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  1. Veronnis

    (Resolved) Get String for an Icon Path (Was this feature removed??)

    Hello and thank you for your time, I've been using a string variable to: [Set Stringvariable = Icon Path of Last Created Item] But it seems like Blizzard has removed the ability to reference an Icon Path for items as I can no longer assign that variable to an iconpath. Does anyone know if...
  2. Altruistic Anduin

    [Import] Can't Give Imported Assets Custom Paths

    I'm no longer able to give assets I've imported custom paths. Double-clicking the Full Path doesn't allow me to edit the field. However, I can edit File Name, Mode, Teen and Locale by double-clicking their columns. I tried to edit the path with 'Modify File Properties...' option but it just...
  3. SadMachine

    [Import] How to change the Full Path of an Imported Asset?

    How do I change the Full Path of a custom asset (model and skin texture) in World Editor? I remember when doing this, you have to right-click and click the ‘Modify File Properties…’ button. But in my case when I do, it just highlights the File Name and is awaiting to be renamed; the pop-up no...
  4. ravellani

    Metamorphasis Skin Path

    I am trying to design a demon hero and I want to use the model that the demon hunter turns into when he uses Metamorphosis. I have been searching everywhere for a model path. Does anyone know what it is? I have looked at what the demon hunter turns into in the editor but when the game runs it...
  5. NChief

    Custom textures, what did I overlook?

    Greetings! I am lurking around and has been a big, unregistered fan of the forums for years. Today I decided to finally join because I just can't find a clear enough solution for my problem. I am trying to get into modding without any deep understanding or knowledge of the required softwares. I...
  6. Lake

    [Solved] Can't find installation path (again)

    Having been working with wurst for over a month now. So I came back, ran my map and it worked fine. Then I went and updated WurstSetup tool and my project to compiler build to 1178, and now it throws the this error "Could not find Warcraft III installation!" when I run my map. I've tried to...
  7. deepstrasz

    (SOLVED) Model texture repathing please

    Would anyone please make the Melee Tentacle import properly like any other in the editor? Maw of Oblivion Or, if too complicated, then skin the normal game tentacle with the texture of the one in the link (Melee Tentacle)? Thanks.
  8. loktar

    [vJASS] Check if file (model) exists, or has failed to load (as SFX)?

    Is it possible to check if a file (specifically a model) exists (or can be read), or if it has failed to load as a SFX? A SFX with an invalid model path still returns a valid handle id.
  9. Rhevo

    WCIII 1.31 installation folder?

    Can't change the installation folder. Can't find the path of custom map.
  10. hardcure

    Pathing Help

    How can I make my unit walk or move only to the specific tile i selected? for example is moving cars only at that type of tile Edit: How can I make a specific unit walk or move only to a specific type of tile I want?
  11. SoooK

    [Solved] Strange diagonal unit movement

    In my map, I order units from point A to point B. Each unit has their own line on a path. I want to prevent my units from hugging each other on the way. This system works great, as long as they are running horizontaly or verticaly on the map. As soon as they start running on a diagonal path...
  12. Woodenplank

    [Trigger] MUI and simultaneous cycles

    So I've created a spell that sends a line of 8 explosions down a path, dealing damage. The explosions proc every 0.85 seconds, so a full line takes about 7 seconds to complete. The spell works just fine, but the Hero has a "cooldown reset" ability, so it has to be MUI - and indeed, with...
  13. Verdun

    Animated tank treads / walk animation for tank models

    As with most things, I suppose I could piece this together somehow, but I don't even know where to start, exactly. I have been looking at tank models in the model editor, and I figure it requires animated textures, but so far I really haven't been able to "reverse-engineer" this effect. I would...