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  1. Act3Part3


  2. Boar Tribe

    Boar Tribe

  3. Area 52

    Area 52

  4. Orcs Navy

    Orcs Navy

  5. Gates of Orgrimmar

    Gates of Orgrimmar

  6. Knight of Arsford

    [Role Playing Game] Thoughts on Quest Markers

    That exclamation mark above a character, is that really necessary? I'm making an rpg and I'm currently deciding whether to add exclamation marks or not. I personally feel that the experience won't be organic if players would just mindlessly follow the mark wherever it is. On the other hand, I...
  7. OverClocked

    Show Quest for a specific Player?

    Basically, i have this trigger that gives you a special passive ability of your choosing and i want to show the description of the ability. Since i don't want it to take up space in the inventory or abilities, i want it to show the description of the ability in the quests section for that...
  8. LordMazour

    Translating Campaign maps

    Hi guys, I'm translating Reforged version with my friend to the Czech language. We had offical translation until patch 1.28. Everything works fine now but we have got some problem. We need to translate loading screens, subtitles and quests on campaign maps. Campaign maps have strings so I...
  9. LordMazour

    Translating Campaign maps

    Hi guys, I'm translating Reforged version with my friend to the Czech language. We had offical translation until patch 1.28. Everything works fine now but we have got some problem. We need to translate loading screens, subtitles and quests on campaign maps. Campaign maps have strings so I...
  10. Anton Wulff Jensen

    Crafting at a vendor, using items from inventory

    Hello. I am currently making an rpg map, and I need to make you capable of making/buying some specific items, when you carry some specific items in your inventory. I've been able to make a trigger, that adds an item to a shop when a player carries a specific item in the inventory. However, I...
  11. Dawnsy

    Help with Extinguishing Flames

    Hello there, first-time poster here, but a long-time follower. I am currently working on an RPG style game where there is a quest where a town gets raided and you have to protect it for X minutes. I was adding in a side quest where you can help extinguish flames that were started in the...
  12. Eduardas

    Ambitious AoS with PvE aspects project

    Greetings! With an upcoming of Reforged, my passion for Warcraft 3 was rekindled! And with that I thought of what I would think is really a neat idea for a map. Basically, it is somewhat of AoS your average DotA like map, but a bit larger and has a story and dramatic map changes as Burning...
  13. ProlRayder

    [GUI] How to get small amounts of experience

    Hello, how are you? I hope you're well :peasant-cheers-back: In my map that I am developing, I have a system that gives attribute points (wood) to the character as the level evolves. But when a character does a quest that gives him a lot of experience and ends up leveling up for example 10...
  14. Majkowski

    Amount of wood condition

    I'm trying to create a quest where you have to get a certain amount of wood and then "bring" it to someone, so I want the quest to be completed once you enter a region and have the certain amount of wood, but I can't figure out how to create a condition that checks the amount of wood you have...
  15. ProlRayder

    [GUI]Help to Quest System

    Good night, I'm setting up a golden golds style RPG map, and I'm having a hard time using one of the tools provided by ChatiSnake. It would be the mission system, in which it is multi-user. But I'm having a problem when the other player and I take the missions, and do them, the first player who...
  16. Yui Moe

    [Rich Dialog] How to present rich content in a dialog?

    Hello everyone, I am new to dialog part in GUI trigger :) As far as I know, we can only make either title or button for dialog. However, what if I want to have rich content like: <h1>main header</h1> <h3>subtitle 1</h3> <p>paragraph 1</p> <button>button 1</button> <h3>subtitle 2</h3>...
  17. IIICatalystIII

    [Trigger] Destructible counter quest.

    The quest goes like this... Kill a cage, a unit spawns from the region where the cage was and you own it. The quest asks the player to do this 10 times - 10 different cages. How do I make a kill counter for destructibles? This is essentially the same quest in the Orc campaign prelude, just not...
  18. Tom_Almighty1

    Project Low Poly

    Project Low Poly You and your team will enjoy the beauty of an open world low poly game created in Warcraft III Engine. Your goal is to gather everything you need to survive in a game full of both peaceful and dangerous wild creatures that lurk everywhere. This game was heavily inspired by a...
  19. victorsuazo1991


    How can I create a quest where the main requirement is to kill 10 villagers?
  20. DanTDMzikri

    How to create symbol above unit World Editor

    Hey, anyone can help me How to create symbol above unit World Editor? I making a map 12% finished now. But, i want create "!" Symbol above unit (If you know, thats for a quest). See you!
  21. justTobby

    Dungeon Siege II Plains of Tears

    Hello fans of Dungeon Siege and everyone else lately I have been working on map, that contains reworked version of game called Dungeon Siege II Link for the newest update: Dungeon Siege II BETA v0.2c THIS IS JUST DEMO - NOT A COMPLETE MAP, finished like 15% of whole content (two quests)...
  22. Woodenplank

    Player Specific Quest

    Hello Hive! For a map I am making I am trying to implement "events" or map goals for all players, little things like "go to this place with a Hero to receive free units, etc." To avoid players (new players especially) getting lost in what would be an uncomely list (that one might easily...
  23. Brismo

    Warcraft III World Editor Quests

    Transcension Quest description: Aid map-maker Brismo load the widely known Hero X from the starting map (aka first map) into a following map, in a campaign Reward: One great friend, one set of applause and a shield made of the gratide sentences that'll be written for you Quest received...
  24. joel79

    How do I change the Quest Log (create quests)?

    How do I change what is in the QUEST log? (Like so i can put a CHANGE LOG?) This thread has helped 1 person! Did you find this thread useful? Post in it!