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  1. Ruvven

    [Trigger] TeamSize missing out a couple people

    Greetings once again to the lovely Hive Community! I have a trigger here that should seem to be straight forward but i currently cannot seem to fix this and my brain has started to hurt. All in all what its supposed to do is take the amount of players and divide them into wether it should be...
  2. Ruvven

    [Trigger] Alright, i did a thing, does it leak?

    Hello again Alright, as the title suggests, i did a thing and as a beginner trigger dude, i feel like this will leak if i just use it as it is, am i wrong? SpawnLevel1Mobs Events Conditions Actions Set VariableSet SelectedMobGroup = (Units of type No unit-type) If...
  3. Ruvven

    Create "Wild Grass" like in pokemon with random encounters?

    Hello there everybody I posted my 2 "somewhat" working triggers down below. What i want to achieve is like the feeling of pokemon wild grass where you click and randomly move within this area and then at random "clicks!" or "intervals (while moving only)" to sometimes hit a "random encounter"...
  4. LoL1sh

    How to pick between 3 random stats from a pool of X stats?

    Hai! I'm currently making a RPG map where one mechanic is going to be that you can trade in a Spirit Orb for a random stat bonus. These stat bonuses range from attribute bonuses, bonus health, mana, regen, damage etc... My question is however, how do I make a dialogue or a unit/shop where...
  5. Ruvven

    [Trigger] Random Spawning Destructibles

    Hello there, this is my first post in here and im hoping for the best! So what im trying to do is have a trigger which on map initialization spawns a bunch of trees in a random position in the Test Region area and then these two triggers are supposed to pick the trees and make it so when one...
  6. Bubo

    Help Randomize integer.

    Hello! I'm looking for help regarding randomizing integers without it repeating the same number. So the goal is to set where people will spawn each round. So far i've set up an Integer with an Array thinking it could hold all the different numbers so when the spawn trigger is activated it can...
  7. Zucth

    Random Unit didn't work?

    Anyone know how to do this? I did it and all neutral are work well, but as a units it didn't start to cycle at all... What did I missed here? Or is it doesn't work from the start? +3 photo below
  8. Cheshire

    [Spell] force hero to use random item from inventory

    hey there, I am trying to make a spell that will make the targeted hero use a random item from its inventory. being as different items use different types of activation (unit,point,instant), not to mention passive items, i'm having a hard time triggering this without specifying pretty much...
  9. bruunk

    [Solved] Inconsistent trigger that once worked perfectly

    Hi, I recently asked for help on these forums to ask for a way to call for variables in a randomized checklist format. I've since made 2 changes and am faced with a trigger that is, for reasons that I cannot identify; inconsistent. The changes are turning "Take the Questionnaire" (the thing...
  10. bruunk

    [Solved] A way to randomize variables in a checklist format?

    Hi, I've recently gotten myself into a very complicated thing. What I'm looking to do is have, for instance, 15 different variables that all have unique info stored in them and randomly give 1 of the 15 variables to a player. However, the tricky part (for me at least) is that I do not want an...
  11. matin45

    It's really random?

    What random means in "random number" in WE? bug Events Time - Elapsed game time is 0.01 seconds Conditions Actions Game - Display to (All players) the text: (String((Random integer number between 1 and 10))) Game - Display to (All players) the text...
  12. Marcus 小羊

    Random spells?

    Hello guys, I'm still a totally noob when it comes to trigger editor. May i ask if it's possible to gives hero random abilities every time they die? Q, W, E, R 4 keys for 4 different abilities that will randomly be given to newly respawn heroes. Well in my mind i got an idea about saving each...
  13. Ofel

    Picking random variable in an array

    x[1] = 50 x[2] = 52 x[3] = 54 x[4] = 56 x[5] = 58 I have these five array variables and I want to pick each one by random without picking it back twice or more. How do I achieve this? Thanks in advance.
  14. _Guhun_

    Please help diagnose/fix desyncs

    Hello everyone, so this is basically my last resort, as I have tried everything that I could to get rid of desyncs, but it's all been for naught. First, a bit of background: I develop my map mainly in the 1.29 World Editor, using WEX. I've been using w3x2lni and GitHub for version control for...
  15. Cizqué

    Random (Number) (GUI)

    Hello, I have made a working random hero trigger, my issue with it though is that i want to disable hero picks with it aswell. Let’s say i random a Paladin Hero , if a paladin hero is created i want to somehow make the random unable to choose a paladin again (for the rest of the game). Is...
  16. SoooK

    [Solved] Detect random race?

    Is it possible to detect, if a player has choosen random race before game started?
  17. CodeBlack

    [Trigger] resetting timer bugs out spawn

    Hey guys, as the Title suggests i´ve gotten myself a problem with timers and i cant find the error Oo I made a chat command to set the timer to 1 (tried 5 as well) seconds, just for testing purposes. But when i use this chat command to set the timer, the spawning wave has a random number of...
  18. TheSilverhand

    Random Allies Trigger

    So I want to create a trigger that on game start will Randomize your allies between player 1 - 8. I think that would be an interesting setup for a altered melee. Can anyone help?
  19. Maxwell

    [Campaign] Kobold's Legacy

    Kobold's Legacy - is Rogue-like project for Warcraft lll. The project will be released as a campaign which will contain the Main Game and Game Modes. Right now it's just at the phase of dungeon crawler mode named Underground Arena which brings a multitude of items, creatures, bosses and rooms...
  20. S(hit)kidR(sh)ow

    [Trigger] Random Distribution of abilites with a steadily smaller array

    Hello Boyz, I am currently working on a Labyrinth type of map. Inside this Labyrinth there will be 6 shrines where the players can acquire a skill after praying to the gods. Each shrine can only give one ability to the first player who comes to visit it. After that the according shrine triggers...
  21. CodeBlack

    Random Spawn Area Selection

    Hey guys... im trying to create a trigger that randomly selects a spawn area for every Player, but doesnt put 2 players in the same spot. For example i have an arena with 8 slots and i want my 6 players to start on one of these 8 locations (random) so you dont know where your enemy is, but i...
  22. VicALV

    [General] Generating different random numbers for every player

    Hi HIVE!. This is my question: How can i generate different random numbers for every player in the game. I have the Math random number action, but i dont know how can i check if the first number and second are different. Can you help me?. I have a solution but i cant do it in warcraft...
  23. esdo

    [Defense / Survival] Opposing teams send waves to eachother

    Team survival map where creep waves are choosen by one team, to be sent to the other. So at the end of each wave/round, players will have the opportunity to buy gear, level talents, etc etc and choose the creeps that the opposing team will fight in the next round. The idea is that players will...
  24. Anachron

    [System] Random Terrain Generator

    The first system in wc3 I created was a RTG and so I decided to do it again, but this time in real. The prototype works with Ashenvale tileset only and needs to get some fixes before it will be released to the public So far it generates: - Lakes - Forests - Mountains/Hills Too steep cliffs...
  25. stonneash

    Creating a random generated map at game start

    I looked around to see if anyone has done it, a randomly generated map every time the game starts based on an algorithm. Is it possible? is there anyone willing to help me make one?
  26. Dick Assman

    Warcraft III Hero Roulette - App for Android phones

    1. Introduction: Tired of playing the same stock heroes over and over again? Enough of always picking the best hero? Sick of the Blademaster's soundset? Nothing can withstand your nukes? Your hero just never wanna die? Killing the rock golem with Watertaurens isn't funny anymore? Want to...
  27. Azsure

    [Solved] Loop not working, has diminishing return results

    Hi, I'm having a strange problem with a loop trigger I made recently, the idea is as follows: 10 trees are spawned randomly across the map at initialization, those 10 trees will spawn another 100 trees each, one after the one, forming a chain to simulate a randomly generated forest. To do this...
  28. Demendius

    [Trigger] Random wildlife

    Hello people of hive! I have problems with random wild life spawn. I need animals to spawn randomly all over the map. I know how to make them spawn, but i also want them to despawn again. My spawn trigger looks like this, if you're curious: Spawning animals Events Game - The...
  29. Thiiago

    Random System between classes

    The question is: - I Have 6 classes! (Warrior*, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Scout and Druid) *The Warrior is an "special case", because i have "two" types of warrior (Human and Dwarf, see?) - And I can not count as different classes (totaling 7 classes) that although "units" different class is the...
  30. deepstrasz

    deepstrasz's drawings

    Hey people! I just wanted to share these minimalistic and insane pieces of... drawing. Beware of the monstrosities below! Pictures with blue lines were made on the spot with a pen :grin: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most of the following are from...