entire map" and it didn't work, Maybe you will tell me that I can detect using "Units in region" but it doesn't detect hidden units, the other functions of unit group limit the conditions, can...
  7. J2Krauser

    [Solved] Removing phantom units from a unit group

    Hi. Probably sounds like a hot topic that comes up every now and then. I tried searching for a good answer, but, unfortunately, found nothing that could work in my situation. Anyway, to explain what I'm talking about. Simply put: removed units. A bit more precisely, units which get removed...
  8. Ricola3D

    Avoid memory leak - what dead units are to be removed ?

    Hello, I'm developing a Hero Defense map. Since it's the concept, many ennemy units & heroes die during the game. I want to be sure to avoid memory leakage when the game time passes, so can you please help me figuring out what units are automatically removed by the WarcraftIII engine, and...
  9. Cheshire

    [Solved] remove unit from control group

    hey all, this has been asked a few times in the past, but never (as far as I found) given a good solution, so I wanted to see if maybe someone found a workaround- is there any way to remove 1 unit from a control group with triggers? thx
  10. master Gul'dan


    Hi Request: please remove the pot inside the tower.
  11. Tom_Almighty1

    Remove Ability TICK sound

    Guys is there a way to remove the TICK sound when I cast/click an ability?
  12. bruunk

    [Solved] A way to randomize variables in a checklist format?

    Hi, I've recently gotten myself into a very complicated thing. What I'm looking to do is have, for instance, 15 different variables that all have unique info stored in them and randomly give 1 of the 15 variables to a player. However, the tricky part (for me at least) is that I do not want an...
  13. master Gul'dan

    Edit model

    Please remove Sea Witch shoulder pads and tail ornaments in the model.
  14. dfxiispro

    [Solved] Deleting Dialog buttons one by one

    Hi, I am currently attempting to make a dialog with 4 buttons, as each button is pressed, it is removed from the dialog that reappears after the text. While I could do it in a long way of clearing the dialog and recreating it, it is messy and easily leads to a loop where buttons are removed...
  15. master Gul'dan

    Dark Ranger

    I have two requests for edit the dark ranger model. 1.Remove any black smoke in the model and portrait. 2.Please add team color to dark ranger cape, like a ranger model. Thanks.
  16. CodeBlack

    Remove Sound

    Hey Guys, Not sure if i am allowed to request this since i dont have permission to edit it by the author (yet), but its only a small (If not just close the Thread) This is used in one of my maps but it emmits a really annoying sound effect. Can somebody remove the soundeffect...
  17. Darklycan51

    [Trigger] Trigger to remove from the game a hero who dies

    The trick part is that some heroes have abilities based on tauren chieftain's revive, so I can't just remove a hero once he dies, he needs to be "revivable" (meaning that when he died he wasn't on CD) I tried doing this But it doesn't work, the hero is still revivable. Anyone knows how to...
  18. Lake

    [Solved] Remove error sound

    The generic error sound (Error.wav) which plays i.e. when you attempt using an ability on cooldown, or targeting unit you can't attack. Does anyone know if it's possible to turn this off, or replace it with something else? Was thinking that perhaps I could create an "empty" sound file to play...
  19. Voxelvoid

    How to "Remove Reviving"

    How do I remove reviving? In many custom maps that I have played you can often choose a hero/character from a set of characters. If your character dies you cannot revive it. Originally I thought that this would stop people from training new heroes and reviving them. But as it says, it only...
  20. katho

    [General] Remove Player from a game

    Hello there, my question is: I have already have a map with 10 players, I want to delete 2 players totally from the game, I know how to remove the "slot" but can I see all the trigger where these 2 players are in? so I can remove them from this too?
  21. Mechcash

    remove hero stats

    Hey there :) Sooo I want a hero unit to only have like 10 HP, but the base strenght, which i can only decrease to 1 minimum, always adds 25 hp on there any way to deny this strenght stat or the extra health? Thanks in advance
  22. BrothForMyPeople

    Removing Hero Glow

    Hi. Modeling - Texture Techniques Using Mdl I've done everything as written in this tutorial and this is what I get... (see uploaded image) I have this magos version War3 Model Editor ...and newest WC3 version right now - 1.28
  23. Furry Nova

    [Solved] Is TRIGSTR Collecting Garbage?

    I've just been having a go at converting GUI into vJASS. Since there's a wait delay required I thought it be better using local run of temp variables instead of global ones to prevent the risk of outside trigger passing or bugs that access the same variables. After so many errors, I finally got...
  24. Furry Nova

    [Trigger] Duplicate item created when passing charges to another item type.

    I don't understand what is happening with this code. The functionality is to get the number of remaining charges from the dropped holdable item version and then removed. Then it creates a rune item version in its place with the charges passed on to it. So far it's creating a new item in a...
  25. Night_lon3r

    Remove units

    Hey guys,i have made a map that players fight zombies,the problem is when the players dies the zombies will keep spawning and lags the whole so i decide to make a trigger that remove the player's enemy after he is defeated,but it aint working,can someone show me how to make correct triggers?